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Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village Endor Attack by Fully Brick Models

Fully Brick Models has outdone themselves by recreating a famous scene and village from the final chapter of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi. Home to the cute and cuddly Ewoks, this village was also home to some powerful scenes in the movie. Let's read more about how Fully Brick Models created this classic village:

"This is another big one, a very very big one, and very very very detailed. Its an entire EWOK VILLAGE. This is so big its easily titled an Ultimate Collector Series. It stands at 1 metre tall, (over 3 feet). Its breathtaking! Don't ask how long it took us to build this, just don't ask. Firstly, the sheer amount of money, time and patience to attempt something this big and detailed was well worth it to see this masterpiece completed. It comes with everything pictured, except the mini-figs. The birds that adorn the upper canopy, and the owl that looks down watching over the night come with this. You will notice we have also included an Ewok Glider which comes with the tree and is actually attached with a clear translucent bar so its extremely sturdy and invisible to see the attachment, thus it appears as though the Ewok is actually flying just near the tree, about to swoop down on the Imperial Stormtroopers or the AT-ST's.

It comes with long vines that inter-twine throughout the village tree. The actual ewok huts are constructed of a beautiful colour which matches perfectly the colour scheme from the movie, as well as the reddish-brown of the tree. We first tried normal orange for the Ewok Hut, but it was too bright and looked wrong. Then we tried other shades of colour, and thus the colour scheme is simply identical to the movie. The base of the tree is very big so it can hold up the vast Ewok Village and it comes with the baseplates included. It tapers into the ground just like the actual Sequia trees, with huge buttressed roots penetrating into the ground from its thick trunk. This was emulated with a mass of long tapering slopes strategically positioned. The cost in time and massive numbers of parts for building this much lego was a lot, but well, well worth it, all you have to do is look at the finished product. You will not find this anywhere, just like all our custom models, as they are a work of art by us."

Own this one of a kind Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village by heading over to eBay.