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Contra Mad Dog and Scorpion Custom NES Figures by Mint Condition Customs

Custom Mad Dog and Scorpion Custom NES Figures

Custom Mad Dog and Scorpion Custom NES Figures

If you grew up in the 80's (like me) and you had a Nintendo Entertainment System (the original), you must have played the game Contra.  Released in 1988, this game consumed days of my life as I battled through the world that Konami created and Mint Condition Customs has brought to life the heroes of that classic game with his Custom Mad Dog and Scorpion Contra figures.  What inspired these figures?  I was wondering the same thing but Mint Condition sheds light on the topic:

"...what if Contra had been made into a live action movie back in the 80's? That was the question I asked myself while tackling this project. Since the original characters were so obviously based on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone (so much so that the cover to the original game was traced over movie stills from Predator), I decided that none other than the two action stars themselves would play the lead characters, Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer, and Lance "Scorpion" Bean."

These figure are top notch and not only did he do a fantastic job creating highly detailed figures out of 8 bit game characters but he even included the signature weapons that made Contra the killer game it was (and still is).  I remember waiting for those weapons to appear as they flew in from the side of screen.  To own these one of kind figures, go check out Mint Condition Custom's Mad Dog and Scorpion Contra figures.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Custom Simon Ghost Riley Figure by Ciabattoni2006

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Simon Ghost Riley

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Simon Ghost Riley

Attention Call of Duty Modern Warfare fans!  Ciabattoni2006 has created some killer versions of the troops from that video game and his Custom Simon "Ghost" Riley figure is one of them.  With attention to detail straight from the game, the figure captures the face mask and overall look and feel of the game character.  The figure looks like it was pieced together using figures from the GI Joe line and would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Simon Ghost-Riley

Custom Call of Duty Modern Warfare Figures Ending Soon!
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Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Scale Figure by Bischoff

Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Twenty fifth in the line up, Bischoff Inc's Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung figure is a testament to his skill and dedication recreating the Mortal Kombat figure in living color!  This customizer has the uncanny ability to recreate the on screen characters from the game in exquisite detail.  From the colors to the costume, no aspect is left untouched and he has even gone as far as to build in the scalloped look to Shang Tsung's outfit.  I hope Bischoff does not stop at this one and continues to make killer MK9 customs!  If you have an idea for the next figure, post a comment here or on my AFC Facebook page!

Prism Break Skylanders Custom Figure by Evilos

If you have kids and they have a Wii, chances are you have heard of the Skylanders craze that is sweeping the video game universe.  Skylanders are an ingenious creation by Activision where the game play is enhanced by the use of collectible figures.  These figures are then placed on a base (called the Portal of Power) and any upgrades that are obtained in the game are stored on a wafer thin chip that is built inside the figure.  This way, kids (and adults...I know there are some of you out there) can take the figures to their friends house and the upgrades and stats travel with them.

Building on the aspect of the game where the characters come to life is Evilos with his Prism Break Custom Skylanders figure.  Adding some moss and LED's into the two crystals and the base of the figure, the figure is reborn with a fantastic display of blue light that emanates from the hands and base.  Due to the nature of the custom and the process in which it was made, the figure's wafer does not story any information as it was destroyed during the customization process but the cool factor of the LED's make up for that.  There is also a cool video that accompanies the listing so head over to eBay to view Evilos' Prism Break Custom Skylanders figure.

If you want to purchase Skylander figures, you can do so below!

Starkiller Custom Star Wars Expanded Universe Figure by Stronox

Debuting fully in the Star Wars Force Unleashed video game, Stronox has created an amazing rendition of this Star Wars icon with his Custom Star Wars Expanded Universe Starkiller figure.  Actually, you got a taste of the Starkiller character if you owned the Soulcalibur 4 game, which he made his first appearance.  There are several aspects of this custom that drew me to it.  First, the resemblance to the concept and character are spot on.  From the outfit to the facial expression, this figure captures the look and feel of this figure very well.  In addition, the way the figure was painted was outstanding.  The shading that was applied gives the clothing depth and a feel of soft goods when the figure is actually plastic.  Overall, this figure is very well executed!  To view more photos of Stronox's Custom Star Wars Expanded Universe Starkiller figure, head over to eBay!

Megaman Custom Marvel Legends Capcom Figure by Jin Saotome

Megaman Custom Marvel Legends Capcom Figure

Megaman Custom Marvel Legends Capcom Figure

I remember playing Megaman as a kid and seeing this figure brings back many memories of spending hours in front of the tube (when TV's came with tubes).  Jin Saotome has made a modern looking Custom Marvel Legends Megaman figure that is both versatile in display and angelic in appearance.  The face of the figure is one my favorite aspects as the eyes and porcelain like features make this figure come alive.  A completely new design, this Megaman is reimagined and from the blood, sweat, and tears of Jin and his artistic mind.  I love the accessories that were made for the figure as they capture the classic nature of the Megaman.  The metallic paint sheens of the figure is so well applied that the plastic ends up looking like armor.  There are more photos of Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Megaman figure over on eBay so head over and take peak!

Custom Marvel Legends Tekken Jin Kazama by Loosecollector

Custom Marvel Legends Tekken Jin Kazama

Custom Marvel Legends Tekken Jin Kazama

For a martial arts professional, flexibility is the cornerstone for any Master and Loosecollector has engineered those mutliple points of articulation in his Custom Marvel Legends Tekken Jin Kazama figure.  Poseability is just one of the aspects that makes this figure great!  In addition to bending the figure for kicks and punches, Loosecollector made several accessories that enhance the overall look of the figure, giving it the possibility of many different looks.  My favorite accessories are the single lighting fist, red energy wave, and two crackling chi effects.  They are very well designed and give the appearance of energy flying through the air.  Rounding out this awesome figure is a great head of hair.  I like the way it was sculpted and it gives the figure some depth.  To view more photos and to place a bid on Loosecollector's Custom Marvel Legends Tekken Jin Kazama figure, head over to eBay!

Baraka Mortal Kombat 9 Custom Marvel Legends Figure by mjb3777

Baraka is one mean SOB and mjb3777 has captured the cold, brutal looking features of this classic Mortal Kombat character with his Custom Marvel Legends scale Mortal Kombat 9 Baraka figure.  There are a couple aspects of this figure that are outstanding.  First, the blades protruding from the forearms slice seamlessly from the the flesh and integrate nicely into the bone.  Second, the facial expression of anger and shear malcontent really comes through with the way the eyes, mouth, and teeth were sculpted and painted.  The costume design is simple yet very effective, capturing the video game styling of this classic character.  This Custom Mortal Kombat Baraka figure is 12th in mjb3777's series of MK figures so if you are collecting them all, this one is not to be passed up!

Arkham Asylum Bane Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Madtinker76

Custom Marvel Legends Arkham Asylum Bane

Custom Marvel Legends Arkham Asylum Bane

Bringing to life one of Batman's foes is MadTinker76's Custom Marvel Legends Bane figure!  Ooooozing with detail (and toxic waste), the figure looks like it was plucked right from the Arkham Asylum video game.  The detail is stunning on this figure.  My favorite aspect of this figure is the way the toxic chemicals appear to be flowing from his body and running through his veins.   The toxic waste weapons and storage armor are the highlight of the figure from a functional perspective and the way the face was painted and sculpted makes Bane come alive and look like he is seething with anger and vengeance.  The shading and detail applied to the figure give it a 3D feel to round out this Marvel Legends scale figure.

Noob Saibot Mortal Combat 9 Marvel Legends Scale Figure by Bischoff

Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 9 Custom

Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 9 Custom

Bischoff Inc. brings this awesome Mortal Kombat character to life with his Custom MK 9 Noob Saibot figure in Marvel Legends scale.  This character holds the unique distinction of appearing, in one form or another, as a fighter in all of the first seven main fighting games and now you can add him to your collection thanks to unique styling and creativity of Bischoff.  This figure looks nearly identical to the one that appears in the video game and the way that the arms and legs were sculpted it looks like the figure is wearing clothing.  The creasing of the thighs and the upper arms gives this appearance.  If you hop over to view more photos you will find a most disturbing image of Noob admiring his work after he has finished someone off so head over to eBay and check out Bischoff's Custom MK 9 Noob Saibot figure.

Kitana Mortal Kombat 9 Custom Marvel Legends Scale Figure by mjb3777

Kitana Custom Mortal Kombat 9 Figure

Kitana Custom Mortal Kombat 9 Figure

Only less than 9 hours left to nab this amazing Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Kitana figure!  Fashioned after her appearence in the Mortal Kombat 9 video game, this figure is highly detailed and recreates her representation from the game very nicely.  The costume design is fantastic and captures the detailing on the boots and forearm really well with the graphic design.  The fan design looks like it is straight out of the game and fits nicely in the hands, which where designed to hold the weapon in each hand.  The head sculpt is very lifelike and the eyes give a lot of personality to the figure.  The long flowing hair also looks real the way it was crafted and the flowing loin cloth adds to the realism.  There are more photos to view over at mjb3777's auction page so head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Kitana figure!

Bi Beast Marvel Legends Hulk Custom by Lokoboys

Bi Beast Marvel Legends Custom

Bi Beast Marvel Legends Custom

The Bi-Beast is an android with two heads (one atop the other - the top skull is given knowledge of warfare while the bottom skull was given a knowledge of culture) and Lokoboys has brought this creature from the pages of the comics with their Custom Marvel Legends Bi-Beast figure.  Fashioned in the likes of his appearance in the Incredible Hulk video game, the figure features a killer sculpt with very deep, rich colors that accentuate the parts of the figure.  The metal parts of the figure look very worn, weathered, and realistic.  The head sculpt is achieved by the melding of a crazed head on top of a more down to earth yet serious head.  It is cool when figures from video games are brought to life with interpretation from talented customizers like Lokoboys so head over to eBay and check out more photos of this Custom Marvel Legends Bi-Beast figure.

Killzone Kill Squad Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures by jps9779

If you are fan of the Killzone video game, you will love jps9779's Custom Kill Squad GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures.  First of all, how could you pass up a group of customs called the Kill Squad?  I sure can't and jps9779 could not pass up making them!  My favorite figure in this set is the Heavy Gunner as it reminds me of the Helghast figure with the way the helmet was constructed and painted.   The gas mask is not only pretty cool looking but incorporates elements of both modern and vintage masks from World Wars 1 and 2.  I like the double canister filter look, which pays a nice homage to the origins of the gas mask.  Besides, you can't have too much protection on the battlefield!

Kill Squad Heavy Machine Gunner Close Up

Kill Squad Heavy Machine Gunner Close Up

Of course, no squad is complete without an Propaganda minister but you will have to check him out, and the Squad Leader, while you are clicking over to view jps9779's  Custom Kill Squad GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures.

Scorpion Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Figure by Anthonys Customs

Custom Mortal Kombat 9 Scorpion

Custom Mortal Kombat 9 Scorpion

I have now come to realize that wasting countless hours and quarters playing Mortal Kombat at the local bowling alley was well worth it when I see figures like Anthony's Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Scorpion figure.  The entire costume design of the figure is outstanding.  Scorpion has a skull as a belt but Anthony has taken it to the next level and has embellished the belt in a way that it incorporates the skull design all the way around, which is a very subtle but effective touch to the figure.  The figure gets some more added touches, with the addition of the  silver spear and a black spear that attach to the figures left hand.

Custom Mortal Kombat Scorpion Figure

Custom Mortal Kombat Scorpion Figure

Custom Mortal Kombat Reptile Marvel Legends Scale Figure by Anthonys Customs

Reptile Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Reptile Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

The one thing I love about customs is that no two customizers make the exact same figure in the same way.  This week, Anthony's Customs has a Custom Mortal Kombat Reptile figure, which is a very well designed and executed figure but I am not sure if I am familiar with this version of Reptile or if Anthony has made his own take on the figure.  The jury is out but nonetheless, the costume design is very well sculpted and artistically done.  My favorite parts of this figure are the dragons that painted on the shoulders and the belt design.  Here is a close up:

Reptile Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Reptile Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

The shin and boot armor are also very well executed!  To see more photos or to place a bid on this Custom Mortal Kombat Reptile figure, head over to eBay!

Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Nuffsaid

Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom Figure

Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom Figure

Using a Marvel Legends Hulk as the base figure, Nuffsaid has a cool figure for video game fans with his Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom Marvel Legends figure.  It is hard to believe that this figure used to be an Incredible Hulk figure but that is the talent of Nuffsaid coming through.  Using a ton of apoxie sculpt, he fashioned the head from a the original Hulk head, fodder jaw and hair to create this beast figure from the popular animae series.  The hair sculpting on the body looks great and the head sculpt achieved the beady eyed and enraged look from the cartoon.  There is only a couple hours left before this auction expires so head over to eBay and check out Nuffsaid's Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom Marvel Legends figure.  How would you like to meet up with this beast in a dark alley:

Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom

Golden Oozaru Dragon Ball Z Custom

Reptile Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jinzin1

Reptile Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Figure

Reptile Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Figure

Straight from Mortal Kombat 2 comes Jinzin's Custom Mortal Kombat Reptile Marvel Legends scale figure.  Although the costume design is reminiscent of MK2, this figure appears to be an amalgamation of Reptile through the MK years.  The scales on the arms give it a very authentic look and I especially like how the scales permeate through the fingers.  I don't know if this was done on purpose but the knee armor look like snake heads.  The gold accents outline the figure nicely and set off the armor and detailing.  The profile view of the figure shows off the facial details and more of the scaling that was done to achieve a very snake like look.  As you can see in the photo below, the face is sculpted to give the figure a serpentine twist to compliment the beady little eyes.

Reptile Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Figure

Reptile Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Figure

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jinzin1

Shao Kahn Marvel Legends Custom Figure

Shao Kahn Marvel Legends Custom Figure

This is one my favorite Mortal Kombat figures that Jinzin1 has up for sale this week, going above and beyond by scaling this Custom Marvel Legends Shao Kahn figure to 8 inches tall.  He has exhibited much talent with this figure so let's read how this figure was made:

"Kahn has multiple hand sculpted features all over his body including handsculpted armor, and a completely hand sculpted head and helmet.  The Cape, strapes, loin guard and mallet have all been custom crafted and the cape was designed so you can take it on or off at will.  This figure has been painted using high end spray painting techniques to really bring out the multiple tones in his muscles and make his skin look realistic for a toy."

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Custom

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Custom

My favorite part of the figure is the head sculpt.  I also like the soft cape that you can remove, which changes the look of the figure.  The spikes on the figure give it depth and character.  This is one of many Mortal Kombat figures Jinzin1 has up for sale this week so check out his Custom Marvel Legends Shao Kahn figure.

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jinzin1

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Continuing the focus on Jinzin1's Mortal Kombat figures, I turn my attention to his Custom Marvel Legends Sub-Zero figure.  Jinzin1 has given Sub-Zero an almost zombie looking look to his face by not painting in any eyeballs.  The striations on his arms and on his face make it look like ice is flowing through his vains.  Here is the story on Sub-Zero (from wikipedia):

"Sub-Zero is the name given to two game characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Being brothers, both of them were born in Earthrealm, and are blue-garbed assassins that descended from Cryomancers, an ancient race of gods possessing the ability to generate and control the powers of ice, which gives Sub-Zero the innate ability to control ice in many forms."

If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat or Sub-Zero, head over to eBay and place a bid on Jinzin1's Custom Marvel Legends Sub-Zero figure.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jinzin1

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

For me, the Mortal Kombat series is a blast from the past.  I remember wasting countless hours and quarters playing the arcade game in a bowling alley as a child when it came out and Jinzin1 has captured the fighters from that game in epic fashion.  He has several Mortal Kombat figures up this week but this article will focus on the Custom Marvel Legends Scorpion figure.  Jinzin1 has done a great job at translating the figure's presence on screen into a fully articulated figure.  The scull detailing on the belt and knees are my favorite parts of this figure.  For those who do not know the story of the Scorpion character, take a read below:

"Scorpion is a hellspawned revenant, formerly a human ninja named Hanzo Hasashi, now inexorably seeking vengeance against those responsible for the destruction of his clan and the death of his family. Although essentially neutral in allegiance, Scorpion will ally with anyone who can assist his plans of revenge. He was once manipulated by Quan Chi, who he promised him his life in exchange for his impressive combat abilities in order to defeat Sub-Zero. Since Scorpion is a spectre, sorcery and supernatural anomalies have proven effective against him in battle, though none have ever succeeded in destroying him in an absolute sense (source: wikipedia)"

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Custom Marvel Legends Figure

If you are impressed with Jinzin1's work, head over to eBay and place a bid on his Custom Marvel Legends Scorpion figure.

Army of Two Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios Custom GI Joe Scale Figures by Jin Saotome

Army of Two Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios Custom 3 3/4" Figures

Army of Two Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios Custom 3 3/4" Figures

Army of Two is a third person shooter video game developed by Electronic Arts, released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, focusing on two mercenaries fighting through war, political turmoil, and a conspiracy from 1993 to 2009.  Jin Saotome has done a fantastic job translating the characters that appear in the game into 3 3/4" (1:18) scale figures with his Custom Army of Two Rios and Salem figures.  I am not sure if this is a coincidence or not but the figures from the game fit perfectly in the GI Joe Rise of Cobra line.  The figures are made with such detail and depth that it is hard to tell they are only 3 3/4" tall.  They also look like they are plucked right from the game.  To place a bid and view more photos of Jin's Custom Army of Two Rios and Salem figures, head over to eBay!

Sith Lord Custom Star Wars Old Republic Figure by Stocos28

I haven't had inspiration of late to write about custom Star Wars figure but Stocos28 has given me reason with his Custom Sith Lord from the Old Republic video game.  Not only is this figure not being produced, Stocos28 got the idea for the figure from the Old Republic trailer.  My favorite part of this figure is the breathing apparatus is it is reminiscent of Darth Vader himself.  Who knows what this figure will be called but rest assured you can own it today by heading over to eBay and checking out this Custom Sith Lord figure.

Halo 3 Recon Spartan McFarlane Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is beefing up the Halo army with his Custom Halo Recon Spartan figure.  Halo was a game that made me buy an XBOX so it is great to see Jin paying homage to this great game in this way.  Here is more about this figure:

"This auction is for a custom made 5" tall Spartan with removable Green USNC Recon armor, magnetically attaching battle rifle, Mauler, and grenade. He has all the great articulation of a regular Halo 3 figure and will fit right in with your current collection.  It's rare, it's cool, and it's sought after by every Halo gamer out there. It's Recon armor! This is a set that attaches to your Halo 3 Spartan figures, but you get more than just the armor in this auction. You get the figure as well! Precisely hand-painted in a tan desert 'USNC' numbered theme, this Recon Spartan has all the equipment necessary to complete any mission. All weapons attach with the M.A.P. system (magnetic attachment points) and if you have any of my earlier customs those weapons are interchangeable too. The armor of course is removable and can be swapped between your figures. So, need to equip your soldiers with the rarest armor?"

To army build a one of a kind figure, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Halo Recon Spartan figure.

Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson pays homage to the great Ninja Gaiden 2 character with his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure.  It is great that people bring these figures to life as you will only see them in the game but Kyle has given you the chance to display this figure next to all of your Marvel Legends figures.  The head sculpt is awesome as there is so much intricate detail to it and given that there is not much face shown, he does a great job drawing the eyes and making them engaging and believable.  Kyle makes customs of all genres so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure and his other Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Helghast Soldier Killzone 2 Custom Video Game Figure by Jin Saotome

Always ahead of the curve, Jin Saotome has a treat in store for Killzone fanatics with this Custom Helghast Soldier from the upcoming Killzone 2 video game.  This figure is made from GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and I guarantee that you will never see anything like this come out of that line with this level of detail.  Since these figures are in 3 3/4" scale, it is really difficult to get very detailed with these figures but Jin manages to pull it off with ease.  Let's hear more about this great figure from Jin himself:

"Straight out of the upcoming Killzone 2 game comes the Helghast soldier, your basic trooper in their war against humanity. This trooper is painted with an exceptional level of detail such as deep shadows, grimy highlights, and metallic battle weathering. Equip this fellow with his rifle or have him fight it out in melee combat with the trench knife, this soldier is ready for any mission."

If you are looking to add a unique video game figure to your 25th Anniversary GI joe collection or your video game collection, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Helghast Soldier figure.

Ken Street Fighter Custom Marvel Legends Video Game Figure by Ashkanls

I remember wasting countless hours (and quarters) playing Street Fighter when it first hit arcades back in the late 80's.  I used to work in a Bowling Alley as a teenager and when my shift ended, I would basically deposit my paycheck into the large glowing box they called Street Fighter.  Ashkanls has done an excellent job capturing one of the characters from this ground breaking game with his Custom Marvel Legends Street Fighter Ken figure.  The smirk on Ken's face pays a great homage to the great warrior with the Shōryū-ken, Rising Dragon Fist punch.  This figure also comes complete with a fireball and from the looks of the photos, this is a great rendition of this classic character.  I have to admit that I was the recipient of that on many occasions and countless battles and time was spent trying to perfect those moves.  For all of you Street Fighter fans out there, head over to eBay and check out Ashkanls' Custom Marvel Legends Street Fighter Ken figure and own a piece of video game history!

Contra Nintendo Custom Video Game Figures Mad Dog and Scorpion by Jin Saotome

Jin has the ability to take you back in time with every custom he makes and these pair of twins is no exception.  Contra is a game that I wasted several weeks of my life playing and these Custom Contra Twins Mad Dog and Scorpion capture the period of time in my life when I had the Contra music running in my head 24 hours a day (those who know the music know what I am talking about).  One the coolest weapons to have in the game was the Spreader and if you got a hold of that baby you were invincible.  To get a peak at the Spreader and to view more photos of these awesome customs, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Contra Twins Mad Dog and Scorpion figures.

Fallout 3 Power Armor Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jin Saotome

Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277, 36 years after the setting of Fallout 2 and 200 years after the nuclear war that devastated the game's world.  The game places the player in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 101, a survival shelter designed to protect a small number of humans from the nuclear fallout.  Jin Saotome has filled the void of video game figures with his Custom Marvel Legends Fallout 3 Power Armor figure.  Looking at the concept art for the game (see below), Jin does an excellent job translating the art to a figure you can be proud to display in your collection.  Let's read more about this awesome figure:

"In the future man's ability to survive will be tested. The vaults will be opened and it will be time to reclaim the earth. Where will you stand? What will you use to protect yourself? Enter the Power Armor, your last best hope to survive in the wasteland that was once earth. This Power Armor has been meticulously painted with tons of weathered shading, rusty detailing, oily splotches, and metallic shading. This is the figure that's featured in my new Metallic/worn armor painting guide on my site as well. There's hand sculpted detail all over him and you can pose him on the battle-ravaged display base with his battle rifle in hand. This is a one-of-a-kind figure never to be made again and will show up in a future issue of Playstation Magazine."

If you want to own a piece of history and have a chance to display a custom that will be featured in a 'to be determined' issue of PSM, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Fallout 3 Power Armor figure.

Darkstalkers Lord Raptor Custom Capcom Figure by NTT

Inspired from the Capcom game, Darkstalkers, NTT has made this unique rocker come to life with his Custom Lord Raptor figure.  The flaming blue hair and the way the eyes are done are some of my favorite parts of this custom.  He painted the eyes asymmetrically, which gives the figure that rocker attitude, like he is right in the middle of a killer solo.  The smallest of details make a big difference to collectors and NTT added gold accents to the belt and it looks like he is using actual steal cable for the strings of the guitar.

"This figure stands 7.5 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation (including head, arms/wrists, torso and legs). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics.  Inspired by the Capcom video game Darkstalkers, this Lord Raptor figure comes complete with custom made toy electric guitar and a whole lotta attitude! This variant is an original design and was made as fan interest.  He can be posed and handled without damage by an adult collector."

Head over to eBay to view more photos and to place a bid on NTT's Custom Lord Raptor figure

Custom Thundercats Lion-O World of Warcraft Syle by BoskoesToys

I love when BoskoesToys goes 80's and we get things like this awesome Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.  I don't come across many videogame Thundercats crossovers but BoeskoesToys has the ability to make the two worlds come together.  The paint aps on this figure are impecable and the way they are applied makes the plastic look like metal and the flesh tones look like skin.  A few noteworthy aspects of this Lion-O include an exchangeable left hand and removable claw shield, both long and short versions of the Sword of Omens, and a super vibrant paint job.  There are more photos to view over at eBay so head over there and check out this blast from the past with BoskoesToys Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.

Link Custom Legends of Zelda Marvel Legends Figure by Grinmankey

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was spend hours and hours playing the original Nintendo system (NES).  The game that stole many hours of my childhood away was the Legend of Zelda and Grinmankey has done an excellent job creating this Custom Marvel Legends Legends of Zelda Link figure.  The head sculpt really brings out the character of the figure and the ears and the hair are of special note.  Let's learn more about how this great figure was made:

It's LINK from the extremely popular video game "The Legend of Zelda"! This particular version of Link is how he appears in the newest version of the game subtitled "The Twilight Princess". Link is one of my favorite characters of all time and I love making figures of him. This is my second (and MUCH better) custom of Link and it hurts to sell them. With this figure you'll get everything shown in the pictures. Both sword and scabbards are included and are interchangeable with the mounting on Link's back. The highly detailed shield is also included. I use citadel brand paints for all my painting needs and Aves Apoxie sculpt for the sculpted details. The figure itself is taken from Marvel Legends figures, SOTA figures and other random fodder. This would be the perfect addition to any video game fan's action figure collection. It also fits in with the Marvel Legends and DC figures in scale

Ginmankey's Custom Marvel Legends Legends of Zelda Link figure is up for bids on eBay so go check it out!

Bionic Commando Capcom Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

To ring in the upcoming launch of the new Capcom game, Bionic Commando, Jin has diligently replicated one of the coolest video game figures in Marvel Legends style with his Custom Bionic Commando figure. There are a few aspects about this custom that make this outstanding! First, Jin was able to sculpt the hair and facial features in a very realistic way, which is a tough thing to pull off on a plastic toy. Second, the way the bionic appendages flow into the body looks like these were surgically implanted into the figure. He has achieved an awesome bionic look and feel with the way the machinery is sculpted and painted. The flexible piping and cords add to that realism and also give the figure the ability to aim in any direction you like. I threw in a reference picture from game as a comparison:

Jin goes on to describe this great figure in more detail: "Bionic Commando is back with an all-new look! This figure is based on Capcom's upcoming remake of Bionic Commando. He has a super realistic paint job with faded cloth colors, deep shadows, tanned skin highlights, and some great metallic features on his arm and legs. Check out his facial features and the tiny logo on his t-shirt, all painted freehand. His bionic arm features flexible piping and cords so you can aim his arm all different directions. Attach the bendable grappling cord and he can grab on to things or hang from objects. The clawed fingers move individually as well. This figure is scaled 6" to match your existing Marvel Legends figures, not 7" like the Player Select figures."
This awesome Custom Marvel Legends Bionic Commando figure can be yours by heading over to eBay and placing your bid! Don't miss out on this one!

Sam Fisher Splinter Cell Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by bigtado

Bigtado has recruited an ace in the hole to join to the fight for freedom with his Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure. This figure is very nicely detailed and the signature night vision goggles add the realism to this classic video game character. For those not familiar with Sam Fisher, here is a little more background: As a covert agent of the government, Fisher approaches his target objectives in a gruff, no-nonsense manner, but maintains a light-hearted relationship with his colleagues and even with his momentary hostages (even if he is going to kill them) . Fisher has little patience for government bureaucracy or political maneuvering.

Bid on bigtado's Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure on eBay today!

Custom Metroid Samus Master Chief Halo Crossover Figure by TheFlesk

TheFlesk's Custom Samus Master Chief Metroid/Halo crossover figure brings 2 great classic gaming icons together in one awesome figure! First released in 1986, Metroid was one of the first NES that sucked all of the time from my adolescent life. Fast forward to 2001 where Halo makes gaming history and once again sucks all of my time, now, from my adult life. This figure is nicely done as it blends both aspects of Samus and the Master Chief. Combining the classic colors of Metroid with the fighting armor of Halo makes for a custom that I am sure will be very sought after.

Bid on TheFlesk's killer crossover custom on eBay today!

Custom Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Fantasy 7 Figure by somakustoms

Having a spouse that works in the video game industry, I have an affinity towards video game customs. This week, somakustoms brings to life a Final Fantasy character with his Custom Cloud Strife figure from Kingdom Hearts 1. Let's read how he created this great looking custom:

"The cape was taken from a Berserk Guts figure. I added on to it using hot glue and shaped it with the lowest temp wood burner I could find. I cut a fodder wing to make a general shape and used Apoxie to sculpt over it. The 3 belts hanging loose from his hips were made with hot glue. I wrapped the sword with a strip of a cotton shirt I cut up. The thing wrapped around his left hand was made with rubber bands and plastic strips I cut up from one of the toy packaging laying around. The claws on the left hand were sculpted with Apoxie."

Somakustoms Custom Cloud Strife figure is up for bid on eBay so head over there!

Custom Kratos God of War Figure by Jin Saotome

I am happy to feature Jin's Custom Kratos God of War figure. In the Sigma 6 style of GI Joe figures, Jin has created a stunning version of the video game character and made it his own in an animated style. Jin continues to go above and beyond when making customs and you know that if you buy anything from him, it will be top notch quality craftsmanship. Let's hear how Jin has created his latest masterpiece:
"I present to you Kratos from the super popular God of War series! He's the next figure in my VideoGame AllStars lineup and is done in an 'animated' style similar to the GI Joe Sigma 6 figures. Kratos has been painted with various shades, weathered leather and metal armor effects, detailed right down to the scar on his face! He has the body tattoo as well that wraps around his left side and looks quite striking. Speaking of 'striking,' Kratos comes with the Sword of Olympus and two Blades of Chaos with metal chains that can be wrapped around his arms and swung about just like in the game! Kratos is a good inch taller than normal Sigma 6 figures so he's scale perfectly to fit in to your collection. This is also the ONLY custom Kratos I'll be making for my VG AllStars series."

Custom Splinter Cell Sam Fisher GI Joe Sigma 6 Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome has created a dead on Custom Sam Fisher from the video game Splinter Cell from a GI Joe Sigma Six figure. One really cool feature about this custom is the light up goggles, which, if you have played the game, are used quite a bit and cements the look of Sam outside of the video game world. Like all of Jin's customs, the paint aps look flawless. Another cool aspect of this custom was that is was featured in Playstation Magazine! Nice going Jin! In Jin's own words, here is how he created this great custom:

"Here's my take on Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, covert black-ops agent and all around tough guy. He's styled to match the Sigma 6 GI Joe theme and is part of my Video Game All-Stars line that will be appearing in issues of Playstation the Official Magazine. Sam's painted with various highlights, shading, and texture with hand sculpted sections made from Aves Fixit Sculpt, the best sculpting compound on the market. Check out the straps and pouches all over him, who knows what he's packing in there! But what's Sam Fisher without those trademark goggles? And yes folks, THEY LIGHT UP! All three goggle lenses were hand-made and have bright green LEDs. Press the button on his back and you can illuminate a dark corner they're so bright. Batteries are included and can be changed out when needed. So... ready to sneak around your figure collection with Sam Fisher? Know a friend who owns a bunch of Metal Gear figures that need assassinating? Then don't pass this auction up!!"

You can own this figure by going to eBay and bidding on Jin's Custom Sam Fisher Splinter Cell or check out the other Custom Video Game figures.

Custom Helghast Soldier from Killzone by Jin Saotome

Killzone is a first-person shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 2 game console, developed by Netherlands-based Guerrilla Games and released on November 2, 2004 in North America. A sequel, Killzone: Liberation was released on the PlayStation Portable and another followup, Killzone 2 is currently being developed for the PlayStation 3.

Jin Saotome outdoes himself again as he brings us his Custom Helghast Soldier from the Killzone game. In Jin's own words, he describes how he created this work or art: "Let me first say that I've never played Killzone but was extremely impressed with the super-reaslistic trailer I saw at the E3. Killzone 2 is coming out next year and yes I'm picking it up! That being said I hope I did the game justice in bringing this figure to live. Don't scream at me if I missed something, I don't even know if this matches Killzone 1 or 2's Helghast, lol! After taking these photos I sat back and did a few double-takes. Not because of anything wrong, but how even tho I had no idea what the character was about I loved the final look! This may look like a 1/6th scale figure but it's only 8" tall! The base figure was a Sigma 6 'Shockwave black ops' body with a Sigma 6 Iron Grenadier head and hands. I resculpted the face portion of the Iron Grenadier to match the Helghast face but afterwards decided that he needed more than just painted on eyes.
That's where I got a little creative. I drilled the old eyes out and replaced them with clear plastic rod sections I got from a Xevoz Hyperfury staff accessory. The staff was already a clear orange and it works for the eyes when they're not lit up. Yes, they really do light up! Dilling out up under the faceplate I put an orange LED in there and glued the wires back under his helmet rim so they came out the back leading to the battery pack on his back. You can depress the button and his eyes light up bright orange or slip a small piece of metal lever in the battery pack to keep them on all the time.
Everything else was paint work.. lots and lots of it. For his jumpsuit a basic dark gray was laid down with a dirty black wash, some brown, highlights of gray, then gunmetal for the armor. I did a muddy brown splatter on the boots/underside then decided to go all out, giving him a blood-splatter to his left side as if he had just gunned someone down. His Helghast Rifle was made from a Frontmission 3 shotgun and various random parts cut and glued on to make it resemble the gun in the game as close as I could get it. The two sides of the flag were printed out on Photoshop and given a texture-filter so it looked a little like material. I tattered the edges then glued it to aluminum piping. It's huge, a foot tall by eight inches long! So there you have it, one Helghast Soldier from the game Killzone! Light up eyes rule... hehehe..."
I have never played the game either but judging from the looks of this figure, this makes me want to go out and buy it! My favorite parts of the figure are the light up eyes (of course), the weathering to give him a fresh from combat look, mud splatters on the boots, and the splatters of bloof on his left side. You can still bid on Jin's Custom Helghast Soldier on eBay so don't delay and get to bidding!!!

Halo 3 Master Chief Custom Action Figure by jin-saotome

After the blockbuster release of the Halo 3 XBOX 360 game from Microsoft, we are finally seeing custom Master Chief's showing up on eBay! This spectacular custom is by one of my favorite customizers, Jin Saotome! Like I reported in my blog about the Custom Master Chief Wearable Helmet, my wife got a copy of Halo 3 compliments of Microsoft and my nephew came over that night and we played the game for a couple hours. I must say I was very impressed by the stellar graphics and captivating story line.

Jin, who typically makes custom Transformers, has really brought the Master Chief to life. He goes on to say, "This auction is for a 8” tall custom Halo 3 Master Chief, pistol, rifle, Energy Sword, debris base, and revealed head. This is what he currently comes with, however I was short on time for making the actual battle base and will be adding that later along with an assortment of other weapons still to come! So for right now, this is what the auction includes. Master Chief has 22 points of articulation and can be posed in all sorts of awesome Flood-battling poses, no-scope poses, and even corpse-hump stances to taunt your enemy with after running them down in a Warthog. What better way to celebrate the release of Halo 3 than with a Master Chief that’s ready for battle!

Master Chief is back and this time he’s loaded for war! This figure is ONE OF A KIND with hand-sculpted armor sections! I didn’t mold the armor so there’s no more after this one. He features an intricate paint job with airbrushed shading, metallic sections, armor highlights, and a sweet gold-reflective visor! You can pose him in just about any position and he’s eight inches tall, this is not a tiny figure! Master Chief comes with three weapons currently, a pistol, rifle, and energy sword. I will have other weapons for him soon, I just ran out of time and can’t miss Heroes, hah! So keep an eye on the auction throughout the week and you’ll see added pics near the bottom of all the new stuff he comes with. The winner also gets the unhelmeted mystery head that won’t be revealed until after the auction ends! What does Master Chief look like under the helmet? You won’t know until you win! So… want the ultimate, unique, hand-made Halo collectible? Know someone who’s a huge Halo fan and goes to the grocery store wearing a Spartan helmet? Then don’t pass this auction up!!

The reflective helmet gives a very realistic effect to this truly one of kind figure! Go track the progress of Jin's Master Chief Spartan Halo 3 Custom as I am sure this is going to grab big bucks on eBay! Also, feel free to check out other custom Video Game toys on my ActionFigureCustoms.com website.

Halo 3 Custom Master Chief Helmet by austinisiac

Halo 3 for the XBOX 360 has to be the most anticipated release since the PlayStation 3 game system last November. I know this is going to sound strange but my wife brought home a brand new sealed Halo 3 game and we DO NOT have an XBOX 360 (how odd is that)! She is in the video game industry and received a copy as a compliment from Microsoft but I am a PC Gamer so we are giving it to our 14 year old nephew.

In my hunt for Halo related customs on eBay, I came across this Custom Master Chief Helmet. To give you some background, fans can get an authentic Master Chief Helmet that is bundled with the XBOX 360 Legendary Edition but the helmet is not wearable! How fun is that? austinisiac saw this flaw and created a wearable helmet. He goes on and gives more details:
"This was custom made by Briarsarmor/Richiesarmor who are famous for their Star Wars props. This helmet is indeed wearable and the visor IS see-through. Many people were upset about the Halo 3 legendary edition helmet not being wearable, well this is the solution. It is about the size of a motocross helmet, but is it's own helmet and not a helmet with crap plastered on it. This is a legit halo prop that isn't for play use. It has a small crack in the back, and the rest of the paint chips are on purpose for the "battle-damaged" look, you will see that there is silver paint underneath it to look like the metal. This is a one of a kind prop that is one of the rarest items to find with this quality."

Go check out this one of a kind Halo 3 Custom Master Chief Helmet that is sure to get top dollar as this is the only one out there that is wearable! I bet you are itching to dawn this Custom Master Chief Helmet and fire up Halo 3 and get your game on! If this Helmet is not your thing, go check out other customs on my ActionFigureCustoms.com site or the other Custom Video Game items on eBay.