Takara Vehicon AM-14 Custom Transformers Hot Rod Rodimus Figure by Billmeister

Takara Vehicon Transformers Prime Hot Rod AM-14 Custom

Takara Vehicon Transformers Prime Hot Rod AM-14 Custom

The Takara Vehicon Transformers is an interesting concept as there are 4 distinct vehicle modes in the line up but they all look the same in robot mode.  Billmeister has taken the Takara Vehicon AM-14 figure and did a total transformation into this Custom Transformers Hot Rod Rodimus figure.  Using a custom head by Fakebuster, the figure's look is completed by a total repaint and additions of the classic Hot Rod flames on the front of the hood.  Painted in a metallic reds, oranges, silvers,blues, and blacks give this figure a distinct look but reminiscent of the classic G1 Hot Rod.

Here is Billmeister to explain more about this killer figure:

Inspired by Jinsatoume's version using the same mold, and Fakebusker's headsculpt I used metallics, and a dark shade of metallics, detailed areas with gradient on headlights, eyes, gun, and grid sections and some other minor areas as well. The flame was tricky to figure out how to make one that would fit into this universe. The flame was inspired by the Elite guard symbol, and Animated Rodimus. The orange stripe is inspired by smokescreen's triple stripe for this universe line. to add more flavor i did something new to the windshield and windows that i've never tried before. I used metallic stages toning darker towards the way up. Being the first of it's kind that i make, i felt i needed to do something special with the details and set a new milestone for my custom work, as i did for myself with my first ever custom which was SG Rodimus

You can also check out more detailed photos over at his gallery too!

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