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Custom Western Deadpool Unchained Custom Marvel Legends Figure by PackRatStudios

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Unchained Figure marvel legends

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Unchained Figure

PackRatStudios is kickin it ole West style with his Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool Unchained figure.  Never in a million years would I guess Deadpool sporting a 10 gallon hat and spurs but he rocks them with the best of them.  When PackRatStudios says that this figure is "packing" he is not kidding!  Coming complete with an arsenal that will knock you socks off, he also comes with a Western dio and a unique carrying case.  The ole West styling is not overdone as the outfit integrates nicely into the overall design of the figure. What is amazing about this figure is the versatility you have.  With 3 different head sculpts, the plethora of weapons, and Western dio possibilities, there are countless ways to display this figure (ok...I did the math and there are 364 possible ways to display this figure)!

Here is PackRatStudios to tell you more about this unique Deadpool figure:

"DeadPool has been re-imagined back in the ol' West, and he comes packing!  Litterally... and Figuratively Speaking.  This DeadPool comes in a custom case and holds all of his accessories, extra portraits, and display base.  The Case is an antique brief case, built from wood and  has a leather handle!   Deadpool comes loaded with accessories as you can see:  Three Heads: a Bowen masked, Bowen Unmasked and a bandana mask combo.  ALSO, another added acessory is a sweet neck bandana!  Works for both bowen sculpts!  All three heads are magnetic to the neck post, AND the Cowboy hat.  That's right, no worries about the cowboy hat falling off, it just pops onto all three heads via magnetic powers!!!  On to the arsenal!   Deadpool comes with 2 regular six shooter pistols that fit into his holsters, two tomahawks (the Wild Wests version of Sai's!), Rifle, TWO Katanas (fit into sheaths!), Sheath too is magnetic!  It sticks right on his back!  Two MASSIVE Revolver Canons!, and lastly...just a coffin...nothing inside of it I dont think...  Or is there!!! Coffin Mounted Mini Gun!!!  This idea was taken from the Original  (PROBABLY CAN't say its name) Spagetti Western.  Coffin is scratch built out of real wood!Lastly, "DjeadPool" comes with a base/dio of a Old West Saloon!  and bonus, SNAKE!  for decor!"

There are so many more photos over on his auction page where you can check out the multiple heads and custom case for this Deadpool Unchained figure, or, as PackRatStudios calls him, "Djeadpool Unchained."

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Unchained Figure1 marvel legends

Custom Deadpool and Transforming Exo-Suit by Frenzy.Rumble

Deadpool Custom Transformers Marvel transformers frenzy rumble crossover figures

Deadpool Custom and Transforming Exo-Suit

I am a huge fan of crossovers and the blending of worlds that were not meant to be together.  Imagining a world where Transformers and the Marvel universes collide, Frenzy.Rumble has created a one of a kind concept with his Custom Deadpool with a Transforming Exo-Suit.  The Transforming mech suit that Deadpool controls is a machine of destruction that is ready for action.  The Exo-Suit has a massive amount of articulation and a gaggle of weapons  The suit sports two magnetically held guns on the backs of his forearms.  Like Frenzy.Rumble said, " If Deadpool's going to go big, he's gonna go big with some style."  What mercenary doesn't need a killer ride?  If you want to check out more detailed photos over his auction page, head over to eBay and view his Custom Deadpool with a Transforming Exo-Suit.

Deadpool Custom Transformers Marvel2 transformers frenzy rumble crossover figures

Deadpool Mandalorian Custom Star Wars Marvel Mashup by sdan9300

Deadpool Custom Star Wars Mashup star wars

I have seen some pretty cool mashups in my lifetime but sometimes customizers surprise me and think of unique combinations of figures and his Custom Deadpool Madalorian Star Wars Marvel blends the worlds of Marvel and Star Wars like you have never seen them before.  Using two very popular figure concepts, the Deadpool figure comes through loud and clear in the color palette and the design of the helmet, which represents the mask.  Underneath the helmet, you can see Mr. Wilson's pock marked scarred face.  Overall, I love the concept and it was very well executed!

Deadpool Custom Star Wars Mashup2 star wars

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Armory Edition by Anthonys Customs

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Armory marvel legends

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool

Anthony's Customs is well known for his attention to detail and the plethora of accessories he creates to give each figure a unique style.  Maximizing the display capability of his Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure, he literally created an arsenal of weapons for this Deadpool figure to mess around with.  Check out the battery of weapons Anthony has provided, which are included with the figure:

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Armory2 marvel legends

As for the figure, it is executed nicely with a black weathering and accents that accentuate the figures muscles and overall look.  With the shear amount of weapons that this Deadpool figure can adorn, you must click over to check Anthony's Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool Armory Edition figure.

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Armory3 marvel legends

Deadpool Marvel Legends Mech Custom by Claw Carved Customs

Deadpool Marvel Legends Mech Custom marvel legends

Deadpool Marvel Legends Mech Custom

Unique concepts are what customizers stand out above and beyond your average toy company.  Claw Carved Customs is a great example of blending a one of kind idea with excellent execution with his Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool Mech figure.  Combing the worlds if Iron Man and Deadpool, the mech suit fits a smaller scale Deadpool figure inside the suit, just like Tony Stark!  Claw Carved Customs provided much detail about this thought process for this figure so let's read more about the concept behind the creation:

"With all of the heroes out there in robot suits, deadpool thought it would be a good idea to join the crowd! Made from parts of the iron monger  and stolen prototype parts from starks suits deadpool was able to build his very own mecha! Ok now lets be realistic This figure took WEEKS of constant work and troubleshooting but as you can see it was all worth it! I hollowed out and "iron monger opening cockpit figure" and gave him a huge drastic makeover with all the nice weathering battle wear and weapons you could ever want with a figure! There is a removable helmet, articulated claws and yes the "dead missile" can be shot out of his weapon. I even gave the marvel universe deadpool a more classic look and repainted his belt with a leather color, gave him his classic leather straps, leather katana holders, a custom pilot vest and the best part is that you can detach his katana holder oh and the katana's have been sharpened!"

You can see how the Deadpool figure scales with the mech suit in the photo below:

Deadpool Marvel Legends Mech Custom2 marvel legends

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool Mech

Custom Steampunk Deadpool Marvel Legends Figure by Jin Saotome

Steampunk Deadlpool Custom Marvel Legends Figure steampunk marvel legends jin saotome customizers 2

Steampunk Deadlpool Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Jin Saotome is a master of originality, which brings me to his latest Custom Marvel Legends Steampunk Deadpool figure.  Never seen before in any comic or video game, this version of Deadpool is a one of a kind!  According to Wikipedia, Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s.Specifically, steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain—that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them; in other words, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, art, etc.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Steampunk Custom2 steampunk marvel legends jin saotome customizers 2

Custom Marvel Legends Steampunk Deadpool

The Steampunk style is evident in not only the costume design of Deadpool but also the weapons, which are my favorite parts of this figure.  The weapons look like they were scrapped together using parts from a factory.  Here is more about this great figure from Jin himelf:

"Complete with new headsculpt, Wade has been hand-painted from head to boot with deep shading, superb color blending, weathered highlights, brilliant metallics, and intricate detail which will really make him stand out in your Marvel Legends collection. He features hand-sculpted detail using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, the most durable 2-part modeling compound out there. Deadpool comes with two Steampunk inspired weapons he can hold in either hand and the ray gun plug into his beltpack. His sword is sheathed on his back and can be drawn to defend himself against whatever mechanical creations Dr. Doom has unleashed."

Jin more has pictures posted on his auction page so head over and check out his Custom Marvel Legends Steampunk Deadpool figure.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Bowen Style Custom by op180

Deadpool Marvel Legends Bowen Custom marvel legends

Deadpool Marvel Legends Bowen Custom

Basing his figure on the Bowen Style Bust, op180 created this Custom Marvel Legends Scale Deadpool figure.  With two interchangeable heads, you can make him Deadpool, the disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary or Wade Wilson, the poster child for Oxy pads or Stridex.  In all seriousness, op180 did an excellent job translating the bust into a 6" tall, articulated figure.  The costume detailing matches the bust exactly, even down to Deadpool's squinty right eye.  Here is a side by side comparison of the bust and the figure:

Deadpool Marvel Legends Bowen Custom2 marvel legends

Deadpool Bowen Bust (left) vs. op180's Custom

As you can see, op180 has done a great job detailing Wade Wilson's complexion and I like the way he scaled the face to match the body of the figure.  In the figure, the face is much narrower than the bust, which goes great with the Marvel Legends scale.

Red Hulk and Nude Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Figures by TonyzCustomz

Red Hulk Marvel Legends Custom marvel legends

Red Hulk and Nude Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Figures

TonyzCustomz has a two for one auction up this week with his Custom Marvel Legends Red Hulk and Nude Deadpool (yes you read that right).  You may be scratching your head wondering why on earth would someone make a nude Deadpool figure paired with a Red Hulk but TonyzCustomz has the answer over on his auction page so go check out his Custom Marvel Legends Red Hulk and Nude Deadpool figures to see the comic art that these two figure were based on.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Custom Icon Figure by Kyle Robinson

Icons Deadpool Custom marvel legends

Kyle Robinson has outdone himself again with his Custom Marvel Legends 13" Deadpool figure.  This is a massive and comes with a ton of cool accessories!  I am super excited about this figure as I relate it to the Masterpiece line of Transformers, which is a much larger version of the figure with more detail and extras!  Kyle has placed a ton of photos in his listing so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends 13" Deadpool figure.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Kyle Robinson

Deadpool Marvel Legends Custom marvel legends

Kyle Robinson, on the best Marvel Legends customizers out there, has a Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure up this week that is to die for.  There are several aspects of this custom that are great.  First, the paint aps are all in the right places, even in between the muscles to show off the definition, which gives the figure added dimensions.  The paint is also smoothly applied, which takes a steady hand as to not make the figure look clumpy.  Kyle also does not skimp on the accessories.  The holsters for the guns are a great touch as Deadpool has to put his piece somewhere when he is opening a can whoopass.  Kyle is also regularly featured in ToyFare magazine so if that is not enough to get you over to his listing, I don't know what is!  In all seriousness, check out Kyle's Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool and his other work over on eBay!

Deadpool X-Men Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L Customs

deadpool x men custom 208x300 x men marvel legends marvel legends

Deadpool X-MEN Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Ripped from the pages of Marvel Comic comes K&L Customs incredible Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool figure.  The K&L team makes the highest quality customs and this Deadpool figure is no exception.  Some highlights for this figure are the deep shade of blue that makes the suit look realistic.  Also, the symetry given to the 'X' symbols and face detail make this custom top notch!  To see more detailed pictures, head over to eBay and check out K&L's Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool figure.

Deadpool Daredevil Comics Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Wiz Custom Figures

deadpool custom 225x300 marvel legends

As seen in the new Daredevil comics, Wiz Custom Figures (WCF) brings us this stunning Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure.  One aspect that struck me when I first saw this figure was the shadowing technique that was used.  This really brings out the detail and richness of the figure and you know that WCF delivers quality figures.  Let's read more about what went into this great figure: 

"In his new suit as seen in the new Daredevil comics an made with an exceptional level of detail to his comic counter part. Deadpool stands 6" tall with over 32 points of articulation for maximum poseability. He was made with real to life shadowing you have to see it in person to appreciate it. The swords are super shiney that gives it that real sword look, just look at the pics. He is made with the highest quality products available and looks amazing the pics do not do him justice. Any sculpt work is done with Aves Apoxie so it will not chip or break away. The painting is done using some of the best paint's available with some airbrushing as well. The parts and accessories are from existing Marvel Legends figures."

To check out more detailed photos, head over to eBay and check out WCF's Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure.

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L

Deadpool1 765418 marvel legends K&L Customs created a really great Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure for your collecting enjoyments. Painted as Deadpool appears in the Marvel Comics, K&L uses some really nice techniques to bring the depth out in this figure. The blackwashing really highlights the muscles and details in the figure. The accessories are a great touch and really add to the realism and coolness factor of this custom. To read more about K&L's Custom Marvel Legends Deapool figure, head over to eBay and check it out!

deadpool1 205x300 marvel legends

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool by darthleon customs

Deadpool 726406 marvel legends darthleon customizers Straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics comes darthleon customs' Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool. Down to the boots, darthleon has really stayed true to the comic version of Deadpool. The mask is sculpted very well and the ridging on the head gives the figure much needed depth and perspective. The accent pieces around the thigh and the belt look like they were paid extreme attention too as it is the little things that make this custom great! The colors on the thigh holster and belt are weathered and center buckle (for lack of a better term) is nicely proportioned. Overall, this is one Custom Deadpool you would want to own and be proud of.

deadpool11 273x300 marvel legends darthleon customizers