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Lego Star Wars Jango Boba Fett Custom Minifigs by Rurisk

Lego Star Wars Jango Boba Fett Custom Minifigs

Lego Star Wars Jango Boba Fett Custom Minifigs

Granted the Star Wars prequels have undergone much scrutiny but one cool thing about them was that they began to tell the story of the origins of some of the main characters in the last 3 chapters of the Star Wars saga.  This week, Rurisk has a father and son combination with his Custom Lego Star Wars Jango and Boba Fett minifigs.  This is a cool combination because you see the evolution of Boba Fett and if you remember anything from the Attack of the Clones movie, Boba will look like Jango when he is grown up although we never see his face in the last 3 chapters of the Star Wars movies.  Come to think of it, Boba Fett had very little screen time but achieved rock star status in the collector community.  I like the way that Rurisk has added facial stubble to Jango's face and also gave Boba a slight smirk, giving the figures a slightly different look.  I also like the way that the backpack and helmet are one piece, which makes the backpack stay in one place:

Lego Star Wars Jango and Boba Fett Custom Minifigs

Lego Star Wars Jango and Boba Fett Custom Minifigs

Optimus Prime Lego Transformers Custom by FreshFromTheSewers

Optimus Prime Custom Lego Transformers Minifig

Optimus Prime Custom Lego Transformers Minifig

The Lego customizer with the funny name is at it again with this Custom Optimus Prime Lego Transformers minifig.  There are actually not very many custom Transformers Lego figures out there but I applaud FreshFromTheSewers for getting this iconic Autobot in minifig form.  Modeled after his G1 styling and colors, this figure would make a great addition to anyone's Custom Lego collection.

Clone Commander Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Clone

Adding another clone to the chain of high command, Clone has developed a very versitile soldier with his Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Zephir minifig.  There are several reasons why this figure should be a mainstay in your clone army!  First, who can pass up the opportunity to add a unique Clone Commander to your vast Clone Minifig Army.  Second, this figure is very highly detailed and designed in such a way to maximize play and poseability.  I love the paint aps and color scheme as well as the removable visor.  If you want to see more detailed photos, head over to eBay and check out Clone's Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Zephir minifig.

Commander Gree Lego Clone Wars Custom Minifig by Rurisk

Since the debut of the Clone Wars Movie and animated series, we are getting to know the Clones much better than the few seconds of air time they were given in Revenge of the Sith.  Commander Gree was one of those Clones that I would have like to know better in the live action movies.  Rurisk provides a real service to minifig collectors out there as he fills in the gaps where Lego has left off with his Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Gree minifig.  With custom decals, painted helmet, and blaster, Commander Gree is ready to take on 'Clankers' and 'Tinny's' in any edge of the Outer Rim.  If you want quality Lego minifig's, head over to eBay and bid on Rurisk's Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Gree minifig.

Two Face Harvey Dent Custom Lego Batman Minifig by FreshFromTheSewers

The Dark Knight had to be one of the most engaging Batman movies made to date and FreshFromTheSewers has captured the transformation of Harvey Dent with his Custom Lego Two Face minifig.  Although the Dark Knight saved Harvey Dent from certain death, he created a monster in the process and FreshFromTheSewers did an excellent job giving this minifig the personality of a psychopath.  The face seamless flows together and and the way the eyes and the mouth were done really give the figure that look that he was going for.  If you want to add this awesome minifig to your collection, head over to eBay and bid on FreshFromTheSewers Harvey Dent with his Custom Lego Two Face minifig.

Commander Neyo Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by CloneArmyCustoms

Doing what he does best, CloneArmyCustoms executes Order 66 and delivers for Lego fans all over with his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Neyo minifig.  Commander Neyo of the 91st Recon performs his Clone duty by killing Stass Allie which left speeder bike parts flying in an orange glow from the explosion.  CloneArmyCustoms gives Lego fans a chance to relive this scene on a much smaller scale and I have to say that this Clone is very well done.  Not only do the decals extend beyond the waste, but the attention to detail on the figure is why collectors will want to add this minifig to their collection.  The helmet is also perfectly proportioned.  Be sure to head over to eBay and check out more photos of CloneArmyCustoms' Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Neyo minifig.

Lego Star Wars Custom Invisible Hand & More by MightyHutt

MightyHutt makes really awesome Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles so today I am featuring 3 of his items that are currently up for sale on eBay:

Trade Federation Battleship

Trade Federation Battleship

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

Invisible Hand

 Make sure to head over to eBay and check out all of the Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles!

Custom Lego Star Wars Darth Sidious by Christt07

It is election day in the United States so I thought I find a Custom Darth Sidious to let everyone know to go out and excercise your right to vote!

Custom Lego Star Wars Clone Pilot Broadside Minifig by Rurisk

Broadside Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig

Broadside was a clone trooper pilot who fought in the Clone Wars under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. He served in Shadow Squadron and fought against the Malevolence in the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula.  Rurisk outdoes himself again and creates this awesome Custom Lego Star Wars Broadside figure, which will look awesome in your Lego Clone Wars vehicles.  There are only a few days left to nab this one for your collection so head over to eBay and bid on Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Broadside figure!

Matchstick Shadow Squadron Lego Star Wars Clone Pilot by Rurisk

I think you might have picked up on this already but if you have not I am a huge fan of the Clone Wars  so I am very excited to see customs from the animated series.  Rurisk pays homage to this fallen clone with his Custom Shadow Squadron Matchstick Lego Star Wars Clone minifig.  The Shadow Squadron has really cool markings on thier armor and Rurisk does a great job recreating the look on a small scale.  If you are not familiar with Matchstick, here is more information on him courtesy of Wookieepedia.com:

"Matchstick's Y-wing grazed a nebray manta, which caused engine failure. After he entered the Battle of theKaliida Nebula, Malevolence's ion cannon fired at him. While attempting to maneuver out of the path of damage his engine gave out and exploded in front of Tag, killing Matchstick and his Radio Intercept Officer, and Tag and his RIO as well.  Though he wasn't the only fatality at the Battle of Kaliida, his was the most unexpected and eventful, as he was an expertly trained commander and key member. Aside from Shadow Squadron, Ahsoka Tano was also affected from his tragic death. He did not die in vain however, because his squad managed to destroy the Malevolence's primary weapons and save 60,000 wounded clones"

Head over to eBay and check out more photos of Rurisk's Custom Matchstick minifig!

Lego Star Wars Custom Section Added to AFC

I don't know why it took my so long to do this but I just added a Custom Lego Star Wars section to the website where you can view all of the eBay listings related to the mini world of Star Wars Lego.  If you know of a category that would help you find the customs you are looking for or if you are a customizer and you want me to take a look at your work, please feel free to contact me.

Commander Fox Clone Wars Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by CloneArmyCustoms

CloneArmyCustoms hits back hard with more of what Clone Wars fans want!  A few days ago, I featured his Lietenant Thire, Jek, and Rys squad but today I noticed he also has a Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox up for sale and it is just as impressive.  The detailing on the body of the figure is great and the helmet sculpt brings out the Commnader Fox in the figure.  Complete with blaster, pistol, and Kama, this Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox is ready to kick some droid minifig hieny.  To check out more photos or to purchase this item, head over to eBay and check out CloneArmyCustoms Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox minifig.

Clone Wars Lego Star Wars Custom Lieutenant Thire Yoda and Squad by CloneArmyCustoms

Being a fan of the new Clone Wars Animated series, I am happy to see customizers paying homage to this new Star Wars format and CloneArmyCustoms has made a great squad from the premier episode in the series with his Custom Lego Clone Wars LieutenantThire, Yoda, and Clone Squad minifigs.  Although Yoda is not custom, he really tried to stay true to the series when he made these minifigs so here is a rundown of the Clones you will get:

Lieutenant Thire with Custom DC-15A Rifle DC-15S Pistol

Lieutenant Thire with Custom DC-15A Rifle DC-15S Pistol

Early in the war Thire, serving as a lieutenant, was assigned alongside his troops, Jek and Rys, to escort Jedi Master Yoda to a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. When their transport was shot down by Separatist frigates, Yoda and the troopers landed on the moon's surface in the escape pod. The clones helped Yoda to get past an entire battalion of battle droids, set by Assaj Ventress to intercept him, in order to secure a treaty with ToydarianKing Katuunko. Thire was wounded by a super battle droid during the mission, but still continued to fight alongside Yoda until their task was successfully completed.

Jek with Custom Z-6 Rotary Cannon

Jek with Custom Z-6 Rotary Cannon

At the beginning of the Clone Wars Jek had a relatively uneventful posting in the Senate district. Probably because of the sedate confines of Senate and diplomatic escort duty Jek became obsessed with weapons as an outlet. He was an expert in all manner of small arms blaster weaponry, and had even gone so far as requisitioning and obtaining heavy weapons even though they weren't part of his mission requirements.

Rys with Custom DC-15S Blaster and Pistol

Rys with Custom DC-15S Blaster and Pistol

Early in the war Rys was posted on Coruscant, where he usually served as a diplomatic escort or protection for the Senate district. Though he was loyal to the Galactic Republicas any of his brother, Rys was disappointed by this assignment and eager to join his brothers on the remote battlefronts. When off-duty, he would, as a hobby, track the movement of Republic fleet assets and follow the course of the war as it unfolded in the Outer Rim.
To own this great squad from the series, head over to eBay and place a bid on CloneArmyCustoms' Custom Lego Clone Wars Lieutenant Thire, Yoda, and Clone Squad minifigs. 

Captain Rex and Speeder Bike Lego Star Wars Minifig Custom by GoodSchmoe

Ever wonder how Captain Rex gets around when he is trying to inspire his troops to defeat General Grievous and his Separatist Droid Army?  GoodSchmoe has an idea with his Custom Lego Star Wars Captain Rex Minifig and Speederbike concept.  To be more aerodynamic, Captain Rex has left his Pauldron at home and is ready for some streamlined action.  My favorite vehicles in the Star Wars universe have been the Speeder Bikes.  I remember when I was 8 and watched Return of the Jedi (the first Star Wars Movie I can actually remember watching in theater) and seeing the Speeder Bike chase and thinking that was the coolest thing.  I could imagine this Speeder Bike working in both land and space as Captain Rex hops back and forth between Republic Attack Cruisers.  If you are interested in owning this unique Clone Wars custom, head over to eBay and bid on GoodSchmoe's Custom Lego Star Wars Captain Rex Minifig and Speederbike.

Mandalorian Assault Warrior Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by jv2402

I do have to give credit to the Lego Star Wars customizers for coming up with original ideas that are very well executed using a very small canvas to work with and jv2402's Custom Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Assault Warrior is no exception.  This figure looks like a mash up between Jango and Boba Fett on steroids.  First, the helmet is a unique design and is painted to resemble Jango Fett's armor.  He has given this minifig extra shoulder protection that flows very nicely into the jetpack.  The kama is a very nice touch and helps soften up the figure.  To see more photos of jv2402's Custom Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Assault Warrior minifig, head over to eBay!

Commander Bly Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Rurisk

Commander Bly was only in Revenge of the Sith for a brief moment but the effects were long lasting and Rurisk has captured his essence in minifig form with his Custom Lego Star Wars figure.  He nailed the yellows and browns and use of soft goods on the minifig is a nice touch.  This figure was made with made with custom decals, painted modified helmet with movable and removable visor, pauldron, kama and a custom blaster.  Commaner Bly is one of my favorite clones and I hope to see more of him in the new Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Series (they already had Commander Thire in the first episode so there is hope!).  If you want to own this (or other great figures from Rurisk, head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Bly minifig.

Aayla Secura Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Christo

Christo ranks very high on my list as one of the best Lego customizers out there and his Custom Lego Star Wars Aayla Secura figure is one of the reasons why I think he is great!  There unique aspect about his customs is that he does not use any decals, so it is just like getting a figure straight from the factory at LEGO.  His designs cater to what fans want and need to build their Lego Star Wars collection.  To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out Christo's Custom Lego Star Wars Aayla Secura minifig.

Scuba Trooper Star Wars Lego Custom Minifig by Rurisk

One of my favorite new Star Wars figures is the Scuba Trooper and I am happy to see Rurisk giving the Star Wars Lego fans a version with his Custom Lego Star Wars Scuba Trooper minifig.  I love the way the scuba tubing integrates into the back of the figure.  Top it off with custom decals and blaster and you have the beginnings of your underwater Clone Army.  Head over to eBay and check out Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Scuba Trooper minifig today!

Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Darrens5150

One of my favorite Star Wars figures from the newer movies are the Kashyyyk Clone Troopers and Darrens5150 has done an excellent job paying homage to them with his Custom Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars minifig.  The Biker Scouts from the Return of the Jedi movie were my favorite so in keeping with the same theme, the Kashyyyk Troopers are the evolution of the Scout Troopers in a cool camo.  Darrens5150 has done a great job detailing the camo on the figure and this would make a great addition to your Lego Clone army.  The custom blaster is also a cool addition.  To read more about this Custom Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars minifig, head over to eBay!

Lego Warthog Custom Halo 3 Vehicle by DreamHappyDreams

Every Halo Lego minifig fan needs a ride for their Master Chief and troops right?  DreamHappyDreams makes this a reality with his Custom Lego Warthog Halo 3vehicle.  I used to play Halo on the XBOX and would often explore the vast maps on the Warthog.  The vehicle was also a necessity in multiplayer mode so you can get from one part of the map to the another while mowing down your foes.  What I like about this Lego Warthog is the scale and the minifigs go great in it.  The design is great and more aerodynamic than I would think a lego vehicle could be.  If you are a fan of the Custom Lego Halo, head over to eBay and check out more pictures of this Custom Lego Warthog Halo 3 vehicle.

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti Minifig by Christo

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti

When I first came across Christo's Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti minifig, I thought this was produce by LEGO!  There are no decals on this figure, which is special since many Custom Star Wars Lego minifig customizers use decals to create their figures.  The color of the pants reminds me of the color of Obi Wan's Jedi outfit from 1978 and Christo did an excellent job creating Shaak Ti's hair.  Add a glow in the dark lightsaberand you have one awesome minifig to add to your Custom Lego Star Wars collection.  To see more pictures, head over to eBay and check out Christ's Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti minifig or check out the other Custom Lego Star Wars minifigs.

Gold Spartan Custom Lego Halo Minifig by jv2402

Custom Lego Halo Minifig

Custom Lego Halo Minifig

A couple weeks ago, I featured jv2402's Custom Lego Scopion Tank and he is back with your chance to add a Custom Lego Halo Gold Spartanfigure to minifig collection.  Read more about over at his auction page or check out all of the other Custom Lego figures on eBay!

501st Airborne Clone Trooper Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by CloneArmyCustoms

We were first introduced to the Airborne Clone Trooper in the Revenge of the Sith movie where the Utapau Clone Troopers decended onto to the planet for war.  Since then, there have been many different flavors of clones produced by Hasbro for all regiments and one of my favorite is the 501st!  This week, Clone Army Customs has made a Custom Lego Star Wars 501st Airborne minifig I must say that this is one of the best minifigs I have come across so far.  The custom casted helmet is the perfect scale for the figure and the decals are highly detailed.  To check out more pictures, head over and check out Clone Army Customs' Custom Lego Star Wars 501st Airborne minifig!

C-3PO Custom Lego Star Wars Phantom Menace Minifig by darrens5150

darrens5150 does an excellent job creating the version of C-3PO that appears in the Star Wars Phantom Menace movie with his Custom Lego Star Wars C-3PO minifig.  This minifig depicts C-3PO before he received his gold coverings and the detailing that darrens5150 uses a mix of custom paint aps and decals.  The wiring on th minifigis done very well and the paint aps on the head compliment the custom decals very nicely.  Add this awesome Custom Lego Star Wars C-3PO minifig to your Custom Lego Star Wars collection today!

Halo Scorpion Tank Custom Lego Vehicle and 4 Spartan Minifigs by jv2402

jv2402 has a vehicle to beef up your custom Lego Halo collection with his Custom Scorpion Tank!  The scale of the Scorpion Tank fits in nicely with the scale of the minifigs and the steel look of the tank is very well done.  The Lego pieces look like rivets on the tank and to top it off, the vehicle comes with 4 minifigs, which you can read about below:

"The is a CUSTOM MADE SCORPION TANK that will be super glued together upon shipping do to the parts that might break off during shipping. Scorpion Tank is customed painted to make it look like steel. Has a cockpit to put your Figure in to handle the Scorpion Tank.  Tank Barral is movable in 360 degrees.  4 minifigs included:

  • 1 Blue Spartan with decals on his arms and legs armed with a custom Rocket Launcher
  • 1 Red Spartan with decals on his arms and legs armed with a custom minigun
  • 1 Green Spartan without decals armed with a minigun and to man your Scorpion Tank
  • 1 Very Rare Steel Spartan without decals armed with a custom Rocket Launcher"

Bid on this custom Lego Scorpion Tank over at eBay!

Commander Cody Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Rurisk

One of my favorite scenes in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is when the clones descend on to Utupau and a gigantic battle ensues. Rurisk has captured the leader who took the troops into battle with his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Cody minifig. What is cool about this custom is that (1) now you have a commander for your gaggle of custom Utupah Clone Troopers and (2) the visor on Commander Cody's head is removable so you can display him in a different way. The back is designed to mirror the gear that Commander Cody sports during the film.

Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Cody is available for bids on eBay so go check it out.

Custom Lego Halo Master Chief Minifig and Needler Gun by Brickarms

Brickarm has created a Custom Lego HALO-inspired Master Chief minifig with a needler-like weapon found in the Halo video game series. This minifig is ready to take on the Covenant with his SMG Rifle and custom cast Needler gun. The great thing about the Needler is that, since it was custom cast, it does have paint, which means it can be handled without worrying about it. Let's check out more information from Brickarms himself:

"The torso sports a gold decal, sealed for protection, and he comes with silver MA5 Assault Rifle, M6 Magnum pistol and a custom-injected multi-colored Needle weapon. He also comes with silver frag grenades and a silver SMG Rifle. The Needler is 100% injection molded - no paint is used. It is 100% compatible with the Lego you already own, and I am the only one that makes them. "

Bid on Brickarms Custom Lego Halo Master Chief Minifig on eBay today!

Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper Custom Lego Star Wars Mini Figure by rik_biel

rik_biel has made one of the coolest Lego Mini Figs I have ever seen with his Custom Lego Star Wars Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper figure. Who knew you could pack this much detail in a mini fig? Here is a rundown of what this clone contains:

Four triple tube grenade launchers - 2 shoulder mounted, 2 thigh mounted - 3 tone red gold and black color scheme - Sith spikes - 2 on helmet, 2 on knees ! - metal backpack with detailed micro wiring! - battle worn cape!

If you want to own this little piece of Star Wars history, head over to eBay and place a bid for this Custom Lego Star Wars Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper figure.

Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village Endor Attack by Fully Brick Models

Fully Brick Models has outdone themselves by recreating a famous scene and village from the final chapter of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi. Home to the cute and cuddly Ewoks, this village was also home to some powerful scenes in the movie. Let's read more about how Fully Brick Models created this classic village:

"This is another big one, a very very big one, and very very very detailed. Its an entire EWOK VILLAGE. This is so big its easily titled an Ultimate Collector Series. It stands at 1 metre tall, (over 3 feet). Its breathtaking! Don't ask how long it took us to build this, just don't ask. Firstly, the sheer amount of money, time and patience to attempt something this big and detailed was well worth it to see this masterpiece completed. It comes with everything pictured, except the mini-figs. The birds that adorn the upper canopy, and the owl that looks down watching over the night come with this. You will notice we have also included an Ewok Glider which comes with the tree and is actually attached with a clear translucent bar so its extremely sturdy and invisible to see the attachment, thus it appears as though the Ewok is actually flying just near the tree, about to swoop down on the Imperial Stormtroopers or the AT-ST's.

It comes with long vines that inter-twine throughout the village tree. The actual ewok huts are constructed of a beautiful colour which matches perfectly the colour scheme from the movie, as well as the reddish-brown of the tree. We first tried normal orange for the Ewok Hut, but it was too bright and looked wrong. Then we tried other shades of colour, and thus the colour scheme is simply identical to the movie. The base of the tree is very big so it can hold up the vast Ewok Village and it comes with the baseplates included. It tapers into the ground just like the actual Sequia trees, with huge buttressed roots penetrating into the ground from its thick trunk. This was emulated with a mass of long tapering slopes strategically positioned. The cost in time and massive numbers of parts for building this much lego was a lot, but well, well worth it, all you have to do is look at the finished product. You will not find this anywhere, just like all our custom models, as they are a work of art by us."

Own this one of a kind Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village by heading over to eBay.

Lego Star Wars Custom Invisible Hand General Grievous’ Ship by mightyhutt

mightyhutt is at it again, building his heart out one Lego brick at a time with his Custom Invisible Hand Lego Star Wars Starship as seen in the Revenge of the Sith movie. If you remember, this was General Grieous' Starship and it is really amazing to see this represented in Legos. This great piece is over 2 feet long and one of the coolest parts of this custom is that he designed the ship to pull apart in the middle, as seen in the movie as Anikan takes this baby in for a smooth (err) landing. It is really amazing how he was able to recreate this Starship in Legos and is a testament to his skill as a Lego Master. mightyhutt gives us some more information so please read on below:
"This is a huge all-Lego custom model of General Grievous’ ship The Invisible Hand, as seen at the start of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. This is the biggest custom model I have ever made, the model consists of 1128 parts, most are new with some used but in good condition. I have tried hard to build the model to the correct proportions and have added a lot of detail. It is approximately 70cm long (27.5 inches) (that’s the same length as Lego’s Blockade Runner), 14cm wide (5.5 inches), and 36cm tall (14 inches) when stood on the stands. Due to its size, I have included a CD containing over 200 categorised digital photos, detailing all aspects of the ship’s construction inside and out. This will help in restoring any pieces that have come off during transit, and should enable you to re-build the entire model should you wish to build other models from it, and then re-build it in the future. I have designed the ship to pull apart in the middle at about the point where the ship breaks in two in the movie (remember, the front half crash lands on Coruscant)."


Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles.

Custom Lego Star Wars Moisture Farm by mightyhutt

mightyhutt has made a recreated the Star Wars classic scene and it only took him 450 Legos to make with his Custom Lego Star Wars Moisture Farm on Tatooine. This custom will enhance anyone's Lego Star Wars collection. I really like how mightyhutt has captured the essence and feeling of Luke living on the Moisture Farm and the way the two levels of the Farm sit nicely on top of each other. If you look closely at one of the pictures in his auction, you can see where he recreated the scene where Luke, Owen, and Varu were discussing Luke's plans to join the academy. Here is how mightyhutt created this great scene, with some surprise extras on how to make different scenes:


"The model is built from over 450 genuine Lego parts, the vast majority of which are new, and I have tried hard to find the right parts for the job to make it look as realistic as possible and to make it as playable as possible. The model consists of an upper ‘surface’ level with a moisture vaporator, farm objects and a domed building with steps that lead down into the underground home. There are several rooms around the outside of the model including a kitchen/diner, bedroom for Owen and Beru, bedroom for Luke, and the workshop which includes the oil-bath and a rack of tools. In the centre of the model is the sunken courtyard of the home with windows and doors leading off to the rooms, and two more vaporators in the middle. The model comes complete with a Luke Skywalker minifig with binoculars, and custom Owen and Beru minifigs. I have included a CD containing over 100 digital photos, detailing all aspects of the model’s construction inside and out. This will help in restoring any pieces that have come off during transit, and should enable you to re-build the entire model should you wish to build other models from it, then re-build it in the future."

Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Lego Star Wars figures.

Lego Star Wars Death Star Custom by epsidude

Home sweet home! Your darkside Lego minifigs now have a home thanks to epsidude and his Custom Lego Star Wars Death Star Playset that comes with 8 minifigs! Reenacting the classic scene from Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader squares off again Luke Skywalker with the Emperor overseeing the action, epsidude provides a very nice backdrop with his choice of pieces and parts for the Death Star. I have always wanted to see a nice Lego Death Star done because the ones that Lego produced were not a play set and were just for display purposes. What is great about this set is that you can add on to it and actually play with it. Here are some more details from the auction:

"This is a unique set that lets your child create some of the exciting scenes from the Star Wars movies. It comes with all you see; The DeathStar, 4 Stormtroopers, 1 Imperial officer, Luke, Vader, The Emperor, and a mouse droid. The set is very sturdy, and will allow your child to add on, or expand from his own collection. A set of instructions will be included, that will help to guide in the creation."
This great Custom Lego Star Wars Death Star Playset is available for Buy it Now and can be purchased immediately so head over to eBay and check it out as I am sure this won't last very long!

Custom Lego Star Wars Rebel Assualt Shuttle by Joe’s Custom Creations

Joe's Custom Creations, a customizer who specializes in Star Wars Legos and sets, brings us this Custom Lego Star Wars Rebel Assault Shuttle and comes with 6 custom Rebel Commando Elite Soldiers. This one of a kind masterpiece was created using 100% LEGO. It is 90% faithful to the original 7166 and 7264 Imperial Shuttle designs but it has been modified with missiles under the wings and an expanded cargo space in the back (for more troops and equipment to fit). 95% of the lego used in its creation is NEW LEGO - never played with! 5% of the lego is used but in very good condition! Here are more details and photos of this cool custom Lego Star Wars creation:

Defeat the Empire with this custom masterpiece from Joe's Custom Creations! Ever wonder how the Rebels can defend against the military might of the Empire? Well one way is to use small Special Forces units to infiltrate Imperial Defenses and sabotage the shield generators to make it easier for the main attacking force to take out the Imperial Base. It needs ships that can bring these special ground forces in where they are needed. But this ship is no unarmored civilian shuttle, it is a powerful air to air or air to ground weapon that will help give your Rebel forces that extra edge against Imperial forces.This ship brings a squad of heavily armed REBEL COMMANDOS to the action! But that's not all, it brings one heck of a lot of firepower and is a tough ship. Its like a tank in space, able to take many direct hits and still complete the mission! Equipped with missiles (see picture, you get two cannons under the wings that really fire - official lego cannons with two large rubber tipped darts) and a host of lasers as well as a custom Attack Sled that FITS IN THE SHUTTLE. This ship will help your Rebel Alliance Army to dominate anything in the air or on the ground!









The missiles in this set, plus the jet pack trooper and vehicle that fits in the back really make this great for interactive play. Shoot those imperials out of the sky or land and launch a ground offensive, this is a great set!  What you get:

  • 6 minifigures! Specially created for this set by my lego workshop
  • 4 Normal Rebel Commandos - all with custom Blaster Rifles
  • 1 Custom Shuttle Pilot - with headset detail on face, special black helmet w/ goggles and custom Blaster Pistol
  • 1 Rebel Officer / Lieutenant - this is the shuttle commander and also comes with his custom blaster

There is not much time left to make this one your own as there as 11 hours left since posting this place your bid now and secure this cool piece for your Lego collection!





Custom Lego Star Wars Mini Figs – Commander Gree and Mandalorian Warrior by Still A Brick Ahead


Still A Brick Ahead brings us several Custom Lego Star Wars mini figs this week. With amazing detail, he has created a couple figures that I would like to spotlight today!


Commander Gree
One of the aspects that makes this custom mini fig stand out is the paint aps on the helmet. The greens and silvers are right on and very closely resemble the Commander Gree found in the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie. The armor is is also custom made and as Still A Brick Ahead states in his auction, "the armour is made with custom decals and the helmet is painted with the green and silver pattern. Comes with a custom blaster." This would make a great addition to anyone's custom lego mini fig collection and clone army! What is a Kashyyyk army without a commander? Commander Gree, designation 1004, led the Elite Corps stationed on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. He served under General Yoda, commanding troops that employed specialized equipment for combat in the jungle environment. Gree himself wore camouflaged armor to better blend into the verdant surroundings.  



Mandalorian Warrior
Another mini fig to highlight is his custom Mandalorian Warrior. This one definately looks like it would be part of a mercanary group Jango Fett is heading up. As the auction states, the Mandalorian Warrior comes with custom armor decals and matching painted helmet with jetpack and a custom. For those not familiar with Mandalorians (called Mando'ade in Mando'a, meaning "children of Mandalore"), they were a warlike, nomadic group of clan-based people consisting of members from multiple species. Often, they served as mercenaries. In later years Mandalorian Warriors wore very distinctive battle helmets with T-shaped visors that covered the entirety of their faces, which would provide inspiration for the helmets of the clone troopers. These helmets would eventually become strongly associated with the Mandalorian people (source: Wookipedia).

Commander Gree and Custom Mandalorian Warrior


Custom Lego 2009 Chevrolet Camaro 1/8 Scale Technic by crowkillers-incorporated

I do have an affinity to the 2009 Chevy Camero since seeing Bumblebee tearing down the streets in the Transformers Movie. This Custom Lego 2009 Chevy Camero is 100% American engineering with many specs that make this one a custom lego aficionado's dream!

So what makes this one so special? crowkillers-incorporated explains how this Custom Lego 2009 Chevy Camero is different than the others:

"As a Camaro owner myself I was in awe when I feasted my eyes on Chevy's New Concept Camaro Last Year. After a Few months I decided to build one. This model contains Well over 2300 New parts and has been constructed in 1/8 Scale studless form. Some of you may be confused as to what the term "Studless" actually means, well here it is:

Rather than having bricks that actually "Click or Snap" together with studs, my models are pinned and joined together courtesy of different length friction pins and axles. This method makes for lighter and stronger models and is the only style that I build in. Studless building is like playing Chess where you must always be 5 or 6 steps ahead.

Now that you know what studless means, on to the Car's specs:

V8 Engine with removable LS2 Style Engine Cover. This engine features a moving crankshaft with 8 pumping pistons. 6 Speed Transmission with Reverse. As you can see in the pictures, This is a Fully Funtional 6 Speed transmission with a working Reverse gear. Not to be confused with Lego's 8448 5 Speed+Reverse Transmission, My Model has 6 Forward Gears Plus a Reverse. I needed to clarify this because many people refer the Lego 8448 tranny as a "6 Speed"(5+R). My Tranny is much more complex and works very smoothly through all 6 gears. Or 7(6 Speed + Reverse) Depending on if you consider Reverse a Gear or not. Oh Yeah, The shift pattern also follows the Real Camaro's! Working independent 4 wheel suspension. Opening Hood, Doors, and Trunk. Operational Front Wheel Steering system with a "Hand of God" Steering system that also operates the steering wheel
inside of the cockpit.

"Hand of What?" Ok, I always get the e-mail asking, so I will explain what "Hand of God" means. "Hand of God" refers to your own hand (Making You "God from above using your Hand") Turning a somewhat hidden wheel (In this case on top of my model's dashboard) that in turn steers the front wheels. And with my model, also turns the Actual steering wheel accordingly.

Note: If you are the winning bidder, please don't consider yourself a God and start a silly cult. That would just be well... Wrong.

Anyways...Detailed interior with Tan/Red combo seats. Check out the cool arm-rests on the doors.This in my opinion is the Best car that I have ever designed and put up for auction here. This is a complete custom model, not a set that you can buy at Walmart or Lego Shop At Home. And the only instructions that exist are embedded within my head."

Test drive this 1/8 Scale Custom Lego Technic 2009 Chevrolet Camaro over at eBay for your chance to own this piece of Americano. If you are looking for more custom Lego's, check out my Custom Lego section of my ActionFigureCustoms.com website.

Star Wars Lego Republic Gunship Custom by hueytoys

This Star Wars inspired Custom Republic Gunship brings the battles to life in the Lego Universe. This custom features highly detailed construction and the vehicle itself sports a low profile compared to the original release of the Gunship. By integrating the large cannons into the wings, the Gunship does not look as top heavy and adds a nice, streamlined look to the vehicle. The wings are also angled much lower, creating the illusion of an x-wing with its ability to move its S-Foils in and out of position. Due to its low profile, I would go as far as classifying this as stealth given the abrupt angle of the wings and cockpit features. huetoys goes on in further detail:

"This is a very special creation because it has been modified to carry up to 24+ mini figures. I love the original Lego Republic Gunship, the Imperial Shuttle, the Imperial Landing Craft and the Trade Federation MTT and thus decided to combine some of their ideas into one. This MOC republic gunship has a very detailed troop compartment that opens from the back. There is a sliding plate similar to the imperial shuttle that slides out revealing seating and standing area for 14 mini figures. Additional mini figures can be place on both sides of the ship as well as in the cockpit and side turret guns. A lot time and effort has been dedicated to this modified original creation. Everything from the design, construction, color scheme, interior/exterior design/detail fits very well. My intent was to design something that looks great as a display but can and will handle normal Lego play (no crashing or dropping please!). This is your chance to truly build your army and carry them as well!"



Be sure to check out huetoys' Custom Star Wars Lego Republic Gunship on eBay. If you are looking for fill this Gunship with Custom Lego Star Wars Troopers, check out my Custom Lego Section on ActionFigureCustoms.com.

Custom Star Wars Lego Republic Attack Star Cruiser – 150 Pounds and 8 Feet of Lego Goodness

Back in December 2005, there was a charity auction for a one of a kind Lego custom from an actual LEGO Master Builder, Erik Varszegi. This gigantic piece, which had to be crated like a motorcycle for shipping, contained the following:

  • A framed certificate of authenticity that was signed by George Lucas and the Master Builder
  • Stem to stern the model is 97 inches 47 inches wide and was created using over 35,000 pieces
  • The model was built around a steel armature that runs down the spine of the ship and includes a rolling display frame
  • The model scale is 1:466 and took over 450 hours to build

I was in awe when I saw this back in 2005 and I have never wanted a Lego piece more than this one. So after over 60 bids and $36,000 later, this wonderful piece of Star Wars Lego history went to the high bidder and all of the proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity. This Attack Cruiser is long gone but you can find more Lego Customs on my website in the Custom Lego section of ActionFigureCustoms.com or head directly to eBay.