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Custom GI Joe Mountain Bunker Outpost Diorama by Scorched Earth

On Memorial Day, I thought this GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama was a fitting custom to highlight as we remember our fallen soldiers on this day.  When I first glanced at this dio, I immediately thought of the bunkers and strongholds our soldiers had to face as they invaded France on June 6th 1944 to mark the turn of World War 2.

Although this dio is made of dense polystyrene foam board, the way ti was painted and sculpted makes it look like stone, rock, and cement.  The artist did an excellent job varying the coloring to achieve a very natural look.  One thing I noticed was the scale was right on for 3 3/4" figures and even the small vehicles (Cobra Trubble Bubble, Ferret, etc.) can fit nicely with this base.  You will notice that there are two levels on the inside so this base also serves as a small barracks.  If you are into Dioramas, don't miss this Custom GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Figure and Diorama by Scotheking

Custom Transformers DTOM Shockwave with Diorama

Custom Transformers DTOM Shockwave with Diorama

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine  where an explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster).  Scottheking has incorporated this event as a diorama with his Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure like the movie did!  With an awesome paint job and a custom cast head, this figure looks like it is right out of the movie, especially when it is posed in the diorama.  The diorama was cast from scratch, giving it a realistic effect as Shockwave blasted through it.  To see more photos of this killer Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure and diorama, head over to eBay!

Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron Forest Battle Diorama by Encline Designs

Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron Forrest Battle Dio

Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron Forrest Battle Dio

One of the pivotal scenes in the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie was the epic battle in the forest between the forces of good and evil!  Megatron and Optimus Prime were engaged in a fierce entanglement and Encline Designs has captured the moment where the great leader of the Autobots lost his spark with his Custom Leader Class Megatron and Optimus Prime diorama.  Encline Designs is at the top of my list as one of the best customizers out there and his diorama really captures the somber mood and climax of Optimus Prime as he clings to life's last moments before he goes dark.  It looks like this dio might have been a commission piece that someone is selling so lucky for you!

Emporer’s Throne Room Custom Star Wars Diorama by appspot

Emperor's Throne Room Star Wars Custom Dio

Emperor's Throne Room Star Wars Custom Dio

You have to admit that it takes a lot of imagination to recreate the Star Wars universe as the toy line lacks play sets to recreate your favorite Star Wars moments and scenes but this is where appspot comes in and he has created on of the greatest scenes from the Star Wars movies with his Custom Emperor's Throne Room Diorama from the Return of the Jedi movie.  I have been a fan of appspot's dioramas ever since I came across his Custom Tantive Attack Diorama back on February of 2008.  The diorama scales nicely with the figures as the dio is roomy enough to house Royal Guards, The Emperor, Luke, and Darth Vader.  A wider shot reveals the scale of the diorama (see below).  Measuring over 2 feet deep, this Throne Room is constructed of foam and wood and based on appspot's other Dioramas, it is of the utmost quality and craftsmanship.  I can still remember the first time I got a glimpse of the Throne Room in the movie theater in 1986 watching Return of the Jedi and now you can relive this great scene by owning appspot's Custom Emperor's Throne Room Diorama and making it your own!

Lego Star Wars Hoth Diorama

Imperial Assault on Hoth Lego Star Wars Diorama

Imperial Assault on Hoth Lego Star Wars Diorama

I have come to the conclusion that you can pretty much make anything out of Legos.  This Custom Lego Star Wars Hoth diorama is case in point!  The person who made this even went so far as to create the illusion of ripples in the snow from the high winds that blow on the icy planet.  If that was not enough, there is even more to look at in the base itself.  Here is a peak into the Rebel base:

Rebel Hanger on Hoth

Rebel Hanger on Hoth

Looking at this makes me want to buy about 100,000 Lego bricks and get to building!  Although this diorama is not for sale on eBay, you can get all of your supplies to create this Custom Lego Star Wars dio their

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner Figures with Diorama by CS Customs

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner with Diorama

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner with Diorama

Customs with dioramas are always a welcome sight!  The dioramas take extra time but they add so much to the figure.  Take CS' Custom Transformers G1 Devastator combiner.  The artistic nature of the building lends itself to many interpretations as to the time period and what is happening as Devastator is ripping through the building.  The way the building was designed makes it look like Devastator is stepping through second floor on his way to raise hell in other parts of the city.  As far as the combiner is concerned,  the overall paint scheme looks weathered, grimy, and battle torn, which goes great with the dio.  Instead of just painting the figure silver, black, and contructicon green, there are other accents that set off the figures detail.  The use of yellow, red, and blues gives the figure more a realistic look that gives depth to each of the contructicons as they are combined to the figure.

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner

Mygeeto Bridge Custom Star Wars Diorama by a1deluxe

Getting a glimpse into the fall of the Jedi Order in Star Wars Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, was a sad part of the movie but a1deluxe has created a diorama from the scene on Mygeeto Bridge.  This Custom Star Wars Mygeeto Bridge diorama, you get to relive the battle in 3 3/4 inch scale.  Measuring 31"x18"x14", the bridge is highly detailed and complete with carbon scoring.  What is great about this dio is that it is large enough stage a full battle with plenty of room for the Galactic Marines and Droid Armies to have at it.  The Star Wars line is lacking in dioramas so it is great to see them from time to time.  To see more pictures, go check out a1deluxes Custom Star Wars Mygeeto Bridge diorama or check out the other great Star Wars Customs while you are there.

Custom Star Wars Mustafar Diorama Darth Vader Rescue Scene by l.designs


l.dedsigns has recreated one of the most gut wrenching scenes from the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie with his Custom Mustafar Rescue Diorama. The cool (well, molten hot) feature of this dio is that l.designs has made the lava look very realistic. It takes talent and skill to make molton lava appear how it does in nature, and combine that with a Kentucky Fried Anakin and you have a recipe for a great looking Star Wars scene. The mountain side also blends nicely with the lava and the Shock Troopers are posed very nicely, as to say, "Man...I would not want to be that guy!" Here is more about how l.designs created this dio:

"This is a great custom built scene with some really unique features. The lava flow at the bottom you see there looks great on its own, as it reflects the ambient light of the room and looks as if it is generating its own light. This is accomplished by using a hollowed out section below with reflective material, then on top you have a sculpted out thick piece of acrylic. The effect here is that of some nice glowing lava. If that isn't enough for you, simply reach around to the back and flip on the switch that activates the LED light inside to give even more effect. You get all you see here, Clones, Palpatine, and even a nice crispy Anakin still roasting at the lava's edge there.

Bid on this awesome Revenge of the Sith diorama and a chance to own a cool piece of Star Wars history.

Custom Star Wars Tantive Attack Diorama by appspot

appspot brings to life one of the most memorable scenes in movie history with his Custom Star Wars Tantive Attack Diorama. When I first saw this dio, I actually thought he just took a snapshot from the Star Wars movie and posted a dio. I am really impressed by the craftsmanship and the attention to detail of this diorama. Here is some more details about this great diorama:

"I created this piece two years ago - it's still in good condition - only used for display. The decal white and foam board white does not match as i wanted it to. The set is in 3 pieces, main hallway, side alcove, and entrance - combined together it measures 23 inches long 16 inches wide 8 inches high. The Tantive scene is made of foam board, foam sheets, custom decals."

As appspot states in his auction, this is the last Star Wars diorama he will be making and selling so make sure you head over to eBay and bid on this one of a kind Custom Star Wars Tantive Attack Diorama.  After you are finished looking at the diorama, check out more Custom Star Wars figures on eBay.

Custom Bumblebee Transformers Movie Dio Brawl Battle by matt1989cars

Another Custom Battle Damaged Movie Dio has popped up on eBay! matt1989cars gives us his take on the Transformers Movie with this battle scene dio with an added twist. One of the most exciting parts of the Transformers Movie is when Bumblebee is racing down the streets (with some help of a tow truck) and opening up a can of whoop-ass on Brawl. The aftermath after a hail of high heat sabo rounds and a shelling from bumblee's cannons, Brawl is left in a world of hurt. There are a couple things that differentiate this dio from others. First, matt1989cars has sculpted Bumblebee's mask, which you don't see many out there. The mask adds to the realism and the use of the Bumblebee Evolutions camaro adds extra battle damage to the car. Second, he added much needed battle damage to Brawl, rounding out the intense scene in the movie which leaves Brawl in a heap of scrap metal.matt1989cars goes on to explain a little more about this scene: "This is a custom Diorama with three Custom painted and modified Transformers (deluxe figures). Everything in the pictures is included with this auction. Bumblebee has modifies too his legs, gun, head, and shoulder guns(also a real like chain is included to wrap around him)! Brawl has a lot of battle damage from his foot too his head and of course that fatal chest shot. Longarm was also carefully painted and has a hydraulic was removed from the tow rack, so Bumblebee can be placed correctly on the bumper. The box and instructions will be included for Brawl and Longarm only(carefully opened). Bumblebee was from the target exclusive two-pack. I will include the extra removed parts for Bumblebee in case you want to put him back as original. You will have two replace two knee screws only, which are also included."This one is newly listed on eBay so here is your chance to own a great custom along with a one of the greatest battle scenes in the movie so go and bid on matt1989cars' Custom Bumblebee Brawl Movie Dio today.

Custom Transformers Devastator Generation One – Destruction of Autobot City by bromen238pxk

bromen238pxk has outdone himself and created a scene that is surely sought after. He brings us this one of a kind sculpture with amazing detail. This Custom Devastator Diorama was built completely from scratch and definitely shows off the talent of this customizer. One of my favorite parts of this diorama is the facial expression he molded for Devastator, which brings out the ruthlessness of this Decepticon. Expressions are really hard to capture with customs, especially ones built from scratch, but bromen238pxk has captured the essence of Devastator's character and persona. I also like the way bromen238pxk portrays destruction with the flames in the diorama, which adds the realism.


bromen238pxk gives us a little taste of how much effort was put into this awesome piece, "This auction is for my custom built and painted Devastator statue with diorama. I built Devastator from a variety of toy parts, as well as custom sculpted head, hands, arms, and a completely scratchbuilt diorama. The diorama was constructed from floral foam, sealed with plaster, painted and detailed. The entire piece is huge. The figure itself stands around 17 inches tall, with an armspan of about 22 inches. The base is 23 inches across the front, and 15 inches front to back. The tallest building stands 23 inches tall. The sculpture itself represents a scene from the 1986 animated movie. The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City, and the Constructicons form Devastator to breach their defenses. Devastator has the sheer power to tear the city apart with his bare hands. This piece was a true labor of love, and has hundreds of hours of work put into it." 

Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama by passiondesignsinc

One of the most gut wrenching parts of the Transformers Movie is when Starscream rips through the city and sends a hail of missiles raining down on the Autobots and leaves Bumblebee in disarray in the aftermath. passiondesignsinc has captured the feeling, mood, and what it would be like to witnesses this first hand with his Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama

. As he describes in his auction page below, he is really excited to bring something different to the collectors of custom Transformers:
"Now this is a custom that I'm very excited about. It's a slight recreation of a battle scene with in this summer's blockbuster movie "Transformers". """"" Spoilers""" Now Bumblebee gets blasted during the big fight and loses his legs. Next thing you know, his new human friends are straping him to a towtruck and helping him to keep fighting. The minute I saw the Longarm Towtruck Figure I had to do this diorama. But with a slight added bonus Longarm comes with flashing lights, a trick I learned from Jin using Barricade roof lights . Bumblebee has been customized for battle damaged, re-paint from different metallic washes, drybrushing etc .... Longarm also has slight been repaint, the same, but with running lights. This auction is for 2 custom Transformers and the diorama based! . It's a 3 for 1 deal, get while its hot!!!!!!!"

I personally love the city scape that he designed as his creation looks like all hell broke loose on the streets (you can even see water effects from the busted fire hydrant). As for the Transformers themselves, passiondesignsinc has taken some liberty in his interpretation of what happened to Bumblebee in the movie (getting ripped at the legs not at the waist) but he explains his decision in his own words, "it's my creation" and he wanted to keep the ability to transform Bumblebee and breaking the legs simply would not have worked. I actually think this was a brilliant idea as you can do so much more with the dio this way.
If you notice carefully, he has tried to bring a human element to Bumblebee with the creation of an exposed robotic spine from a Doc Oc tentacle. This really adds a higher level of detail and goes well beyond the interpretation of the movie and delves deeper into the mechanics and underlying construction of Bumblebee. I like the way he used scrap wire to give that freshly shredded look to the wire as it really looks like Bumblebee has a spine that connects and gives him the ability to move his arms and legs.
Go check out passiondesignsinc's Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama as it is a real treat to see something different in the Transformers Customs arena. I am super impressed by his work, making the decision to deviate from the movie, and the overall quality of the custom work as this dio is on steroids and there are so many possibilities for display!

Also, check out his website for more information on how he created this awesome dio! For other Custom Transformers figures, head over to eBay!