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Lifeline Custom GI Joe Retaliation Figure by rpiaskoski

Lifeline Custom GI Joe Figure

Lifeline Custom GI Joe Figure

I will always have fond memories of playing with GI Joes as a child and Lifeline was a mainstay in almost every battle with Cobra that I had.  Rpiaskoski's Custom GI Joe Lifeline figure reminds me of days spent spending hours creating battles between Cobra and the Joes and Lifeline was always there to clean up the mess that my Battle Android Trooper army left behind.  I remember from the cartoon show that both GI Joe and Cobra and run through a hail of bullets and laser fire and come out unscathed but that did not work in my world.  The Battle Android Troopers would wreak some havoc on the Joe army and Lifeline was always there to mop of the mess.  Now that I have written than I see the irony that Lifeline survived every battle in my Joe universe but someone had to fix all the troops.

Killzone Kill Squad Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures by jps9779

If you are fan of the Killzone video game, you will love jps9779's Custom Kill Squad GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures.  First of all, how could you pass up a group of customs called the Kill Squad?  I sure can't and jps9779 could not pass up making them!  My favorite figure in this set is the Heavy Gunner as it reminds me of the Helghast figure with the way the helmet was constructed and painted.   The gas mask is not only pretty cool looking but incorporates elements of both modern and vintage masks from World Wars 1 and 2.  I like the double canister filter look, which pays a nice homage to the origins of the gas mask.  Besides, you can't have too much protection on the battlefield!

Kill Squad Heavy Machine Gunner Close Up

Kill Squad Heavy Machine Gunner Close Up

Of course, no squad is complete without an Propaganda minister but you will have to check him out, and the Squad Leader, while you are clicking over to view jps9779's  Custom Kill Squad GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures.

Metal Head Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Ratfink Customs

Custom GI Joe Metal Head

Custom GI Joe Metal Head

Adding to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line is Ratfink's Custom Cobra Metal Head figure.  I really enjoyed seeing the 25th Anniversary line on the pegs at the store as it brought back many memories as a kid.  My only gripe about the line is that it needed more figures but that is where customizers pick up the slack.  There are so many details in this figure, which it makes it so great.  First, the figure is toting a staggering 12 piece arsenal that is very well proportioned to the body.  The rear of the pack proudly displays the Cobra logo, in case Metal Head loses it then the person who found it knows where to return it (just kidding!).

Metal Head Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure

Metal Head Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure

Aside from the custom missile rack backpack, there are other smaller details in the figure that I would like to point out.   The goggles have a target over the left eye and even the boots have red shoe laces to match the rest of his outfit.  Being that I was not a huge fan of the original Metal Head figure from the 80's, seeing Ratfink's Custom Cobra Metal Head figure would change my mind!  All in all, this is a very well thought out and executed figure.

Iron Grenadier Custom GI Joe Figure by Mythic Customs

Iron Grenadier Custom GI Joe 3 3/4" Figure

Iron Grenadier Custom GI Joe 3 3/4" Figure

Giving one of Destro's military factions a refresh, Mythic Customs has made this Custom Iron Grenadiers GI Joe figure a new and updated look.  There are some subtle aspects of the this custom that make this figure great.  I like the addition of the sword case that is attached to the belt and the Kama, which is an accoutrement worn by certain Star Wars clone troopers.  The Kama gives the Grenadier a more refined look and it gives the figure an appearance of being higher up in the military chain of command.  Also, the head of this figure looks thinner than what I remember from the GI Joe 25th line (maybe my mind is playing tricks on me).  One of my pet peeves with the original Iron Grenadier figures is that the head and the helmet look fused together but Mythic has solved this issue with his design as the the helmet looks distinctly different from his head.  After you check out more photos of Mythic's Custom Iron Grenadiers GI Joe figure, check out his other customs as he has a very cool Cobra Viper up for sale too!

Clear Zartan Custom Cast GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by War’s Customs

Custom Clear Cast Zartan 25th Anniversary Figure

Custom Clear Cast Zartan 25th Anniversary Figure

The great thing about Zartan is that he is the master of disguises and War's Customs has made this a reality with his Custom Clear Cast Zartan GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  What is great about this figure is that Zartan can finally achieve invisibility.  Also, the figure is made of liquid plastic instead of resin.

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by FrogDNA

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe Figure

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe Figure

FrogDNA has made some really great enhancements to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line with his chrome work and detailed shading with his Custom Crimson Guard figure.  Striving to retain the classic nature of the cartoon, FrogDNA has used his stills to apply chrome and accents in all of the right places.  Let's read more about how he achieved this look:

For this Crimson Guard I used Palisades'statue and the artwork from the blister as reference to bring to life this classic figure. There's some airbrushed shading on his uniform and backpack, glossy paints on his helmet, boots and leather parts of his uniform and matt paints where was needed, to enhance the realistic look. You can actually see some reflections on his helmet! The gloss/matt effect is enhanced by several layers of clear coat, glossy and opaque as well.

FrogDNA has this figure and others so be sure to check out his auctions over at eBay!

The Mass Device Custom GI Joe Cobra Weapon by ZartanMan

Custom Mass Device

Custom Mass Device

Growing up watching the 80's GI Joe, we were exposed to some of the coolest Cobra weapons and ZartanMan has made some much needed additions to the Cobra arsenal with his Custom Mass Device that lights up.  Seeing the need to bulk this weapon up, he added treads from the HISS tank and painstakingly detailed it to be as cartoon accurate as possible.  There are lights in the beam emitter and in each of the MASS element containers.  Brilliant job!

Custom Cobra Commander in GI Joe Armor by Jin Saotome

Cobra Commander in GI Joe Armor

Cobra Commander in GI Joe Armor

With all of the money in the world, Cobra Commander is taking things into his own hands and has contracted the talent of Jin Saotome to build him a suit of armor capable of opening a can of whoop ass on GI Joe.  This Custom Cobra Commander in GI Joe Armor is an excellent figure and very well executed.  I love the Gatling Gun on the right arm and the interchangeable claw...very cool!  Let's read more and see how Jin describes this figure:

"You've never seen Cobra Commander like this before, he's upgraded his battle armor to something bigger and better! This Combat Armor suit with multiple attaching parts and can be posed in all sorts of battling positions. He's been painted to match your existing custom 25th Anniversary Joes and features plenty of shading, rich colors, and awesome detail. Attach the grappling claw or blast away with the chain cannon. Either way the Joes will be in for the fight of their life here!"

To see this Cobra Commander disciplining one of his Vipers, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Cobra Commander in GI Joe Armor figure.

Inferno Brigade Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures by Quantum-7 Customs

Quantum-7 customs is adding a Fire Department to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line with his Custom Inferno Brigade figures.  I love the concept of the figures and here to give you the back story about them is Quantum-7 himself:

After designing the fire proof armor that Barbecue wears to protect him from fire, CINDER was asked to lead his own specialized unit called the INFERNO BRIGADE. The team, consisting of, BLOW OUT who mans the Flame Retardant delivery system and  BREAK-THROUGH who specializes in demolitions. They work side by side with the Joes to help protect our world in the  fight against the evils of Cobra Commander and his henchmen. Together they make up the specialized team: INFERNO BRIGADE!!!

Back home in Ireland , Eoin McPatrick ( code name: CINDER ) was a volunteer fire fighter for 12 years. In those 12 years he lost two of his brotherens to the flames. Compelled to design a fire resistant suit for his fire fighter brothers to wear he studied for many years the dynamics of fire.  He intensely studied the characteristics of it but how and why it behaves like a living organism,  which materials it can consume and which ones it can't. He was determined to stop anymore fires from claiming more of his friends lives. After several years of hard work and experiments he had a breakthrough....he designed a suit that was completly fire proof and protected the wearer from any ill effects from the heat and smoke fire produces. It went into immediate use and on its first day it saved a fellow fire fighters life....Eoin was hailed a hero and even the Mayor gave him recognition. It wasn't very many days later that  General Hawk contacted him and requested that he design a newer, better, more manuverable suit for a top secret American Team called: GI JOE. Eoin accepted and within 2 months he had designed a better version of his fire proof suit. After succeeding they asked him to join the GI JOE team. They offererd him the Captain's position in his own fire unit. They would be called the....... INFERNO BRIGADE!!!

Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Who can Cobra trust with their most secret documents or weapons?  Surely they can't trust the Postal Service so they have acquired the stealthiness of Jin Saotome's own creation with his Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  I see this figure as Destro's right hand man.  Jin is widely known for his one of a kind creations so let's get the back story on this unique figure:

"When Cobra needs to move a top secret weapon or document in the shortest amount of time, they call on the Black Racer. This warrior is only comfortable at speeds of over 150 mph with other vehicles whizzing past him on the road. His motorcycle has an experimental stealth device build in that evades radar and even casts a shadow over the bike and its rider, appearing only as a dark blur at high speeds. Nobody knows the true identity of the Black Racer, not even Cobra Commander! But what is known is that you cannot catch the wind... or the Black Racer!"

Enter the Black Racer, Cobra's speed demon! He's full of hand painted detail that will match up perfect to the existing GI Joe 25th line. Not only do you get the leather-clad biker but you get his motorcycle as well! It has real rubber tires and diecast parts, decked out in glossy black with Cobra symbols. This is one foe that's ready to run down the Joes!

If you want to add this one of a kind custom to your Cobra arsenal, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.

TARGAT Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Fitting in with the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line is Jin Saotome's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.  TARGAT was one of those cool figures that was introduced way back in 1989 and Jin has done a great job getting the colors exactly right on this one.  This version has an updated look and will go great standing next to your other GI Joe 25th figures.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and view Jin's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.

Monkeywrench Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Dreadnok Figure by StratoViper

The Dreadnoks were a staple in my GI Joe universe as a kid and I remember filling the Thunder Machine to the brim with Zartan's crew.  StratoViper has captured the true essence of one the clan with his Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Monkeywrench figure.  This figure looks exactly like the one from the 80's but with better articulation and a more streamlined look.  I like the bandannas around the legs and he even captured the patches on the jeans.  Fan of the Dreadnoks or not, this figure would make an awesome addition to your GI Joe collection so head over to eBay and place a bid on StratoViper's Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Monkeywrench figure.

Custom Bodyguard Cobra BAT 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by Jin Satome

Jin Saotome is adding to Cobra Commander's BAT arsenal with his Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.  It looks like he has taken the upper torso from the Crimson Twins and went to town on the rest of the figure.  I love the way the figure mixes both realistic looking body parts (e.g, upper thighs and upper arms) with cyborg parts.  Jin as interesting back story on this figure so let's see what he has to say:

"Destro is the king of black-market arms dealing and in that crowd you need extra protection. Recently our Intel has reported of him travelling with a new type of Cobra BAT decked out to match his team and always standing close by in case some mercenary tries to steal what he's already stolen. What worries us is the upgrades he's installed. These BATs have advanced combat training and are more than just the walk-and-shoot type. They are even agile enough to climb up walls and follow a target quietly, drawing a knife when it's time to move in for the kill!"

If you want a totally unique figure from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

Golobulus Cobra La Custom 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by WaysCreations

Typically I see Custom Golobulus figures made in Marvel Legends scale but WaysCreations decided to beef up the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and create a the Supreme Leader of the Cobra La in a smaller scale.  This Custom Golobulus figure is one of the best I have seen.  The massive tail is coiled to keep the figure standing tall and he fused it to the body very seamlessly.  Overall, WaysCreation paid a really nice homage to the leader of the Cobra La so head over to eBay if you want to own this Custom 25th Anniversary Golobulus figure!

BAT Extreme Battle Damaged GI Joe Custom Figure by Darrens5150

Darrens5150 is most noted for his Custom Lego Star Wars figures but today he has ventured out of his comfort zone to create one of the coolest Cobra Soldiers with his Custom Extreme Battle Damaged BAT figure.  AS a kid, I did not army build my figures like I do as an adult but if I did, the BAT would have been a a mainstay in my Cobra arsenal and I would have loved to have a version where the BAT was obliterated and damaged like this one.  Not only did he go above and beyond a simple repaint but he has thoroughly enhanced the fresh from battle look with loose wires, bullet holes, and battle scoring.  One of the most notable features of this custom is the working red light in the chest, which is a cool feature considering that the BAT's are androids and having working parts.  If you want to own one of the coolest BAT's I have ever seen, head over to eBay and check out Darrens5150's Custom Extreme Battle Damamaged BAT figure.

BAT Custom Battle Damaged GI Joe Figure by GettingRidOfToys

What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?  GettingRidOfToys has provided an excellent answer to that age old question with his Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper(aka BAT) figure.  I recently wrote about another one of his Battle Damaged BATs as I really loved the concept so here I am writing about it again!  As with customs, every figure is unique and this BAT in particular has some great battle damage effects.  For example, this BAT has been to hell and back and the helmet looks like it is shredding off his head!  The collateral damage on the shoulder completes the look!  Head over to eBay to own one of these unique Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper figure or check out the other Custom GI Joes!

Overkill Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome continues to add great figures to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and his Custom GI Joe Overkill is no exception.  To be honest, I have never been a fan of the Overkill figure but Jin has made some great improvements and modifications to the original Overkill concept.  I like the proportions to the figure as I have always thought that the original Hasbro Overkill figure was disproportionate.  Jin tells us a little more about his Custom Overkill:

"Overkill has been through many character changes over the years and it’s time he was upgraded once again. Here he is created in the 25th Anniversary style, complete with a super detailed paint job including multi-tone shading, weathered metal highlights, and battle-scuffed metallics. You can remove his right arm and attach his arm cannon the instant those Joes show up on his sensors. Overkill too damaged to go on? His head can be removed and saved for a new body, or perhaps installed on a B.A.T. so he can continue leading his android troops in battle! This is one android you don’t want to mess with folks. So, need an updated version of the B.A.T. commander? Know a friend who loves popping the heads off all his figures?"

I like the fact that you can remove his head and the wires coming out of the neck add a nice touch to his Custom BAT Leader Overkill so head over to eBay and check it out.  After you are finished looking at this figure, check out the multitude of Custom GI Joe figures.

Sam Fisher Splinter Cell Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by bigtado

Bigtado has recruited an ace in the hole to join to the fight for freedom with his Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure. This figure is very nicely detailed and the signature night vision goggles add the realism to this classic video game character. For those not familiar with Sam Fisher, here is a little more background: As a covert agent of the government, Fisher approaches his target objectives in a gruff, no-nonsense manner, but maintains a light-hearted relationship with his colleagues and even with his momentary hostages (even if he is going to kill them) . Fisher has little patience for government bureaucracy or political maneuvering.

Bid on bigtado's Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure on eBay today!

Custom GI Joe Dusty 25th Anniversary Figure by axandsmash

axandsmash brings us a very nice addition to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary collection with his Custom Dusty figure. The tan and the brown camo pay a very nice homage to the classic Dusty figure that came out in 1985. The hooded desert headgear and the camo across the face define this figure as the desert trooper we all know and love. Bid on this awesome Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Dusty on eBay today!

Custom Cobra Ninja B.A.T. GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome keeps the custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures coming with his Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure. The Battle Android Troopers are a mainstay of the Cobra Army and Jin has made them more versatile and more deadly. Keeping in tradition to the style of the B.A.T. line with removable weapons and accessories, Jin adds some very nice touches to this robot of war. With flip out blades on the elbows, this Ninja assassin is ready for battle and his opponent will not know what hit him! This auction just went up on eBay so head over to place an early bid for this unique Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure or check out the other pictures.

Custom Cobra Reaper GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome


Jin Saotome has created a one of a kind Cobra creation with his Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Reaper figure. I love the creativity that goes into these customs and this figure is superbly detailed and would make a very unique addition to your Cobra army. Jin goes on and describes more about this figure:

"Introducing the Cobra Warlock, one of my newest customs that are based on the GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures. He's fully poseable and features metallic detailing, deep shading, and highlights that really bring this character to life. This warlock can wield his obsidian scythe or blood-fang into battle and is ready to take on the Joes with soul-rending accuracy! Check out the real metal chains and the cape blades, this is one dangerous foe. The figure comes with a custom base too for display and will look great in your Joe collection, blending right into the Cobra team. So, need a really unique warrior for your staged battles? Know a diehard GI Joe fan who would demand the Reaper carry a firearm into combat? Then don't pass this auction up!" 

Bid on Jin's Custom Cobra Reaper figure by heading over to eBay! 

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Snake Eyes Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Arashikage Ninja Training Figure by currentcomics1

Straight from the pages of the GI Joe Comics comes currentcomics1's Custom Snake Eyes Arashikage Ninja Training figure. The 25th Anniversary GI Joe line has provided customizers with a fresh canvas to work from and I am seeing some great customs. The sculpting on this figure is superb and no detail was spared making this version nearly identical to the comics. A couple points to take note are the addition of the sleeves on the figure which flow very naturally from the arms and the 'dog ears' on the top of the hood. In currentcomics1's auction, he gives us a rundown of how he made this great custom:
"I used a base figure (Legion Storm Shadow) from the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe line made by Hasbro. The figure comes with 2 swords with painted Arashikage symbols. This is a character I made by sculpting around the eye area of the mask along with 2 lines as featured on Snake Eyes original 80's mask and as seen in the Declassified mini. I added sleeves to the figure and also added the 2 dog ears on top of the hood like the red ninja figure. I sculpted the back hand protectors and the harness around his shoulders to mimic the look in the Devils Due mini series. I repainted it using Citadel acrylic paints. I painted the eyebrows a blond (yellow) and the eyes blue to match Snake-eyes original look before the helicopter accident. The paint is fully dry and you may handle the figure. Be very careful since the paint might rub off between the joints. I did a lot of custom trimming using a Dremel tool between each joint to avoid paint rub or chipping between the joints; but you never know."