Terminus Hexatron Custom Transformers Sixshot by Stronox

Terminus Hexatron Custom Transformers Sixshot All Modes

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Taking the latest creation from Mastermind Creations is Reformatted 01 - Terminus Hexatron (or in lay language Sixshot), Stronox gives this figure a major overall in the paint app department with his Custom Transformers Sixshot version.  The original figure suffers from what most out of the box collectibles are plagued with and that is a poor paint app.  What usually happens is that the details are lost in the figure when you have large blocks of color for each section of the Transformer.  For example, Sixshot is mostly white, green, and purple and what Stronox is able to do when he applies his paint app is get into all of the nooks and crannies of the figure to bring out all of the sharp lines that you don't typically see in a figure you buy from the store.  In addition to completely repainting the figure, he added a set of STAG swords that really go well with Sixshot.  As an aside, I think the designer suffered from an identity crisis with this figure but it is cool to have all 6 modes contained into one figure.  He was 1 mode shy of making a figure for each day of the week but I will give them a pass on that one.  Lucky for you, this figure is for sale on eBay so head over there and check out Stronox's Custom Transformers Sixshot while there is still time.

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