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Extinction Custom Worlds Smallest Transformers Combiner by Frenzy.Rumble

Extinction Custom Worlds Smallest Transformers Combiner

Extinction Custom Worlds Smallest Transformers Combiner

Frenzy.Rumble's customs, as well as the other creations from the talent out there, was one of the reasons I started this website and week after week I have not been let down.  I must say, I have never seen anything like this before, especially in this scale.  Frenzy.Rumble has taken the Worlds Smallest Transformers line and made them larger than life with his Extinction Custom WST Combiner.  The concept is original to the customizer and I thought I was looking at his larger scale version, which he has made before.  Upon closer inspection, this combiner stands 7" tall and is a highly detailed scaled down version using the Worlds Smallest Transformers line of figures.  I can't believe how much detail he packed into these small figures but the execution is flawless.  If you did not know the scale, looking at the photos, you would think this figure stands 2 feet tall.  Going above and beyond, he has added more articulation to these tiny figures, which I can't believe he has done because I have owned some of these WST figures and you don't have a lot of room for error.  My favorite aspect of Frenzy.Rumble's Custom WST Extinction Combiner is the T-Rex popping out of the center of the chest.  It is a bit Alien'esque but it gives a cool dimension to the figure.


Broken Mirror Custom Transformers Devastator Original Concept by Encline Designs

Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator

Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator

Original concepts are what keep me searching for my next topic to write about and Encline Designs has delivered with his Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator in a Dinobot color scheme.  You may be asking yourself, "What is Broken Mirror and how did I miss this?"  Well, to explain, here is that Encline Designs had to say:

"So I am doing my own version of the "SHATTERED GLASS" idea. Broken Mirror..or whatever. I don't care about the name. ha.. I used the AWESOME MAKETOYS GIANT as a base. He stands 12" tall gesalt mode.  I know all G1ners feel the same, DEVASTATOR vs The Dinobots. To me they are like Optimus and Megatron. So it just seemed the natural thing to do is switch the colors. The best part, that color scheme also works to create an OMEGA SUPREME in gestalt mode! So this is my homage to DEVASTATORS two mortal enemies."

Giving this figure 3 distinct looks, Encline Designs has made 3 custom heads (Devastator, Dinobot, and Omega Supreme) in order to carry out his concept to the fullest.  His work is of the utmost caliber and quality and you will be hard pressed to find other customers that match his skill and talent.

If you are into hearing more of the back story on the concept and figures, here you go:

"Searching deep into the future of other planets, evil mad Scientist Autobot Ratchet has discovered the most powerful vehicles on a distant planet called Earth. As his usual ways of experimenting on the Heroic Decepticons in cruel, twisted, and ultimately, with fatal results just to see how much they can take.   The Rag Tag group of Megatron elite skilled force is now the subject of torture at the hands of Ratchet. Giving them earth construction vehicles in hopes of creating the most powerful slaves he can control, Ratchet has drained most of the Energon in his lab. The results? Not death. But powerfeul, fast, agile, intelligent, and very very angry bots.One would think that with the combination of the highly skilled Constructicons combining together could only mean one thing:DESTRUCTION. In an odd turn of events, instilled in the gesalt mode is a code that allows for three scenarios: Protection of all life and self sacrifice, Skilled warrior, and the most terrifying, Primative force.  Each serves a purpose. While Protection is a humble and loving being, his dominating force is a strong hatred for the Evil Omega Desctructor. Protection is ofter in a constant state of turmoil at the fact the feels such emotions for such a being that he used to be so strongly connected. Warrior is there when this powerful gestalt needs to be fast, smart, and agile. He prefers to use his speed in battle but is also able to negotiate with reasoning and stun other bots mentally and telepathically.  PRIMITIVE FORCE: The last to be used. When all else is failing and the Decepticons are facing a loosing battle; the anger, hatred, and all out beast with in will surface."


Swoop Custom Transformers G1 Cartoon Style Masterpiece Figure by Wilestbilame

Custom Transformers G1 Cartoon Style Masterpiece Swoop

Custom Transformers G1 Cartoon Style Masterpiece Swoop

Combining efforts from two other customers, Wilestbilame makes his childhood dream of creating a Dinobot a reality with his Custom Transformers G1 Cartoon Style Masterpiece Swoop figure.  Using a custom cast kit from Sculpbot, hands designed by Fakebuster, and the ingenuity of Wilestbilame, this Custom Swoop achieved the look and feel that was inspired the G1 cartoon!  The shading of the figure sealed the deal for me!  Every now and then, customizers provide us with their inspiration for creating these great pieces so let's see what he has to say:

"Ever since I was a kid I always loved the dinobots, and apart from Grimlock I always had admiration for Swoop the truly awesome pterodactyl Transformer that really knew how to be as savage as his Dinobot leader.  Sadly we never got a proper update to this legendary bot nor classics or MP, but thanks to master sculptor and customizer Sculptbot, Swoop has now become an awesome reality!! Utilizing a custom casted kit by Sculptbot I combined it to upgrade another transformer into a full fledged Masterpiece swoop and I figured I would bring him into the masterpiece line with a closer to the cartoon  appearance than previous toys done a in the past.  He features super articulated individual finger seeker hands(special thanks to Fakebusker for designing them), ball joint head, articulated dino head and jaw, wings fold via swivel for easy transition from dino mode to bot mode and for flapping his wings I guess LOL, embossed autobot symbol on dino head.  I painted the sword to look as if it were lit up all the time and heating up,   I wanted to bring back the glory days of generation 1 by recreating this  masterpiece with his Cartoon colors, one of the things. I always loved about the cartoon and comic was that"shine effect" they were drawn with on their windshields and shading on their bodies, sort of as if the metal and glass had it's own shine in cartoon style, so I replicated that effect through a modern method known as "cell shading" and panel lining across his body to bring out a true cartoon style adding a more dynamic color scheme far beyond the simple repaint. Swoop was carefully sanded and cleaned prior to painting, after which he was airbrushed with super  high quality automotive grade lacquers and slightly detailed with high quality acrylics, and sealed with UV resistant matte finish to preserve his colors for years to come!"

Custom G1 Transformers Dinobots 5 Figure Set by GetRightRobot

Custom Transformers G1 Dinobots 5 Figure Set

Custom Transformers G1 Dinobots 5 Figure Set

The first of its kind featured on AFC is GetRightRobot's Custom G1 Transformers Dinobot 5 Figure Box Set.  Fresh for 2012 are the Dinobots reimagined in their G1 colors in a totally unique 5 bot box set.  Customizing the Dinobots in their rare earth mode, this set captures the feel of the dinobots in a task force dubed "Dynamic Infiltration of Non-Biological Operations."  In robot form, the figures take on the appearance of the Dinobots but in alternate form, they are hidden in plain site as a force to be recon with.  The box art on the set is all original and it is a very cool concept to release a "convention" style exclusive.  This set goes above and beyond my expectations and is truly a one of a kind set:

"This set comes in a convention styled, telescopic box that is 20"x10"x5" and features original artwork.  The box is extremely sturdy and has 4 1/2" soft foam cut to hold each figure.   Included in the box are all five Dinobots, Swoop, Snarl, Slag, Sludge and Grimlock in their short lived Earth modes.  A comic strip (also original artwork) included with this set tells the story of why the Dinobots adopted Earth modes to begin with.  Each figure is painstakingly painted and comes with guns/missile launchers and swords!"

I have heard from GetRightRobot that this set has attracted a ton of attention and rightfully so!  To view more detailed photos of each figure, head over to eBay and check out GetRightRobot's Custom G1 Transformers Dinobot 5 Figure Box Set.

Custom G1 Transformers Dinobots Slag Snarl Swoop Sludge and Grimlock by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble continues to amaze me with his talent of interpreting the classic Generation 1 Transformers figures and coming up with original works of art.  His latest collaboration with JAF has yielded these 5 Custom G1 Dinobots and I have to say that this entire set is a site for sore eyes.  I really love the yellows, grays, and reds on these figures and Frenzy.Rumble and JAF have payed a great homage to the the G1 cartoon representation of the figures.  Here is some more detail on the figures:

Grimlock - Added articulation in his shoulders, elbows, waist, head, knees hips and fists
Slag - Added articulation in his head (on ball joint!), shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and tail
Snarl - Added articulation in head, shoulders, elbows, hands are on ball jointed wrists, hips and knees
Swoop - Wing poseability improved, Added articulation in his shoulders, elbows, upper legs and knees
Sludge - Added articulation in his shoulders, elbows, hips and knees

To place a bid on this one of kind set Custom G1 Dinobots, head over to eBay!