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WWE Custom Sheamus Mattel Elite Figure by Skribbel24

WWE Custom Sheamus RAW

WWE Custom Sheamus RAW

Sheamus has been out of commission from the WWE for quite a while but he made a vicious return on RAW last Monday.  With his return came a brand new look and a heel attitude and Skribbel24 has immortalized this point in WWE history with his Custom Mattel Elite Sheamus figure.  Regarding Sheamus' new look, it was met by a crowd chanting "You look stupid" but I have to admit that I actually like this new attitude and look that Sheamus has going for him.  The braids on the beard, which Skribbel has captured nicely, along with the killer Mohawk.  I also liked the new wrestling trunks as well.  To be honest, his character was going nowhere in the WWE and I am glad to see that he has reinvented himself.  To own this unique figure, head over to eBay and check out Skibbel24's Custom Mattel Elite Sheamus figure.

WWE Custom Hollywood Hulk Hogan NWO Mattel Elite Legends Classic WCW Figure by skribbel24

Hollywood Hulk Hogan WWE NWO Custom Figure

Hollywood Hulk Hogan WWE NWO Custom Figure

The Hulkster and the NWO (yes...Nash and Hall) caused some major havoc at Wrestlmania 31 this past weekend and Skribbel24 has immortalized the this WWE/WCW icon with this Custom NWO Hollywood Hulk Hogan figure as he was seen in the Halloween Havoc pay per view as he fought against the Ultimate Warrior.  Hulk Hogan does like to wear a nice boa so I am happy to see that it is included with the figure as it completes the look.  Also, if you don't believe me that Hollywood Hogan, Hall, and Nash caused some trouble for Triple H and Degeneration X, here are the photos to prove it...I was there!

NWO Wrestlemania 31


Custom Sting Classic Superstars WWE Signed Figure by Skribbel24

Sting WWE Custom Signed Figure

Sting WWE Custom Signed Figure

With Wrestlemania 31 right around the corner, the Sting vs. Triple H match might be the most highly anticipated match of the night.  Skribbel24, wrestling figure aficionado and craftsman, created this Custom WWE Signed Sting Classic Superstars figure that is a dead ringer for the vigilante.  The franchise of the WCW, Sting will step into the ring for the first time under WWE contract to face The Game and this figure captures Sting's transition in style and appearance as he sought to take down the NWO in 1996.  Skribbel24 describes himself as "The reigning and defending World heavyweight champion in wrestling figure customs" and I have to agree with him.  He is one of the best in the business and he is going strong.  It looks like the owner of this custom is selling it his loss is your gain so get your Custom WWE Signed Sting Classic Superstars figure while you still can and own a one of kind custom by the best...and that's best for business!

Sting WWE Custom Signed Figure

Ravishing Rick Rude WWF Custom Classics Figure by Skribbel24

Growing up in the 1980's, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the introduction of Ravishing Rick Rude to the WWF and Skribbel24 has payed a very nice homage to this fallen warrior of the WWF.  His Custom Ravashing Rick Rude figure brings back so many great memories of watching the WWF on Saturdays and waiting, in anticipation, for the weekly matches where Rick Rude was pitted against the unsuspecting generic wrestlers and also the famous feuds he was involved.  Most notably, the feud with Jake the Snake Roberts took center stage but he was able to get under the skin of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, The Ultimate Warrior.  Wrestlemania V and Summer Slam 1989 were classic match ups where the Intercontinental Title was lost by the Ultimate then regained in the Summer Slam. 

Some notable aspects of this figure include Rick Rude's  famous flaming tights, where he had embroidered his face in the most private of areas.  The head sculpt does an excellent job portraying Rude's likeness with short hair.  If you are looking to add this awesome figure to your WWF collection, look no further and head over to eBay and bid on Skribbel24's Custom Ravashing Rick Rude figure.

Macho Man Randy Savage Custom WWE Figure by skribbel24

This week, skribbel24 brings one of the most recognized and talented WWE wrestlers to life with his Custom WWE Macho Man Randy Savage figure.  With his signature bandana and sunglasses, this figure really captures the essence of the Macho Man.  One of my favorite aspects of skribbel24's customs is the versitilty he gives you with displaying the figure.  He could have painted a shirt on this figure but he chose to create it with soft goods, which gives you the ability to remove the clothing and change up the way the figure looks in your collection.  Another aspect I like about this custom is the attention to detail.  If you look closely, you can see the words 'Madness' which definately characterizes Randy Savage's personality through the years of his wrestling career. 

Be sure to take a look at skribbel24's Custom WWE Macho Man Randy Savage figure to view more pictures or to place a bid on this great custom.  Also, you can check out all of the other Custom WWE figures on eBay!

The Rock Custom WWE 2 in 1 Figure by skribbel24

skribbel24 possesses the unique ability to capture the likeness of people. As a customizer, that is a very important trait. He has demonstrated this over and over again and this week he brings us his Custom WWE The Rock figure. Capturing human expression and emotion in a piece of plastic is very difficult to do (so difficult the major toy companies often have issues recreating the likeness of people accurately). For example, skribbel24 has captured the quirky facial expression of The Rock and has crafted the face so well that it is almost a dead on representation of him. The tattoos also add that extra touch and very well executed. This is a 2 in 1 figure, meaning that you can change the look from wrestler in the ring to the more casual 'Just Bring It' outfit. This is a great feature in this custom as you can change the look depending on your mood and it adds some versatility to your custom display. Overall, this is one of the best versions of The Rock I have seen to date.

Bid on skribbel24's Custom 2 in 1 The Rock figure today on eBay!

Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan WWE Classic Superstars Figure by skribbel24

Helping me ring in AFC's 200th blog, skribbel24 has created a blast from the past with his Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan figure. I had several opportunities to see the Hulkster in action as my Dad would take me to see the WWF when they came to San Francisco and Oakland, California. I was lucky enough to go to Wrestlemania 7 where Hulk Hogan defeated a GI Joe icon Sgt. Slaughter via his patented leg drop to win the WWF Championship. skribbel24's custom Hulk Hogan bears an uncanny resemblence to the living and breathing wrestling icon and that is why people are in awe of his customs. topping it off with a custom box, he delivers the total package (not to be confused with Lex Luger...ok...not funny). Let's learn more about skribbel24's latest custom:


Hulk Hogan had a run as the mask-wearing spoof superhero Mr. America in 2003. The persona was supposed to be Hulk Hogan in disguise, wearing a mask. He used Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme music and used all of Hogan's signature gestures, moves, and phrases. He was the subject of a storyline that took place after Hollywood Hulk Hogan was forced by Vince McMahon to sit out the rest of his contract. After Hogan won at WrestleMania XIX, McMahon was kayfabe frustrated with him and wanted Hulkamania to die. A WWE pre-debut push took place with mysterious Mr. America promos airing for weeks during SmackDown!. There was also on-screen discussion on SmackDown! between then General Manager Stephanie McMahon and other players concerning her hiring Mr. America "sight unseen." On May 1, Mr. America debuted on SmackDown! on Piper's Pit segment. McMahon appeared and claimed that Mr. America was Hulk Hogan in disguise, and Mr. America shot back by saying, "I am not Hulk Hogan, brother!" (lampooning Hogan's use of "brother" in his promos). The feud continued through the month of May, with a singles match between Mr. America and Hogan's old rival Roddy Piper at Judgment Day. McMahon tried desperately to prove that Mr. America was indeed Hulk Hogan but failed at all attempts. Mr. America even passed a lie detector test. Mr. America's last WWE appearance was on the June 26 edition of SmackDown!.

Bid on his Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan now as there is about a day left since this article was published.

Custom Brock Lesnar WWE Classic Superstars UFC MMA Figure by skribbel24

Over the last week, I had the great opportunity to get to know a very talented Wrestling figure customizer who goes by the name skribbel24. His Custom Brock Lesnar is not only customized from head to toe, he also comes with custom Classic Superstars packaging, which makes a mean looking figure for display. The likeness to Brock is spot on and he even added some height to the figure. One of the coolest parts of the figure are his tattoos, especially the one on his back! I asked skribbel24 how he made this figure and he kindly shared his hard work and what went into this aweseome custom:

"Brock Lesnar is one of the most wanted characters for wrestling action figure collectors. I wanted to take this Brock to the next level by making it completely different from the previous Ruthless Aggression-style Brocks released in the past. Most note-worthy is the headscan, which looks more like Brock than the old scan they used, not to mention he looks meaner and hungrier. Next would be his torso. I used the ripped super heavyweight torso. Brock is a huge guy with massive shoulders, and this torso is perfect for him. I used the new boot mould for him to make him taller, since he is a lot bigger than most wrestlers. I also did away with the conventional knee pads and gave him custom ones. To put the final touches, I painted his famous back tattoo and logo on his tights. I was careful to be accurate with the details since this is a big part of Brock's look. I finished off "The Next Big Thing" by completing his shoulder tattoos and placing him in a custom Classic Superstars packaging."

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