Wheeljack Custom G1 Transformers Ark Autobots Collection by Big Hank

Custom Transformers G1 Sunstreaker

Custom Transformers G1 Wheeljack

Ark Autobot Charity Auction for the Make a Wish Foundation Spotlight: Wheeljack (Article 2 of 11)

The focus of today's Ark Autobot collection is Wheeljack created by Big Hank.  Part of a massive collaboration effort with 7 other customizers, Big Hank has created this Wheeljack figure using Transformers Universe Sideswipe as the base.  An effect that is not Photoshop'd, which you can see above, is that he has working LED lights in his eyes and headlights, which are controlled by a small switch on his roof.  Like Sunstreaker, Wheeljack also has a custom license plate which says "Male a Wish."  This is another awesome G1 Autobot from this massive collection for charity.

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