Thundercracker Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Class Custom by Wilestbilame

Thundercracker Transformers DOTM Custom

Thundercracker Transformers DOTM Custom

What is the Transformers universe without Starscream's sidekicks?  Wilestbilame gives us a sneak peak at what that world would look like with his Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Class Thundercracker in G1 colors.  I don't see many Dark of the Moon G1 customs so this one stood out among the great Transformers customs this week.  The G1 color scheme and the striping pays a nice homage to the Thundercracker of the 80's and gives the figure an updated look with the F-22 Raptor design.  Here is the back story and the inspiration for this figure:

"While waiting for dark of the moon to premiere, it was announced that a  version of movie starscream with thundercracker colors was in the works, I was excited hoping it would be an updated voyager or even leader version (dare to dream) much to my dismay it was a deluxe version, and while it's nice and all I always felt that both thundercracker and skywarp where lost potential in the movie universe, they would have been awesome as leader class figures and even more on the big screen to say the least, but I said to myself no more!  I also made several modifications which include include fully individuallly fingered articulate hands with movie accurate knuckle claws!(special thanks to fakebuster for providing these!) articulate wrists of 360 degree movement,  all of this and still fully transformable! custom movieverse decepticon symbols, about 6 different shades of metal used for his metallic parts for a realistic look, meticulously detailed with different tones of gold and silver all the way up to his eye sockets! I literally searched every little detail where attention needed to be given to create one of the most detailed movie figures ever!! he even has individually detailed wires!! all of this done with the highest quality automotive grade lacquers, enamels and acrylics available."

The exposed wiring gives the figure a more realistic feel and the articulation in the fingers gives it more of a human personality that comes through when you see the movies.  It is great to see teamwork on these customs and Wilestbilame credits Fakebuster for proving movie accurate knuckle claws.  It is amazing to see how each customizer chooses to spend their time to achieve Movie greatness and you would not think that adding articulation to fingers makes a big difference but it really does.  To view more photos of this amazing Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Class Thundercracker head over to eBay!

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