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Diaclone Devastator Custom Transformers Combiner by Xaviercal

Diaclone Devastator Custom Transformers Combiner

Diaclone Devastator Custom Transformers Combiner

Using the Shattered Glass TFW Hercules Perseus figure to create his Custom Diaclone Devastator Transformers Combiner, Xaviercal brings out the color and styling of this precursor to the Transformers line.  I find it fascinating to learn the origin of words, phrases, and pretty much anything.  For example, the phrase "the whole nine yards" comes from a World War 2 reference where aircraft machine gun belts were nine yards long.  Relating this to the Transformers Universe, Diaclone is one of those words that is great to know the origin of.  What is Diaclone?  Well, before the Transformers brand was introduced, Takara directly exported some Diaclone toys to North America under the brand names Diakron and Kronoform, but those lines met with very little success.  In 1983, Hasbro representatives discovered Diaclone and Microchange toys at the Tokyo Toy Show, and soon struck a deal to create the Transformers brand.

The colors really pop on this figure and brings the classic Diaclone look and feel with the primary use of reds and yellows.  Xaviercal has numerous photos of his Custom Diaclone Devastator Transformers Combiner over at his auction page where he has taken single pictures of each figure close up as well as combined into the mighty behemoth we know as Devastator.

Broken Mirror Custom Transformers Devastator Original Concept by Encline Designs

Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator

Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator

Original concepts are what keep me searching for my next topic to write about and Encline Designs has delivered with his Custom Transformers Broken Mirror Devastator in a Dinobot color scheme.  You may be asking yourself, "What is Broken Mirror and how did I miss this?"  Well, to explain, here is that Encline Designs had to say:

"So I am doing my own version of the "SHATTERED GLASS" idea. Broken Mirror..or whatever. I don't care about the name. ha.. I used the AWESOME MAKETOYS GIANT as a base. He stands 12" tall gesalt mode.  I know all G1ners feel the same, DEVASTATOR vs The Dinobots. To me they are like Optimus and Megatron. So it just seemed the natural thing to do is switch the colors. The best part, that color scheme also works to create an OMEGA SUPREME in gestalt mode! So this is my homage to DEVASTATORS two mortal enemies."

Giving this figure 3 distinct looks, Encline Designs has made 3 custom heads (Devastator, Dinobot, and Omega Supreme) in order to carry out his concept to the fullest.  His work is of the utmost caliber and quality and you will be hard pressed to find other customers that match his skill and talent.

If you are into hearing more of the back story on the concept and figures, here you go:

"Searching deep into the future of other planets, evil mad Scientist Autobot Ratchet has discovered the most powerful vehicles on a distant planet called Earth. As his usual ways of experimenting on the Heroic Decepticons in cruel, twisted, and ultimately, with fatal results just to see how much they can take.   The Rag Tag group of Megatron elite skilled force is now the subject of torture at the hands of Ratchet. Giving them earth construction vehicles in hopes of creating the most powerful slaves he can control, Ratchet has drained most of the Energon in his lab. The results? Not death. But powerfeul, fast, agile, intelligent, and very very angry bots.One would think that with the combination of the highly skilled Constructicons combining together could only mean one thing:DESTRUCTION. In an odd turn of events, instilled in the gesalt mode is a code that allows for three scenarios: Protection of all life and self sacrifice, Skilled warrior, and the most terrifying, Primative force.  Each serves a purpose. While Protection is a humble and loving being, his dominating force is a strong hatred for the Evil Omega Desctructor. Protection is ofter in a constant state of turmoil at the fact the feels such emotions for such a being that he used to be so strongly connected. Warrior is there when this powerful gestalt needs to be fast, smart, and agile. He prefers to use his speed in battle but is also able to negotiate with reasoning and stun other bots mentally and telepathically.  PRIMITIVE FORCE: The last to be used. When all else is failing and the Decepticons are facing a loosing battle; the anger, hatred, and all out beast with in will surface."


Devastator Custom Transformers Mighty Hercules Version by TB Productions

Custom Devastator Mighty Hercules Version

Custom Devastator Mighty Hercules Version

Using the Mighty Hercules version of the classic combiners, TB Productions has created a very cool rusted, metallic weathered Custom Transformers Devastator G1 combiner.  Custom painted with different shades of green which reflect differently under different lighting, TB has captured the classic feel of Devastator with a rough and raw look.  There are super detailed photos over on TB's auction page so head over there and check them out!

TFC Hercules Devastator Custom G1 Transformers Combiner by Xaviercal

TFC Hercules Custom G1 Transformers Combiner

TFC Hercules Custom G1 Transformers Combiner

Hot off the heals of his Custom Shattered Glass Devastator comes Xaviercal's TFC Hercules Custom Transformers Devastator in a Generation One color scheme.  Using the 3rd Party Transformer as the base for the figure, the classic nature of the G1 yellow-green paint app really shines through.  One welcome addition to the color palette is the use of purple on various parts of the individual figures.  For example, on Mixmaster's cement mixer and Bonecrusher's bulldozer front end.  The addition of the color purple help to break of the overbearing green that the typical Devastator radiates.  In addition to the awesome paint app, Xaviercal has also created a G1 inspired gun for his Custom Transformers Devastator so head over to eBay to take a peak at this homage one of the greatest combiners!

Shattered Glass Devastator Custom Transformers Combiner by Xaviercal

Custom Shattered Glass Devastator

Custom Shattered Glass Devastator

The Shattered Glass concept is the mirrored universe where the bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, and everyone has different paint schemes.  Xaviercal, using the TFC Toys Hercules set, has added another character to this bizarro world with his Custom Shattered Glass Devestator combiner.  The original G1 Devastator had a lovely lime green color scheme.  Contrast this with Xaviercal's red and white paint app with red Decepticon symbols and you have a recipe for some Shattered Glass greatness.  The red and white scheme is traditionally an Autobot flavor, which makes this custom work so well.  So well, in fact, that it is based off of the Shattered Glass comic version.  To view more photos, head over to eBay and check out Xaviercal's Custom Shattered Glass Devestator combiner.

Masterpiece Devastator G1 Transformers Combiner by Colosal Customs

Devastator G1 Masterpiece Transformers Combiner

Devastator G1 Masterpiece Transformers Combiner

Standing at almost 20" tall, Colosal Customs G1 Masterpiece Transformers Devastator combiner is just that...colossal!  This Devastator, with its scratch built head, looks mean and nasty and ready to take any Autobot on.  The first thing that came to mind when I saw this figure was Revenge of the Fallen meets Generation 1 classics.  One aspect that the Revenge of the Fallen movie captured with Devastator was a raw sense of destruction and mayhem and this figure captures that essence while paying homage to classic figure we grew up with.  The scratch built wrecking ball and plasma rifle add to the menacing look and feel that Colosal Customs captured so well.  This is the first Devastator I have seen in a long time that carries a massive personality in a well engineered figure!  To view more photos of this amazing G1 Masterpiece Transformers Devastator combiner, head over to eBay!

Devastator G1 Cartoon Masterpiece Transformers Custom by Forgotten Forest

G1 Masterpiece Transformers Cartoon Devastator

G1 Masterpiece Transformers Cartoon Devastator

Shooting for cartoon accuracy on a massive scale, Forgotten Forest brings us this 15" Custom G1 Masterpiece Cartoon Devastator combiner!  In the Transformers cartoon from the 80's, the television version, like most of the Transformers at the time, differed from their toy counterparts in very big ways, but that did not seem to worry us as kids.  Now that most of us are adults, we are looking to customizers like Forgotten Forest to close the gap in accuracy and realism with their skill and talent.  The cartoon version of Devastator was a very blocky looking figure, which went with the animation style back in the 80's and this figure does an excellent job at portraying that aspect in the design.  One of my favorite aspects of this figure are the three different head sculpts that were made for the figure:

G1 Cartoon Masterpiece Devastator

G1 Cartoon Masterpiece Devastator

As you can see, the three different head sculpts, which were scratch built, give Devastator the much needed personality that appeared in the cartoon.  Not only does this add to the poseability of the figure, it brings the figure to life.  Another aspect that I love is the scale of the figure, which you can see once you make the jump over to eBay to see this Custom G1 Masterpiece Cartoon Devastator combiner as a photo was taken with a G1 Bruticus figure.

Devastator Transformers Action Masters Custom by Xaviercal

Action Masters Custom Devastator

Designed to resemble the G1 cartoon figure from the 80's, Xaviercal has created this very cool Action Masters Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure.  This figure stands a gargantuan 17" inches tall, which is almost a foot and a half of Devastator goodness.  Capturing the G1 coloring and styling of the cartoon figure, Xaviercal has made this figure in Action Masters style, meaning that the individual Contructicons do not transform and separate from the figure.

Action Masters Transformers Custom Devastator

Action Masters Transformers Custom Devastator

A couple of features I really like about Xaviercal's Devastator is the streamlined chest armor, which gives the figure a more unique and slim look to it.  A great design choice was to make the bulk of the armor in the center of the chest piece, which achieved a more subdued, but overall effective, look to the armor piece.  I always thought that the original G1 Devastator's armor piece was a bit too large for the figure.  The second feature that I like is the blaster that Devastator is toting around so you know that this Decepticon means business!  To view more photos of Xaviercal's Action Masters Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure, you will find them on eBay!

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner Figures with Diorama by CS Customs

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner with Diorama

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner with Diorama

Customs with dioramas are always a welcome sight!  The dioramas take extra time but they add so much to the figure.  Take CS' Custom Transformers G1 Devastator combiner.  The artistic nature of the building lends itself to many interpretations as to the time period and what is happening as Devastator is ripping through the building.  The way the building was designed makes it look like Devastator is stepping through second floor on his way to raise hell in other parts of the city.  As far as the combiner is concerned,  the overall paint scheme looks weathered, grimy, and battle torn, which goes great with the dio.  Instead of just painting the figure silver, black, and contructicon green, there are other accents that set off the figures detail.  The use of yellow, red, and blues gives the figure more a realistic look that gives depth to each of the contructicons as they are combined to the figure.

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner

Devastator Transformers G1 Combiner

Devastator G1 Transformers Ultimate Custom by SonOfNemesis

Custom G1 Devastator Ultimate Transformers Combiner

Custom G1 Devastator Ultimate Transformers Combiner

As the weeks go by, the combiners just keep get bigger and better.  This week, SonOfNemesis brings us a non-transformable Custom G1 Transformers Ultimate Devastator combiner.  It is great when customizers get inspiration from others and give credit where credit is due.  As SonofNemesis put it nicely, "His cast head and chest plate come from Ptitvite himself...I built him closely following the legendary design of Master Customizer, Ptitvite - so, many thanks to him!"  I have seen many custom G1 Devastators but this one caught my eye because of the unique paint apps and cartoon feel of the figure.  I really like when customizers explain their process and what inspired them so others can learn.  Here is a great example in SonOfNemesis' own words:

"This is where I had lots of fun with this Devastator! I painted him mainly after his IDW Comic Book styled color scheme. I also painted him to have a G1 cartoony vibe, but with realistic shadowing and depth. He has 'several' tones of green, 'several' tones of purple, and 'several tones' of energon in his paint applications. This was done in order to create an extreme high-quality paint job full of shadowing and depth that is worthy of at least a Master Piece grade. I also complimented Devastator's color scheme with some nicely placed yellow paint apps given to add more appreciation. His most unique paint application feature is his Texturized Energon Effects which I applied to all of the Constructicons as well as some strategically place spots on Devastator himself. You'll see these effects on Scrapper's, Bonecrusher's, and Scavenger's shovels and treads as well as Mixmaster's mixer and wheels. Longhaul and Hook have more of a dusting effect of the energon apps, and there's some more dusting effects on Devastator's chest plate, various edges, and one of his hands. I also painted his laser cannons to have a very cool blasting effect!"

Here is a photo showing some of the scale of this Custom G1 Transformers Ultimate Devastator combiner:

G1 Transforemrs Devastator Ultimate Custom

G1 Transforemrs Devastator Ultimate Custom

Custom Transformers Action Master Devastator by Zildjian and Thy Vipera

Custom Action Masters Devastator

Custom Action Masters Devastator

Talk about teamwork from two very talented customizers.  Thy Vipera, with his kit bashing skills, and Zildjian, with his masterpiece paint aps, combined their talents to produce this amazing 20" Custom Transformers Action Master Devastator.  This non transforming transformers figure stands over 1.5 feet tall and features multiple points of articulation in the elbow, shoulders, and neck.  The figure also had some help from Jbarb78, who sculpted the head.  The expression on the face really gives the figure character and personality.  The three talented customizers who came together to create this work of art have something to be proud of.  Not only have they created a killer custom but this is a great example of the customizing community banding together to give fans what they want!

G1 Devastator Custom 15″ Transformers Combiner by Encline Designs

G1 Custom Transformers Devastator with LED's

G1 Custom Transformers Devastator with LED's

Encline Designs consistently makes incredible customs and his Custom G1 Transformers 15" Devastator is a great example of his talent.  A lot of thought goes into these creations so here are some of the modifications that Encline has made:

"1) I added a custom hand-sculpted head (sculpted by Ptitvite). 2) The incredibly detailed paint job of adding mud, wear, and rust while holding true to the classic color scheme of G1 Devastator. You will also notice the cement dried in MixMaster's chute and drum. For the thighs and the face, I wanted to make them look like steel so I airbrushed them with chrome and a slight blue candy hue at certain angles. 3) I replaced the piece of plastic in the crane hydraulic with an aluminum rod to look more realistic. 4) To top it off, I am the first to add LEDs. As always, I think LEDs should compliment the figure and not be the main focus. So I installed four LEDs inside his torso for Longhaul's headlights. I also installed an ultra violet LED inside the custom built chest piece to light up the Decepticon symbol. The headlights and the chest shield are on separate circuits as well as have their own easily accessible battery packs. 5) Added custom Encline Construction logos heehee"

The choice of green that used has more of an iridescence quality to it.  In some photos it looks more florescent in other photos it looks like the classic Constructicon green.   I especially like the Encline Construction logo, which is very subtle so you can play a quick game of 'Where's Waldo' to find them.  Bidding is hot on this Custom G1 Transformers 15" Devastator figure and it has exceeded over $2000 already so head over to eBay and jump in the action!

Devastator Custom G1 Transformers Scratch Built Figure by JC Artwork

Custom Scratch Built G1 Devastator

Custom Scratch Built G1 Devastator

JC Artwork has poured his heart and soul into this magnificent Custom Transformers G1 Devastator.  The detailing on this figure makes it come alive.  The grit and grime of these 6 Decepticons makes it feel like these could be real vehicles that will one day form into the massive Devastator from a construction site.  JC Artwork has also paid a great homage to this behemoth by staying true to the Generation 1 look and feel of this figure.  I always love hearing what inspired customizers to spend so much time and effort making these customs so let's read more about JC Artwork and Devastator:

"This is a customize decepticon combiner Devastator ,which I spent 1 year in making.A lots of effort has been done building from scratch till completion. When I first saw Frenzy Rumble Devastator,it really hit me which is way too cool to make such a masterpiece in a lifetime experience.I thought it would be impossible for me to achieve such a massive robot,but the urge to build 1 has driven me to find out more on the construction for the project.I took a great step forward and challenge myself . I did a lot of research to get the proper details of how this bitch was being build,of cos there is a lot of trade secret behind it hahahaha.From sourcing of parts to construction ,which really took me 1 year in making.The process of building such a masterpiece was really excruciating but fun, I got alot of injuries during the construction n even got some great cuts on my fingers ,but nevertheless it was worth it when the result turn out to be what I have expected.The construction was completed on Sept 2009. However ,I still need to get the paint job done accordingly to get the best result.It really hit me hard on this,as I have to get the correct paint application as I knew that good paint job does make a great difference .So again ,I have decided to use air-brushing technique for the application.It took me another gruesome 3 months in experimenting colors application in order to get  things right.It was really something I can learn in life, with the persistence and determination to get what u persist no matter what.The passion for kit bash has driven me to turn this as my full time job in providing the best kit bash solution for the grieve of avid collector out there.I will be doing a lot of G1 kit bashes in the future to full fill my childhood dreams."

Head over to eBay to view more pictures of JC Artwork's Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure and while you there, place a bid!

Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Devastator by Crefigz

Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Devastator

Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Devastator

One of the coolest scenes in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was when Devastator violently combined into the huge robot that tore apart the pyramids in Egypt.  Crefigz has taken this monster and applied his signature techniques to his Custom Transformers ROTF Devastator.  A very funny scene in the movie was when Agent Simmons was standing beneath the wrecking "balls" of Devastator and Crefigz even added this detail from the movie.  This is a great looking figure and you can see more photos over at eBay and check out Crefigz's  Custom Transformers ROTF Devastator.

Devastator Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Figure by Encline Designs

I have to admit, I was excited by the prospect of the Devastator figure when I heard about it but now seeing it in stores, I have to say I am not too impressed with it but Encline Designs has given me faith that this figure can look great with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Supreme figure.  There are many mods to this figure ranging from body, electronics, and paint.  One of my favorite mods to the figure are the 2, 12 volt mini fans that can be installed inside his mouth to create the spinning vortex that tore everyone a new one!

For one of the best Devastators I have seen to date, head over to eBay and check out Encline Design's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Supreme figure.

Devastator G1 Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Custom by Xaviercal

There is something nostalgic about the G1 Devastator color scheme.  Maybe it is because I remember crying myself to sleep on the floor of my parents bedroom when I was a little kid because they would not take me the toy store to get one but that is beside the point.  It also could be because it was just a cool combiner that we all grew up with so I am going with that for now.  Xaviercal captured this feeling with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Generation 1 Devastator figure.  I love the one unifying color scheme of this figure.  The original figure has way too many colors, which mutes the overall look but Xaviercal has managed to capture that 1980's classic nature while applying a consistent color pallet that makes the individual parts stand out.  This is a great figure and if you want to check out more photos, head over to eBay and check out Xaviercal's  Revenge of the Fallen Generation 1 Devastator figure.

Devastator G1 Transformers Combiner by MalsMasterpieces

MalsMasterpieces knows how to do the G1 combiners right with his Custom Generation 1 Devastator figure that stands a towering 16" tall.  This figure is how it should be done as he tried to get as close to the classic figure as he could.  There is something unique about this figure but I will let him tell you about it:

“What’s the best way to prevent a painted custom from scratching and chipping?  Don’t use any paint! Featuring the color matched plastics DEVASTATOR.  I tried to use only pieces that matched the entire color scheme of the original classic from the 80’s.  However, the difficulty of creating such a figure includes finding and making sure the pieces matched as well as functioned properly.  There are a few pieces I had to paint because they did not come in alternative colors.  For example, Mixmaster is heavily modified and none of his parts came in green he is partially painted.  The only other pieces which received paint were the forearms, upper shins, knees, and devastator head.  Also, every cut and hole drilled had to be perfect because there was no hiding the fabrications with paint. The goal was to make it look so clean like it came right out of a transformers box.  So if your looking for a custom you can play with, without the fear of damaging the paint then this 1 of a kind custom might be the custom transformer you’ve been looking for.”

If you want to own a figure you will never see in the store, head over to eBay and check out MalMasterpieces' Custom Generation 1 Devastator figure.

Devastator Custom Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Figure by Creg

I know that fans are clamoring to get their hands on largest combiner to date in the Transformers Movie realm and Creg has this Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator up this week for your ogling pleasure.  One of the funniest parts of the movie was when Agent Simmons was underneath this behemoth looking up at his nether regions and as a bonus, Creg has included optional wrecking "balls" to make this combiner movie accurate but you will have to head over to eBay and check them out for yourself!

Devastator Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Custom Transformers Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

It was only a matter of time before this behemoth of a Transformers hit the scene and I am happy to see that one of my favorite customizers taking on this challenge.  If you follow Frenzy.Rumble on Twitter and put 2 and 2 together, you could have guessed that he was working this Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Transformers figure.  When Devastator formed in the movie, it was one of the highlights for me and it is great to see that Frenzy.Rumble has give each of the six figures his undivided attention to make this figure the work of art that it is.  Some of my favorite parts of this custom are the added articulation in key areas and the ability for the vortex to stay open like in the movie.  Make the jump to eBay to see Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Transformers figure in all its glory!

Devastator G1 Transformers Custom Collaberation by Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng

It is really great to see teamwork and I could not ask for two better people to put their skills to the test and collaborate to form one of the greatest customs I have seen.  Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng bring you their Custom Transformers Devastator G1 Combiner figure, which displays talents from both Frenzy.Rumble and Sabrina Ng.  Frenzy Rumble, with his sculpting and keen eye for design, combined with Sabrina Ng's bullet proof paint aps, have created one of the most sought after customs I have seen in a long time.  I am struck by the attention to detail in the design of this Devastator and it looks like no aspect was left untouched.  Let's read more about how this collaboration got started from Frenzy.Rumble:

"Blown away by the talented painting of fellow artist Sabrina Ng and her custom Transformer auctions, we got in contact with one another. We decided to collaborate our skills, talents, and passions to bring you this "Anniversary Edition" Devastator custom Transformer. It was built by me some time ago, and he was shipped and took a little vacation in Singapore. While there, Sabrina painted and gave him her magical touch. Devastator was then sent back the the United States where I did some minor engineering updates, installed the electronics and took his photos."

To truly appreciate the fine details that went into this collaborative effort, head over to eBay and check out this amazing Custom Transformers Devastator G1 Combiner figure.

Custom Transformers Generation 2 Devastator Combiner by Defstar

Hot on the heels of his magnificant Custom Generation 1 Devastator, Defstar brings us his Custom Generation 2 Devastator figure.  The Generation 2 Devastor, in the 90's, came out as a yellow and an organge version of green gestalt combiner that came out in 1985.  The yellow version was released in Europe and the orange was only available at KB Toys.  Defstar did a tremendous job blending both styles of the G2 constructicons and the G1 figures with his blend of orange, green, and yellow paint aps that capture the feel of the G2 line while paying homage to the G1 figures.

Devastator Generation 1 Transformers Custom Combiner by Defstar

Defstar is at it once again with his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure.  Going for a more Generation 1 feel, he has really captured the feel of the figure from the 1980's.  With the cartoon head, it reminds me of the Devastator we grew to know and love.  Let's hear more about this great figure from Defstar himself:

"Hello everyone…I return with yet another take on the great Transformer combiner Devastator (as some may remember my Universe Devastator from a little while back)…this time around I’m aiming to get even closer to the original look of the G1 version.  First I would like to mention the help I got from fellow TFW2005 member Ptitvite…I opted to use one of his Devastator head molds for this project…he’s very skilled at what he does and turns out quality work.  Devastator stands approx 14” tall and 9” wide…he is painted with a combination of quality sprays and acrylics and then coated with a very durable sealer…he has full rotation of his head and both shoulders…be bends 90 degrees at the elbows and knees…his fingers move as do his legs at the hip…waist has about 15 degrees movement in both directions."

If you want to own this massive custom combiner, head over to eBay and bid on Defstar's Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure.

Devastator Masterpiece G1 Transformers 15″ Custom by MacrossFA-19

November is turning out to be the month of Devastator!  There have been so many awesome Custom Transformers Devastators that is it hard to keep track of them all.  MacrossFA-19 is adding to the greatness with his Masterpiece Custom Transformers 15" Devastator.  There are many great aspects of this monster that are worth a note:

-Articulated knees, shoulders, elbow, fingers, and hips

-Six robots transforming into six individual construction vehicles which combine into Devastator

-Painted with quality paints to best match his G1 self, but to also fit in with the Classics Line

-Specially modified G1 chest plate

-He can stand on his own two feet at 15 1/2" tall

-Comes with MIB Classics Optimus Prime (for your battle or display action fun!)

-100% orginal Transformers parts/figures, no generic parts/figures used

- Comes with Megatron pvc pistol mode

There are also a few other Custom Devastators up this week so make sure to check out the Custom Transformers section of this site!

Custom Transformers Generation 1 Devastator Masterpiece Figure by MalsMasterpieces

Over the years, I have seen many awesome Devastator customs and before I get into the details of MalsMasterpieces Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure, I have to give props to Frenzy.Rumble for providing great inspiration to so many customizers out there.  Back in June 2008, I featured Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Devsastator and there have been many great customs that have been modeled after it.  It is great that the customizing community provides such great inspiration to everyone.

For MalsMasterpieces' Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure, he chose a great hue for the base color green that resonates with the Generation 1 feeling from the 80's.  MalsMasterpieces' gives us more detail on this great figure:

"As this custom becomes more popular, since it was announced that the 2009 Movie Transformers:Revenge of the fallen will have the combiner Devastator figure added to the cast.  This custom will only grow in popularity.  Authenticity is the #1 priority for most collectors and that was my main goal in creating this custom.  I have seen this custom done before but there was always something not accurate or unproportioned about the figure.  I wanted to master this custom by keeping authenticity and proportion  the main goals.  This made for a high level difficulty of completion, but this is what I came up with.  A lot of Hasbro/Takara figures were massacred in order to create this one of a kind masterpiece, but i think it was well worth it.  Not only did I keep the figure 95% Hasbro/Takara but he is fully functional, meaning that all 6 figures transform from vehicle mode to combiner mode with ease, as well as into full Devastation mode.  To conclude, this Masterpiece is the holy grail for transformer lovers because of its closeness to the animated series from the 80's, the Devastator we all wanted growing up but Hasbro or Takara never produced.  If you have the devastator from the 80's then you'll understand how much this custom is really worth."

To view more photos, head over to eBay and check out MalsMasterpieces' Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure.

Devastator Transformers 15″ Generation 1 Figure by ThyVipera84

Fans are in combiner heaven with ThyVipera84's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator figure.  This is one figure you do not want to miss out on!  First, the paint aps are in amazing detail and the weathering on this figure makes this one stand above the rest.  Towering 15" tall, this Devastator is a great scale to other smaller Transformers.  This is one of the best custom Devastator figures I have seen to date!  The figure also comes with two head styles:

Let's read more about this great figure from the source:

"Here's a custom, 100% HANDPAINTED DEVASTATOR!!! Painted with Testor's Enamel Paints.  There's no other out there like this one. Equipped with lights and sounds.  In Devastator mode, he stands a whopping 15 inches tall and is very pose able.  He comes with TWO DIFFERENT HEADS! (G1 style head is courtesy of Transformer Customizer: Ptitvite).  In robot modes, Devastator's EXTRA pieces form an ENERGON CONVERTING STATION!  6 robots form the BIG GREEN MACHINE called DEVASTATOR."

How cool is that!  Definitely head over to eBay and check out ThyVipera84's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator figure.

Devastator Custom Transformers Universe G1 Figure by Defstar

Defstar does not mess around when it comes to making what fans want and his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator is no exception.  This behemoth stands a towering 17" tall and is 12" wide and your G1 Transformers would not want to meet this monster in a dark alley!  This figure is made of 6 Constructicons that combine to form Devastator and it looks like great care was taken in making sure that this figure retained its G1 look and feel while creating a masterpiece.

"Created with the best epoxy and paints available and coated with a protective sealer for durability.  He has full 360 degrees of rotation at both shoulders and 180 degrees of rotation at both his elbows and knees.  His fingers are functional and his head turns 360 degrees…this devastator is very large and very heavy…but his pose ability remains relatively good.  He is very simple to transform…all six Constructicons do transform into their alt modes as shown and combining Devastator is very simple as well…though transforming instructions will be provided to the winner…(note: this custom is not recommended for children but collectors only as some care needs to be taken when handling the figures)…"

This figure was listed as a 10 day auction so head over to eBay and check out more photos and after you have done that, place a bid on this great Custom Transformers G1 Devastator from Defstar.

UPDATE: Bonuses 2 and 3 for frenzy.rumble’s Custom Transformers Devastator

Bonus #2

The winner of frenzy.rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator will get to decide what his next custom will be. How's about that for power!

Bonus 3

This just in! frenzy.rumble describes bonus #3:
Custom made Power Jet Pack magnetically attaches to Devastator's back. This addition makes over 20 sounds and lights up! The engine's both light up red solid or flashing, and are controlled with 3 small buttons on the top of the Power Jet Pack!

More GUNS!

Custom painted and modified giant gun connects to the Power Jet Pack. This gun fits nicely in either of Devastator's hands. The gun has 4 different unique attachments, which actually make reloading and attaching noises when you change them.· There is a VERY powerful green laser light inside the gun, which activates and adapts to each attachment. Each attachment lights up differently. The laser is so powerful it will light up a small dark room, and can even be seen on an object many feet away.· You can see detailed pictures of each gun attachement in the slideshow above, or in the newly added pictures for this auction.Gun Names and Descriptions:· The Monsuta - This Plasma cannon fires heat-seeking plasma bombs · The Star Killer - The largest of Devastator's guns, this laser rifle fires a concentrated energon beam over 40,000 degrees Celcius.· The Firestarter - Energon infused flame-thrower shoots long range 'super-magma'. · The Plasma Cutter - This spinning blade of titanium cuts through Autobots like hot butter.* Please check out the slideshow and new pics added to the auction today for detailed shots. And to you all....Good luck bidding!!!

Check out his Custom Transformers Devastator for your chance to win! Only 1 hour left...this custom is red hot!!! You can also read the original article Custom Transformers Devastator Article too!

Devastator Custom Transformers Generation 1 Combiner Figure by frenzy.rumble Part 2

A few days ago, I featured frenzy.rumble's Custom Transformers G1 Devastator and alluded to some surprises that he may be adding to his auction! Well, he has updated his auction with surprise feature #1: the ability for the winning bidder to choose 1 of 4 colors for Devastator's eyes! Head over to his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator auction to read more!

Devastator Custom Transformers Generation 1 Combiner Figure by frenzy.rumble Part 1

When frenzy.rumble tackles a Transformers project, he goes BIG! Take a look at his latest creation, a 16" Custom Transformers Devastator Combiner figure. I really like frenzy.rumble's artistic liberties he has taken with this behemoth as I think it is a vast improvement to the original Devastator while still retaining the classic Generation 1 styling we all know and love. First off, you may notice the absence of a pretty dominant color purple that was the focal point of the 1980's classic. He has gone with a metallic look where there used to be purple and I think that adds very much to the look and feel of the figure. You can tell that this combiner has been painstakingly painted (as you can read below) as frenzy.rumble has achieved a nice Constructicon hue. frenzy.rumble goes into a bit more detail on how he created his masterpiece:

"Devastator is a combiner! This means he is 6 individual Constructicons that transform into construction vehicles, which combine into 1 gigantic Decepticon. In the slideshow below, you can scroll through the various pictures of each of these Constructicons, please note; there are 3 pages of slides. But if these aren't enough, to see many more pictures (including how this masterpiece was created) search "frenzyrumble" on Google. (It should be the 1st result returned)There are over 30 points of articulation on Devastator.... his head is on a ball joint, waist slightly rotates, shoulders move in and out, arms have 360 rotation front/back ways, elbows bend, forearms rotate in and out, all fingers (minus thumbs) have 3 points each, leg/hip moves outwards and back, knees bend, lower legs rotate outward/inwards, feet pivot on ankle (Mixmaster only.) I built this custom starting with 6 individual transformers, which I completely took apart, removed any factory paint, and primed with plastic primer, which provides a very durable protective under paint. All paint you see is 100% enamel. It's harder, and more durable than the customs you'll see painted in acrylic. Also, enamel paints are 'color-fast'; meaning they will retain their original color for 10+ years, whereas acrylics typically fade after 2-3 years. The yellowish-green is a result of 5 different shades. The silver metal robot parts on him were painted in 6 shades of silver, to give the ultimate metallic look."

I will be revisiting this figure when frenzy.rumble adds his signature bonus later on in the auction. Bid on this awesome Custom Transformers Devastator figure on eBay today!

Custom G1 Devastator Transformers Generation 1 Figure by hangyodan

hangyodan has taken the G1 Devastator Constructicons to the next level with his metallic/muddy finish he has added to the originals. The original Constructicons looked too clean and this version brings them closer to the comics and to the cartoon. Speaking of which, he has custom made two different versions of the head to match the comic and cartoon.

Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Transformers Devastator Generation One – Destruction of Autobot City by bromen238pxk

bromen238pxk has outdone himself and created a scene that is surely sought after. He brings us this one of a kind sculpture with amazing detail. This Custom Devastator Diorama was built completely from scratch and definitely shows off the talent of this customizer. One of my favorite parts of this diorama is the facial expression he molded for Devastator, which brings out the ruthlessness of this Decepticon. Expressions are really hard to capture with customs, especially ones built from scratch, but bromen238pxk has captured the essence of Devastator's character and persona. I also like the way bromen238pxk portrays destruction with the flames in the diorama, which adds the realism.


bromen238pxk gives us a little taste of how much effort was put into this awesome piece, "This auction is for my custom built and painted Devastator statue with diorama. I built Devastator from a variety of toy parts, as well as custom sculpted head, hands, arms, and a completely scratchbuilt diorama. The diorama was constructed from floral foam, sealed with plaster, painted and detailed. The entire piece is huge. The figure itself stands around 17 inches tall, with an armspan of about 22 inches. The base is 23 inches across the front, and 15 inches front to back. The tallest building stands 23 inches tall. The sculpture itself represents a scene from the 1986 animated movie. The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City, and the Constructicons form Devastator to breach their defenses. Devastator has the sheer power to tear the city apart with his bare hands. This piece was a true labor of love, and has hundreds of hours of work put into it."