Transformers Custom Masterpiece MP-10 Diaclone Convoy Optimus Prime by PumpkinGonzo

The Diaclone line from Takara was known for their alternate paint schemes and PumkinGonzo's Diaclone Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Figure mirrors this point in history.  Using a brand new MP-10 Optimus Prime figure as the base, this figure is meticulously painted in finish resembling a subdued metallic look.  No detail is spared on this figure, even down to the minute rivets that adorn the figure, which makes Optimus look even better!  Let's hear more about this stellar looking custom from PumkinGonzo himself:

"This was an amazing experience to paint such a great figure but certainly a test. Took well over 40 hours to paint.  Despite prep work, I'm listing this as a professionally painted robot display piece. It will transform but I've totally concentrated on the robot mode.  Lots of thin coats of primer, using a very soft, smooth style.  A build up then mixture of colours. He has got a slight metallic look to him. Metallic blue, metallic black on the lower legs. It's not a real shiny obvious metallic look however.  There's loads of detail, all the rivets painted. The gun also has detail and matches the slight metallic vibe and the axe has a subtle two tone colour.  Airbrushed and hand painted finished with a gloss varnish."

If you want a killer custom from one of the best, look no further than PumkinGonzo and his Diaclone Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Figure.


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