Ultra Magnus Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure by strikealpha247

Custom Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Transformers Figure

Custom Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Transformers

strikealpha247 brings us his Legendary Custom Masterpiece Transformers Ultra Magnus figure.  Standing a towering 15" high, this figure boasts massive amounts of articulation as well as a very clean painted look to him.  The coloring really brings out the classic nature of the G1 figure and pays a really nice homage to Ultra Magnus from yesteryear.  I love hearing about how these figures are made so here is strikealpha247 in his own words:

"Using the Popular Classics Figure figure a new complete overhaul and turn him into the legendary Masterpiece!   Ultra Magnus was carefully prepped and then airbrushed with various coats of the highest quality  automotive grade paint available to bring out the realism for his main body, a truly awesome one of a kind piece perfect for any transformers Collection! Ultra Magnus is Fully transformable from truck to Robot mode, he comes with his exclusive fire power. He measures about 15 inches tall and very articulated. He has a ball joint head which come off when transforming to truck mode and ball joint hands that come off as well when transforming to truck mode. His power up fire power pack screws on to his back of his neck when in robot mode but can screw off for truck mode."

This is a fully transformable figure, which is fantastic given the size and scale of the entire figure.  Typically figure of this size are more of the Action Masters type but not this Legendary Custom Masterpiece Transformers Ultra Magnus figure.

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