WWE Custom Sheamus Mattel Elite Figure by Skribbel24

WWE Custom Sheamus RAW

WWE Custom Sheamus RAW

Sheamus has been out of commission from the WWE for quite a while but he made a vicious return on RAW last Monday.  With his return came a brand new look and a heel attitude and Skribbel24 has immortalized this point in WWE history with his Custom Mattel Elite Sheamus figure.  Regarding Sheamus' new look, it was met by a crowd chanting "You look stupid" but I have to admit that I actually like this new attitude and look that Sheamus has going for him.  The braids on the beard, which Skribbel has captured nicely, along with the killer Mohawk.  I also liked the new wrestling trunks as well.  To be honest, his character was going nowhere in the WWE and I am glad to see that he has reinvented himself.  To own this unique figure, head over to eBay and check out Skibbel24's Custom Mattel Elite Sheamus figure.

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