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As Camo and Warnado hit the Shelves Skylanders Hex Goes Pink

Skylanders Hex in Pink!

Skylanders Hex in Pink!

As the Skylanders craze continues, Camo and Warnado are the next up in the latest release of new Skylanders figures.  Like Zook, Lightning Rod, and Ignitor, Camo and Warnado are hot hot hot!  What could be hotter is this Custom Skylanders Hex sporting a pink cloak.  This Hex figure will fit nicely into your Skylanders collection and will give your collection that much needed boost of uniqueness!  If you are tired of running out to the toy store and finding empty shelves, head over to eBay and check out some Custom Skylander figures for a change of pace.

Prism Break Skylanders Custom Figure by Evilos

If you have kids and they have a Wii, chances are you have heard of the Skylanders craze that is sweeping the video game universe.  Skylanders are an ingenious creation by Activision where the game play is enhanced by the use of collectible figures.  These figures are then placed on a base (called the Portal of Power) and any upgrades that are obtained in the game are stored on a wafer thin chip that is built inside the figure.  This way, kids (and adults...I know there are some of you out there) can take the figures to their friends house and the upgrades and stats travel with them.

Building on the aspect of the game where the characters come to life is Evilos with his Prism Break Custom Skylanders figure.  Adding some moss and LED's into the two crystals and the base of the figure, the figure is reborn with a fantastic display of blue light that emanates from the hands and base.  Due to the nature of the custom and the process in which it was made, the figure's wafer does not story any information as it was destroyed during the customization process but the cool factor of the LED's make up for that.  There is also a cool video that accompanies the listing so head over to eBay to view Evilos' Prism Break Custom Skylanders figure.

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