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Masterforce Overlord Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Overlord Custom Masterforce Transformers Figure

Overlord Custom Masterforce Transformers Figure

There are few moments when I am at a loss for words and this is one of them.  We have not seen much from Sabrina Ng in the last year but when she resurfaces, she comes out swinging and her Custom Masterforce Transformers Overlord figure hits it out of the ballpark!  Boasting 5 modes of transformation, this behemoth can change into a Tank, Jet, Tank and Jet, Base, and Robot:

Overlord Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

Tank Mode: Overlord Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

Base Mode: Overlord Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

Base Mode: Overlord Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

I have heard of triple changers before but this is the first quintuple changer I have seen.  Here are some of the figures she used to create this masterpiece:

  • Heavily modified Armada Tidalwave fitted with tank treads from ROTF Bludgeon
  • Waist was redesigned from ROTF Jetfire and modified to fit Armada Tidalwave
Sabrina is a master at paint application and this is some of her best work yet.  She has taken several photos over at her auction page so head over to eBay and check out Custom Masterforce Transformers Overlord figure.

Custom Transformers Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime by Sabrina Ng

Custom Transformers Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime

Custom Transformers Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime

As of 2007, IDW produced a comic called Transformers 'Evolutions: Hearts of Steel' where the series was set sometime during the Industrial Revolution.  Thanks to famed Transformer artist Guido Guidi, he was able to redisign our favorite Transformers based on technology of the time period such as Optimus Prime as a locomotive, which brings us to our latest custom from Sabrina Ng with her Custom Transformers Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime figure.  For this figure, she has given it her signature paint aps where she can make plastic look like metal and she also has wired 8 LED's throughout!  If you are a fan of Optimus Prime and locomotives, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's Custom Transformers Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime figure.  Here is what it looks like in locomotive form:

Shockwave Custom G1 Transformers Henkei Figure by Sabrina Ng

Custom Henkei Transformers Shockwave

Custom Henkei Transformers Shockwave

Sabrina Ng is at it again with a fully loaded Custom Transformers Henkei Shockwave.  What I love about this figure is that it looks like the G1 classic figure in robot mode and in alternate mode he looks like a  futuristic battle station.  Let's read more about this great custom:

"Up for grabs today is Henkei Shockwave. Armed to the teeth and more. He was also modified at his back with a small hook to prevent him from toppling. Those with the shockblast figure should know what I mean. Rare earth magnets were used for the weapon add-ons. Shockwave is able to pose freely with his weapons. As usual, Shockwave was protected with Anti-UV clear and will last you for a long time to come!"

To view more photos of this great figure, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers Henkei Shockwave.  If you are interested in commissioning her skills for a figure, get in touch with her at her website:

Wheeljack Henkei G1 Custom Transformers Figure by Sabrina Ng

Custom Transformers Henkei Wheeljack

Custom Transformers Henkei Wheeljack

Decked out in his classic G1 red, green, and white, Sabrina Ng is continuing with her Henkei line with her Custom G1 Transformers Wheeljack figure.  Wheeljack is one of my favorite G1 customs to see redone and updated and Sabrina has given this one a showroom shine.  Let's read more about how Sabrina made this great figure:

"Made with the add-on kit from Mastercollectables (Google it!), I went for a more Japanese Anime cell shaded look with this custom. You can see the effect of the shadings from the back flaps and weapons. Airbrushed, detailed, shaded, dry brushed, as well as protected by a special anti UV component, Wheeljack will last for a very long time. Do take note that due to the limited run of this add-on kit, this will be a one of a kind custom from me."

To view more photos and to place a bid, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom G1 Transformers Wheeljack figure.

G1 Transformers Optimus Prime Revenge of the Fallen Custom by Sabrina Ng

G1 Optimus Prime Revenge of the Fallen Custom

G1 Optimus Prime Revenge of the Fallen Custom

It has been a while since Sabrina Ng has listed a custom on eBay but her latest G1 Transformers Optimus Prime is well worth the wait.  Let's get up speed on what Sabrina has been up to:

"I had been practicing with new techniques and perfecting existing ones. Officially introducing Starburst Metallics.  This breakthrough technique allows me to achieve a higher colour saturation as compared to conventional techniques. Trust me when I say that the custom looks way better in real life than what the pictures can say. Deeper and more virbrant hues regardless of the colour that I am using.

For this version of G1 Prime, I literally dropped his whole silver stripe concept and decided on giving him an updated look. I wanted Prime to look more majestic thus the gold chrome on the front of his truck. He was airbrushed, detailed, shaded, dry brushed, chromed, blue LED modded and protected by a special anti UV component."

Her introduction of Starburst Metallics is great news for the customizing community and for fans of her work.  I thought she has her painting technique nailed down it is so great that she has perfected a new technique.  You can check out her G1 Transformers Optimus Prime over on eBay or you can also check out her NEW website at sabrinasabrina.com to see all of her latest customs and also if you need commission work done, shoot her an email.

Optimus Prime Custom Transformers G1 Ark Autobot Collection by Sabrina Ng

Ark Autobot Charity Auction for the Make a Wish Foundation Spotlight: Optimus Prime (Article 6 of 11)

Continuing with the Ark Autobot series for charity, Sabrina Ng brings us the leader of the Autobots with her Custom Optimus Prime figure.  Sabrina is very talented with the air brushing and paint application so you are guaranteed to get a showroom shine with her customs.  Go check it out!

Check out the original article for all 11 Ark Autobots!

Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Fairlady Z Binaltech Figure by Sabrina Ng

Alternity Megatron Custom

Alternity Megatron Custom

The Nissan Z is a sweet ride and Sabrina Ng has put her showroom shine on this Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Binaltech figure.  The paint aps on the figure brings out the detail and gives Megatron the much needed personality.  The original figure looked really muted ad boring but Sabrina knows just where to place the right colors to make the figure pop.   This figure is the first in a long line of Alternators coming from Sabrina so be sure to head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Binaltech figure because there are more great figures to come!

Ravage Custom ROTF Transformers G1 Figure for Charity by Sabina Ng

First, let me start off by saying that all of the proceeds from this auction go to will go 100% to a Singapore charity of choice by the TF.SG Fans site.  Sabrina Ng is based in Singapore so I have a treat for all of you rest of world fans out there who are not searching the eBay Singapore site.  She has listed this Custom Transformers G1 ROTF Ravage on the eBay Singapore site so I encourage everyone to bid this one up because it is for charity!  This custom possesses some aspects of the Generation 1 style with the hind leg mounted cannons and black and silver styling.  Sabrina makes the most amazing customs as her paint detailing is top notch so check out her Custom Transformers G1 ROTF Ravage figure here as you will not be able to see this if you search the regular ebay.com website.

Menasor Custom Generation 1 Transformers Combiner by Sabrina Ng & Thyvipera

You don't see this very often but when two customizers collaborate and put their skills together, there can only be a great result.  Sabrina Ng's metallic paint skills and Thyvipera's engineering join forces to create this Custom Transformers G1 Menasor Combiner.  This figure is stunning!  What I like about Sabrina and Thyvipera is they give credit where credit is due and they call out some great customizers as inspiration:

I'm honestly very tempted to even call this a Henkei Version of Menasor. But before I continue further, credit must be given to those that have embarked on similar projects before. Some of them include Frenzy_Rumble, Ptitvite, Malfunction, Crefigz among the many talented artists out there. This custom colloboration is the product of Thyvipera's engineering as well as my metallic paint applications. Menasor consists of the 5 Stunticons. Each Stunticon has been lovingy customized to perfection. Without further ado, let me elaborate on some of the more interesting mods done to the figure.

Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's and Thyvipera's Custom Transformers G1 Menasor Combiner.

Ravage Custom Revenge of the Fallen Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

I still am not tired of writing about the Revenge of the Fallen customs and this week, Sabrina Ng has a great figure with some special mods up for sale with her Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure.  Not only does this figure have a paint finish that rivals some cars out there, but there are some special twists.  First, she added an LED to the eye (very cool feature) and if that is not enough, she even went as far as thinking how the light turns on and off.  Let me give you a hint, it has to do with the chain so head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure to find out how it works!

Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Movie Spotlight Seller Sabrina Ng

What a huge opening weekend to the Revenge of the Fallen movie and one customizer has been pretty busy gearing up for the release.  This week, I am featuring Sabrina Ng's custom ROTF line up as she has many of the great figures up for sale this week.  All of the figures are excellently detailed with Sabrina's own style and interpretation of the color pallet.  Let's take a look at the line up:


Optimus Prime




Be sure to check out her customs each week by visiting her seller page!

Sideswipe Revenge of the Fallen Custom Transformers Figure by Sabrina Ng

I have a feeling I will writing about Revenge of the Fallen customs for many months but that is ok with me because I have been waiting so long for these figures to hit the stores.  Sabrina Ng has this Custom ROTF Transformers Sideswipe figure and it is chromed out and looking slick.  To differentiate the parts in robot mode, she added some blue accents, which give the figure a more interesting look.  To view more photos, head over to eBay!

THS-01 Optimus Prime Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is downsizing this week but this little guy is packed with all of the skill and love she puts into every custom.  Her THS-01 Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figure is very highly detailed and from what she said was very difficult to customize due to the size.  Let's read more about shy she decided to make this great figure:

"I'm pretty reluctant to let my Henkei line end this week. So I decided to do up this little gem for this week's auction. Rare and beautiful, THS-01. Made of diecast, this 4.3 inch gorgeous is definitely a must have for every Transformers fan. Not only that, he is now fully customized for display. That literally makes him a pretty unique collectible. I can honestly say that this is my favourite toy of all time. And for all you Transformer lovers out there, do not miss a chance to own this one and only THS-01. He is sooooooo hard to customize due to his size. Thus there will not be a '2nd one' out there in the market. I've also included an Actual Galaxy Force Convoy in one of my pictobrowser slide pictures as comparison. Galaxy Force Convoy is not included in the auction. He is just for size comparison. Oh and by the way, THS-01 comes in a complete package with the original box, manuals, power card and accessories"
Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's THS-01 Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figure!

Punch Counterpunch Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has a double agent up this week with her Custom Henkei Transformers Punch Counterpunch figure.  This highly updated version retains the classic yellow and blue color scheme but with a more intense focus on deeper, rich colors.  What I love about Sabrina's customs is that you just don't get a straight repaint but you get her interpretation of the classic style, which is more artistic and one of a kind.  As of now, she also has a special bonus item that comes with this figure so head over to eBay and see what it is...

Nemesis Prime Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng, with her latest in her Henkei series, puts a new look on a on friend with her Custom Transformers Henkei Nemesis Prime figure.  Sometimes, it is the little things that mean a lot, especially when it comes to Sabrina's customs as her figures are packed full of the smallest of detail.  I love the purple accents on this figure.  They are in the right places, along with the Decepticon symbols flanking the shoulders of Nemesis Prime.  Color is very important on figures and Sabrina has decided to share a tip with everyone:

"What you see on him is not black but a special mixture of gloss grey, patiently layered until this specific colour was derived. Why not black you ask? Well, black is firstly a very common colour and that it tends to be overly harsh on a vehicle. Unless absolutely necessary, I try to stay clear of black."

Who can argue?  She makes great stuff!  If you want to check out more photos of her Custom Transformers Henkei Nemesis Prime figure, head over to eBay!

Mirage Custom Transformers Henkei Figure by Sabrina Ng

I love Sabrina's Henkei series.  She is the first Transformers customizer I know to do a line like this and I know she will make some lucky collector very happy with her latest edition in this Custom Henkei Transformers Mirage figure.  Sabrina has really outdone herself and has captured the essence of the G1 figure while still retaining her own style and feel.  I love the way she takes liberties with the colors and tries not to do an exact match but she comes close, which makes her customs very sought after and popular.  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Henkei Transformers Mirage figure.

Devastator G1 Transformers Custom Collaberation by Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng

It is really great to see teamwork and I could not ask for two better people to put their skills to the test and collaborate to form one of the greatest customs I have seen.  Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng bring you their Custom Transformers Devastator G1 Combiner figure, which displays talents from both Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng.  Frenzy Rumble, with his sculpting and keen eye for design, combined with Sabrina Ng's bullet proof paint aps, have created one of the most sought after customs I have seen in a long time.  I am struck by the attention to detail in the design of this Devastator and it looks like no aspect was left untouched.  Let's read more about how this collaboration got started from Frenzy.Rumble:

"Blown away by the talented painting of fellow artist Sabrina Ng and her custom Transformer auctions, we got in contact with one another. We decided to collaborate our skills, talents, and passions to bring you this "Anniversary Edition" Devastator custom Transformer. It was built by me some time ago, and he was shipped and took a little vacation in Singapore. While there, Sabrina painted and gave him her magical touch. Devastator was then sent back the the United States where I did some minor engineering updates, installed the electronics and took his photos."

To truly appreciate the fine details that went into this collaborative effort, head over to eBay and check out this amazing Custom Transformers Devastator G1 Combiner figure.

Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08 Custom Transformers Figure by Sabrina Ng

There is so much detail in Sabrina Ng's Custom Masterpiece Grimlock figure.  This is one of my favorite customs she has done to date.  The colors really pop on this figure and if you look at the image below, you can see all of the intricate detail she puts into each and every figure:

I recently received an email from a person who has purchased 4 of Sabrina's customs and he said that they look even better in person and plans to bid on more of them so if you want a chance to own this figure, head over to eBay and place a bid on Sabrina Ng's Custom Masterpiece Grimlock figure.

AFC Mentioned in Singaporean News Article

Thanks to Sabrina Ng, she mentioned AFC during in an interview she did with 'The New Paper', a Singaporean newspaper.  Congratulations Sabrina and thanks for the shot out!  Here can read the article here and also check out her current customs on eBay here!

Grimlock Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

I love Sabrina Ng's Henkei series as she is the only customizer out there doing them consistently, which will make these very sought after.  She is winding down her Henkei series and she has a great one this week with her Custom Henkei Grimlock figure.  She possesses the skill to blend and apply paint like I have never seen and the golds and the silvers really work well together and they are in the right places.  Let's hear more about this great figure:

"Grimlock was an interesting character to handle. Not only is he not a vehicle, he was always depicted as a dull coloured grey in the G1 line. Grimlock was painted a shade of glossy grey by mixing highly diluted black with super clear gloss. His red at the torse was derived from a custom blend of red that is heavier than my usual glossy red colours"

If you want to own these special Henkei Transformers from one of the best, head over to eBay and bid on Sabrina Ng's Custom Henkei Grimlock figure.

Astrotrain Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Back in the 80's, Astrotrain was an interesting concept is was one of the first triple changing Transformers.  Sabring Ng, continuing her Henkei series, brings this awesome version of this triple changer to life with her Custom Henkei Astrotrain.  I love the way the figure mould turned out but the colors were very wrong on the original figure, which Sabrina has solved with her stellar paint ap and color choice.  I have not thought about this before but painting this figure must be like painting a car.  Take a look at what Sabrina has to say about how she pulled off the striping of this figure:

"Astrotrain's a tricky fella being the first triple changer that I've worked with. His white stripes was painstakingly taped and airbrushed on. His glossy grey was achieved through a very light shade of highly diluted black."

Sabrina is winding up her Henkei series so if you want a chance to own a Transformer from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out her Custom Henkei Astrotrain.

Sunstreaker Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Continuing her Henkei custom line, Sabrina Ng puts paint to plastic with one of my favorites from the G1 era with her Custom Transformers Henkei Sunstreaker figure.  I have to hand it to her because every custom she does comes out so flawless.  In vehicle mode, the paint job is so smooth and glossy, it is hard to believe that this is a toy as the photo looks like it belongs in a showroom.  Not only does she have the skill to paint flawlessly but she also can mod the figure to put that finishing touch on it.  For example, she swapped out the fists for some better looking ones.  To view more photos, head over to eBay!

Alternity Optimus Prime Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Taking a break from her Henkei series, Sabrina Ng brings us her latest gem with her Custom Alternity Optimus Prime figure.  The design of the figure is awesome and Sabrina takes it to the next level by paying homage to the classic version with the reds and blues in her signature style.  It is not often when I do comparisons like this but I felt the need to show what this figure used to be and show it side by side with Sabrina's to show you how talented she is:

Looking at the two together really points out how a great paint ap can bring out the personality of the figure.  The bland colors on the orignial figure mutes the whole figure while applying the paint aps in the right places gives the figure a totally different style.  To see more photos and to place a bid on Sabrina Ng's Custom Alternity Optimus Prime figure, head over to eBay!

Hound Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sixth in her series of Henkei figures, Sabrina Ng works her magic with one of my favorite G1 characters with her Custom Henkei Transformers Hound and Ravage figures.  Being a military history fan, I was drawn to Hound as he is a military jeep decked out in classic olive green, which Sabrina has captured quite nicely!  I love the additions of the gold stripes and modded fists, which puts a nice finishing touch on the figure.  Sabrina's style makes plastic shine like a new car (although without the new car smell) so if you want a figure from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out her Custom Henkei Transformers Hound and Ravage figures.

Optimus Prime Transformers Henkei Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina's 5th installment in her Henkei series features this stunning Custom Optimus Prime figure.  She nailed the color red on this one.  The richness of the colors always amazes me coupled with the deep blues and greys completes the figure.  One aspect that I love about her customs is the shading she puts into the figures, giving them a realistic metal look.  She also has her 4th installment up on eBay as well so head over there and check out her custom Henkei Transformers figures.

Bumblebee Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng brings us her 4th installment in her Henkei series with her Custom Henkei Bumblebee Transformers figure.  One aspect that I love about her customs is she takes the time to get it right and she also pays homage to the G1 era with the paint aps.  Although the figure from the 80's was a canary yellow, the cartoon version was more an orangy yellow, which Sabrina captured nicely!  Along with giving Bumblebee realistic looking metal parts, the shine and gloss to the figure gives it that showroom finish.  She also has a Henkei Jetfire up this week as well so head over to eBay and check out both of her Custom Transformers figures.

Jetfire Custom Transformers Henkei G1 Figure by Sabrina Ng

I have to say that Jetfire is my favorite Transformer of all time and Sabrina Ng has her third installment in her Henkei series with her Custom Transformers Henkei Jetfire figure.  The third time is the charm and the paint aps for this figure and all of the enhancements bring out the best in the figure.  Although my G1 Jetfire is bright white, I really like Sabrina's concept for the figure and the carbon scoring that is seen on the jet mode brings the figure to another level.  You will also notice Sabrina's signature deep red color on the engines, which other Transformers, such as Optimus Prime and Sideswipe, have had the honor of wearing.  I am very impressed with this figure and can't wait for more to come.  With that, I will hand it over to Sabrina to tell you more about how she made this figure her own:

"The third installment of my Henkei series. Jetfire. The technique to Jetfire's paint scheme consists of a fusion between Gundam and Transformers. He was shaded, panel lined and had a layer of metallic red airbrushed on him. White has never been an easy colour to work with due to the numerous layers of paint needed before the desired shade of white is obtained. He was then clear coated and protected with anti UV gloss for that extra radiant shine and protection.  Jetfire was given a pair of Gundam 1/100 fists as well as 2 additional weapons. A hand held Grenade Launcher which fits snugly into his hands as well as a Beam Rifle!"

To place a bid or view the vast amount of photos, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's Custom Transformers Henkei Jetfire figure.

Sideswipe Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng gives this Henkei figure a showroom shine with her Custom Transformers Sideswipe figure.  The original look of this figure (before Sabrina put her touches on it) looked too plastic for my taste so I am very happy that Sabrina decided to put her energy into making Sideswipe shine.  This is her second installment in her Henkei series and if this one (and ) are a preview of more to come, sign me up!  She did take some liberties with the paint scheme and color aps but I will give her a pass on this one because the two colors that she chose go really well together and it takes an artistic eye to know what colors will compliment each other.  Sabrina has more photos of her Custom Henkei Transformers Sideswipe figure over on eBay so head over there and check them out!

Top 5 Highest Rated Customs on AFC for 2008

Back in August 2008, I added more features to this blog and one of them was the ability for fans to rate their favorite customs.  Fans were not shy about telling me what their favorite customs were so here is the rundown:

Brock Lesnar Custom WWE Evolution Set of 3 Figures by lambo205customs

1. Brock Lesnar Custom WWE Evolution Set of 3 Figures by lambo205customs

2.  Optimus Prime Custom Leader Class G1 Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Figure by Sabrina Ng

2. Optimus Prime Custom Leader Class G1 Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Figure by Sabrina Ng

3.  Menasor Custom Transformers G1 Combiner Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

3. Menasor Custom Transformers G1 Combiner Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

4.  Rey Mysterio WWE Custom Figure by lambo205customs

4. Rey Mysterio WWE Custom Figure by lambo205customs

5.  Powerglide Custom Transformers G1 Figure by FrenzyRumble

5. Powerglide Custom Transformers G1 Figure by FrenzyRumble

To make sure that your favorite figures are among the Top 5 next year, be sure to place your vote by clicking on the stars by the article title!  Congratulations to Lambo205customs, Frenzy.Rumble, and Sabrina Ng!!!

Cyclonus G1 Transformers Custom Henkei Figure by Sabrina Ng

Cyclonus' design was one of the coolest among the seeker jets and Sabrina Ng has given this Decepticon warrior a fresh new look with her Custom Transformers Henkei Cyclonus figure.  The shape of Cyclonus is very different that the original seeker jets and the original paint scheme was a deep purple and silver, which Sabrina Ng has captured nicely with her flawless painting technique.  Let's read more about how she made this great figure:

"To begin with, Henkei Cyclonus has some of the coolest looking chromy purple wings ever. That however didn't stop me from designing an even better colour scheme to complement him. I took some of the best paints that I had and spent countless hours experimenting before I managed to churn out a very metallic looking chromy purple that's close to the stock colours of purple chrome. He has been airbrushed with utmost care and shaded and detailed at every corner possible without turning this fearsome Destron warrior into looking overly colourful. Notice the very limited colour choices on Cyclonus without sacrificing the amount of attention to him."

Head over to eBay and check out more photos of Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers Henkei Cyclonus figure.

Optimus Prime G1 Transformers Universe SE-01 Custom by Sabrina Ng

Customizers always see the inner beauty of a figure sitting on the shelf and they always seem to bring out the best in the figure.  Sabrina Ng has again worked her magic with her Custom Transformers Universe Optimus Prime figure.  Thinking that the figure looked too dull, she focused on making this figure shine with a combination of painting techniques.  I especially love the direction she took the midsection and the grill, giving Optimus that burnt steel look.  There are also very small details that if you are not paying close attention, you will miss.  For example, she noticed that the box shot had a picture of Prime with a symbol on his lef arm and she went ahead and made that correction and even put a high gloss finish on it to protect it.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Sabrina makes outstanding customs and you should feel lucky if you win one because you should know that the ones she makes are the highest quality and best around.  Head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Universe Optimus Prime figure for yourself.

Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Figures by Sabrina Ng

Bringing together the concepts and artwork of Mr Guido Guidi, the concepts of griffith_76, and the execution of form and function of Sabrina Ng comes this outstanding Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.  This is a dual effort as griffith_76 is the designer and built these beauties from scratch and Sabrina has applied her skill with the brush.  Stylistically, you will notice that the finish on these customs is very different from Sabrina's usual glossy showroom finish as she decided to go for realism for the period that this comic was set in.  I love it when customizers have the presence of mind to make the changes necessary to make thier customs the best they can be.  Let's hear more about these great custom from Sabrina herself:

"This first edition set pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime is designed to be modelled after the Hearts of Steel comics as well as my very own rendering of a Hearts of Steel Nemesis Prime. I set out to do up a more realistic impression of a train as opposed to my usual shiny and reflective customs.  The HOS 01A (red/blue) was dry brushed before using coats of red and blue to get a steely outlook for the his parts. Much of his trailer was shaded before being covered with clear blue. HOS 01B (black/gold/teal) was predominantly shaded to achieve his burnt steel look across. His gold was achieved by airbrushing layers of enamels for a richer shade. Both figures were given an anti UV gloss coat for a lasting finish that will retain their colours for many years to come.  This auction includes HOS-01A (red/blue) and HOS-01B (black/gold) only. Movie Ironhide and Bumblebee are used as gauges for the audience to estimate the height and build of the Hearts of Steel customs. Also, griffith_76 has decided to include 3 bonus items for this auction. I will update it accordingly in the next few days as and when I receive details about them"

I have to tip my proverbial hat to custmizers like Sabrina who go out on a limb and pour their heart and soul into making customs that would never see the light of the day from major toy companies.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay to check out the pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.


AFC Interviews Customizer Sabrina Ng

I first got to know Sabrina by her outstanding work customizing Transformers figures.  Her technique is top notch and I was extremely fortunate to get a glimpse into her world.  Here is the latest addition to the interview series for your reading pleasure:

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.
Sabrina Ng: Well, I'm 24 come this January '09. I'm pretty much a very cheerful girl that loves challenges. Some of my favorite past times (besides painting) are dragon boating, working out in the gym, watching Japanese anime, and SHOPPING!!! Heh, which girl doesn't? 🙂  I've also just obtained a degree in Business Management and am looking around for a job in the Human Resource field. It's been my interest ever since I started my program.  I do airbrushing as a past time. But it was so exciting that I started a small blog (http://www.artsylovers.blogspot.com/) to document and promote my work.

AFC: When did you start making customs?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I first laid hands on an airbrush somewhere in April 08? Apart from that, my only experience in arts was in designing and drawing on batik, a form of Indonesian art which I learned in school.
AFC: How did you get started making customs?
Sabrina Ng: Well, my bf saw some custom transformer on ebay a few months after the movie in '07 and was highly driven on bidding on it till the price went to the hundreds.  So feeling dejected, he asked me if I could paint. I was like sure, I could paint. I've done some pretty elaborate Batik designs when I was in school. Never would I expect him to ask me to paint a toy! So when he showed me the custom (it was movie Jazz) I was like hmmmm...That's something I've never done before..So without informing me, he splurged a 1000 odd on an airbrush set. He then took me shopping for paints and there I was...stuck..I mean I couldn't possibly say no after he had bought all the equipment now can I?
AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Sabrina Ng: This really depends. Large and complex customs typically sap my time pretty fast. I would only work on one custom if it was large and complex due to the many parts available for paint as compared to a smaller custom. I've probably done up to a maximum of 3 customs for the smaller models. It's not something that I would try to make a habit off as once my attention jumps between 3 toys, I may find my attention to quality diminishing.
AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Sabrina Ng: This is a tough question. But I guess, the custom that I am most proud of is my first custom. A Transformers the Movie : Camshaft. I'm not proud of it because of how nice it is but on the contrary, I am most proud of it as it looks really horrible. The paint was too thick, some parts were goey up till today and that the colours bled between the layers amongst the many reasons as to why it looks horrible. It serves as a reminder as to where I started out at and also for me to never stop learning from others as there is always someone out there who can teach me a thing or two about this craft.
AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Sabrina Ng: Without a doubt, TRANSFORMERS! I really love to work on those guys as I can fit them up with showroom shine paint jobs. I really love to have any custom turn out shiny and reflective. I just can't tolerate for any of my customs to have any form of battle damage or chips even when necessary.
AFC: You use a really detailed painting technique, can you tell me more about your process?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I always start by cleaning the figure of any factory goo and muck. I'll then prime the figure as this step helps paint adhesion especially on the smoother plastic surfaces. From there, what I do entirely depends on the custom's requirement. Generally though, alI my customs are done with an airbrush at a very low PSI setting. I do many thin coats of paint while using cmpounds to buff the surface as soon as it is dry to the touch so as to improve the smoothness of the surface for a more vibrant shine.
AFC: Can you share some details about your workspace?
Well, my workplace is almost always in a mess. Hehehe.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for future projects?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I'm not really sure on this one as the moment I start on a full time job, airbrushing takes a backseat and I'm not really sure if I can spend that much time on it again. It's really too tiring.
AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
Sabrina Ng: Well, my MAIN advice is to always do some research before you embark on something. That's something that I need to heed as well. Many a time I'm stuck in the middle of a project because I do not have a clear idea of my goal or I'm being overly impatient in starting an idea without considering other factors. I'm facing that problem right now as I am working on Optimus Pime's trailer. Hehe. The colour scheme is giving me a big headache.

Custom Optimus Prime Leader Class Transformers Movie Figure with Trailer by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has gone above and beyond with her latest homage to the great leader of the Autobots with her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.  This custom is jam packed with detail, as well as a uniquely designed MP-02 Trailer and a custom Battler Roller (remember that six wheeled little guy...yup...he is in there too!).  I love the way that Sabrina can turn plastic into metal and she has a great eye for the color palette.  Here to give us more detail is Sabrina herself:

"This figure is one the main reasons why I wanted to take up customizing initially. I've always wanted to do up a full repaint of the Movie Optimus Prime but it was too complex at first. The multiple layering of colours as well as flames made it a nightmare for most customizers. My G1 Prime enabled me to  understand the toy's design better while I planned for a colour concept that would be unique to him. 6 months after my 1st custom, I belief that I've managed to recreate a Movie version of Optimus Prime that is truly aesthetically pleasing.  This auction includes Movie Optimus Prime, an MP-04 trailer, the MP-02 Commander Set, the TFC-EX002 Battle Roller as well as an extra weapon for Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime was given many shades of colours that range from sunset yellow to orange, red and blue. Most of the colours blend smoothly into one another. He was also given a Mirror Chrome finish on certain parts of him. Do note that this is the Hasbro version of Optimus Prime. He does not initially have any Chrome parts unlike Takara's Premium mold.  The MP-04 trailer was covered with styrene to emulate an actual truck better. Only the autobot logo from the original trailer remained. Flames that matched Optimus Prime were painted on the exterior and the internal compartment was dry brushed with silver and detailed accordingly. The upper, front and rear ends of the trailer were given a post and pre-shading treatment for a weathered look. The repair dock was painted in a metallic blue shade.  The Mp-02 Commander Set was repainted to match Optimus Prime's colour scheme as the original colour was meant for Ultra Magnus.  The TFC-EX002 was given a chromy metallic blue finish as well as a pair of articulated fists that holds an additional weapon. His joints have been tighten for more stability as compared to the vanilla version."

Head over to eBay and don't miss this once and a lifetime opportunity to own one of Sabrina's masterpieces so check out her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.

Custom Transformers Movie Accurate Ratchet by Sabrina Ng

I love the 2007 Transformers Movie but I was very disappointed with the quality of the toys that Hasbro produced.  It is customizers like Sabrina Ng that have brought the toys back to life and reinvigorated the toy line with accurate figures like her Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.  I would call Sabrina's paint aps bullet proof because they look so life and the metal shines like it is real.  Let's get more insight on why Sabrina wanted to customize Ratchet:

"Ratchet's something that I've longed dreamt of doing as I felt that the Hasbro/Takara molds do not do him justice at all. Even the Metallic/Best buy Ratchet was not even anywhere near droolsome. He was meticulously detailed and even his butterfly axe had the red patterns repainted. Ratchet was painted with a special paint mix of 80% yellow and 20% green. He was shaded and drybrushed, panel marked and had anti UV gloss smacked on to him. Well, that's that. Always wanted to re-do Ratchet. And I'm really happy that I've finally done it!! And among all my customs, I dare say that these pictures do not do Ratchet any justice as he seriously looks twice as nice (at least in my opinion. hehe) as he is resting on my work desk right now. I've also  included 3 pictures of WIP in the slideshow to show how it looks like without the black background and lighting."

If you want to bid on a high quality custom from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.

Jazz Transformers Movie Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Ever wonder what Jazz would look like if Jazz came across a different dealership and scanned a red Pontiac Solstace?  Sabrina Ng applied her signature painting technique to make a version of the Transformers Movie Jazz you will never find anywhere.  It is great to get into customizer's heads so let's learn more about this great figure:

"The last of my red customs (I think. hehe). Zoom Zoom!!!! I was inspired to take on this project when I realized that some Mazda cars on the road actually had the word Zoom Zoom written on them. He's been given some extreme metallics as well as an additional head, recasted to pay tribute to his Binaltech inspiration. I've always been amazed by how Jazz can look so good in red (or any colours for that matter). Deluxe Premium Jazz was given a nice shade of red metallics to emulate Zoom Zoom. As always, I take great pains to clean the figure of any factory residue. He was primed and was given a base coat of supper black to bring out the strength of the metallics. He's got approximately 7 layers of red and 3 layers of anti-UV gloss to keep him in great condition for the years to come."

Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie Jazz figure!

Ironhide Transformers Movie G1 Custom by Sabrina Ng

Those who grew up in the 1980's remember Ironhide as a a red and orange minivan.  Sabrina Ng has taken the classic paint aps of the Generation 1 figure and fused it with the 2007 Transformers figure and you get her Custom Transformers Movie G1 Ironhide figure.  Airbrushed figures are some of the best painted customs I have seen and if you are lucky enough to come across a customizer who uses this technique, you are in a for an eye candy treat.  One aspect of the 2007 Movie Transformers that needed special attention was the look of the metal and steel and Sabrina has done an awesome job creating a realistic look of metal with her painting techniques.  To tell you more about this G1 Ironhide, here is Sabrina herself:

"A weapons specialist, a tough soldier and one of the oldest Autobots. My fondest memory of Movie Ironhide is when he wanted to blow the dog away with his canons for peeing at his legs 🙂 This is a very special custom to me as I took some time experimenting in combining airbrush shading with dry brushing to bring out a more shadowed steel look. After my G1 Optimus Prime, I felt that Ironhide deserved a G1 makeover as well.  Ironhide was soaked, washed, cleaned and primed before painting. I made sure that the icky sticky factory finish did not interfere with my paint scheme. I applied three layers of shading combined with five shades of dry brushed silver. I gave him a very special metallic vermillion colour for his vehicle mode and topped it off with his G1 yellow stripe which is of a darker and more metallic variation of the typical sunset yellow. Various detailing were done but I was careful not to make Ironhide appear overly 'colourful'. I ended this custom with several layers of anti UV gloss coat in order to protect and retain his vibrant colours for years to come."

To own Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie G1 Ironhide figure, head over to eBay!

Sabrina Ng’s Custom G1 Optimus Prime Is Back!

Last week, I wrote about Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers G1 Optimus Prime but unfortunately the auction ended without any bidders so it is back on eBay with a new pricing strategy and a new addition to the custom (pictured above).  To see more pictures, check out Sabrina's Custom Optimus Prime G1 Transformers Movie figure.

Optimus Prime Custom Leader Class G1 Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has taken the Premium Leader Class Prime a step up and made it her own with her Custom Transformers Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime figure in Generation 1 style.  It is really great when customizers go back to the G1 roots.  The way this custom was painted gives it a metallic look that only a true artist can achieve.  The truck actually looks like it has rivets in it.  The color red is a very nice and richer than I have seen in most custom Prime's but the color goes well with the figure.  Here is how Sabrina made this work of art:

"I've airbrushed, painted, dry brushed, weathered and highlighted the entire figure to be as realistic as possible!!! Well, let's see. After washed and dry, I gave him a coat of primer followed by a base coat of steel and gold. Anyway, I then gave him a nice overall chrome silver coating as well as 2 layers of gloss coat before I started on his primary colours of specially mixed red and blue paint. MP-01 had a chilli red colour scheme but I felt that it was too common and doesn't do this figure justice. Thus, I settled on a more intense shade of red and blue to give him a deeper character. Body parts were painted with a shade of silver and dry brushed for the steel effect. After all was done, I gave him another layer of gloss coat to seal in the paint before I started on doing some weathering and detailing for him. Before I ended the job, I gave him a glossy UV protection coat to prevent the colour from fading over the years. The end result, an ultimate work of art."

Head over to eBay to read more about Sabrina's Transformers Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime figure and check out more pictures.  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Nemesis Prime Custom Transformers Revoltech Figure by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is back and has taken on her latest creation with her Custom Transformers Revoltech Nemesis Prime figure.  The paint aps look very well applied and smooth and this was a creative figure to use as the base as it does not transform into anything (go figure...a non transforming Transformer).  Typically, Nemesis Prime has been decked out in Blacks and Purple's but Sabrina's accent color of choice is teal (as she explains below):

I used a convoy revoltech to repaint it into the darker more sinister Nemesis Prime! I coated it with primer as the material was kind of rubbery. First time working with such a surface. Gave him a jet black base coat. Think I hit almost 8-10 layers of black and silver paint for him! My favourite was of course the teal. No Nemesis Prime of mine will be complete without teal. His chest plate was given the most sinister red that I could find. Really gave it all I've got into creating the perfect figure with all possible detailing. Too bad I didn't have a Decepticon logo to paste on him.

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

I did think this custom needed a Decepticon logo but repro stickers are easy to come by and make.  Sabrina's Custom Transformers Nemesis Prime would look great next your Optimus Prime collection so place your bid on her great custom now!

Jazz Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is new to customizing but you would not know it from looking at her Custom Movie Tranformers Jazz figure. It is great to see emerging talent in the customizing world, especially with Transformers. With the Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen due out in 2009, I am expecting high quality and unique work from the customizers out there. What struck me about this figure is the rich silver color that she was able to create and the finish on the figure is one to behold. The detailing on the circuitry in robot mode is a very nice touch as well, which was lacking in much of the original toys produced by Hasbro. I will be keeping an eye on this up and coming customizer as she already possesses the skills to deliver what fans want and need! Here she is to explain more about her Custom Jazz:

"Tried to give him a more accurate colour scheme faithful to the movies. Buffed, polished and waxed to get a very smooth finish. Managed to get some weathering in as well in certain parts of the body. Also, rest assured that all the pictures taken are not doctored or edited in any way to give it a more than accurate representation."

Bid on Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie Jazz on eBay today!