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Grimlock Animated Transformers Generation 1 Custom Figure by CreFigz

This week, CreFigz has taken on a G1 Classic with his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.  One of my favorite aspects of his figures is the way that he brings plastic alive to look like metal with his airbrushing techniques.  The color choice and placement of them really pays homage to Generation 1 Grimlock while still giving him that animated feel to him.  The deep reds, golds, and greys compliment each other very nicely and the way the figure is shaded gives it an added dimension of depth.  I have always been a fan of CreFigz's customs and he keeps producing excellent customs week after week so if you want to see more photos, please head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.

Thundercracker G1 Transformers Custom Masterpiece Seeker Jet Back Up for Auction by noise_maze

If you missed this the first time around, noise_maze has put his Transformers Masterpiece Thudercracker up for auction! Head over to eBay and place a bid for your chance to own this great piece!

You can also read my original write up here!

Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker Transformers Generation 1 Style by noise_maze

noise_maze has possibly made the most accurate Masterpiece Custom I have seen so far with his Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker. When I first saw this on eBay, I thought that Takara had made this figure but I read on and discovered that noise_maze had found the exact paint color to match the G1 Thundercracker deco. Made from the Walmart exclusive Masterpiece Starscream, you could not get a closer match if you tried and noise_maze's paint aps are flawless and applied with precision. The sheen on the figure makes the figure look metallic. The sticker aps are true to the Generation 1 Thundercracker and if you did not know you were looking at a Masterpiece figure, you would think this was the original Thundercracker from 1984. I like the additions of silver on the engines and on the missile tips, a welcome upgrade from the standard paint job. This is a must have for any Masterpiece collector as this will probably the only accurate Thundercracker made, even beating out what Takara could produce.

noise_maze's Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker is up for a fixed price on eBay and I would not pass this one up.

Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition by boskoestoys

boskoestoys went above and beyond the call of duty and really delivered something out of this world with thier Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition! They informed me that they had one in the works a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for this day. First off, the scale is huge! Check out the regular Blackout next to this one and you will soon see exactly how large this Transformers is. Hasbro take notes! Second, the Movie accurate paint job is another reason to be the sole owner of this one of a kind custom, which, will not be reproduced again so you will be getting a 1/1 steller custom from boskoestoys. A couple other noteworth features includes the original headsculpt, which is very accurate to the movie and the super poseability of the figure allows you to pose Blackout in several natural positions.

Head over to eBay and check out more pictures of boskoestoys Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition and I would also suggest adding this customizer to your favorite sellers as he does amazing work! I have highlighted some of the details from the auciton, which you can find below. Two months of work was poured into this amazing piece of work! boskoestoys goes on to explain:

Conception of the idea
We waited, and waited to do this figure thinking Hasbro might come out with one, especially after the late arrival of a "Leader class Brawl". But with the movie buzz dyin' down, and Hasbro halting production on Transformer movie toys, it looked like it was up to us.In our opinion not makin' a Leader Class BLACKOUT was one of the biggest oversights in toy makin' history, and to us just shows how outta touch big toy companies are with their fan base.

Enter Boskoes Toys "exclusive", custom LEADER CLASS BLACKOUT Transformers movie figure. First we'll get to his size. He's actually more like an "ULTIMATE CLASS", measuring 2 FEET long in helicopter mode, and almost 13 inches tall in robot mode (not including propeller attachment, which makes him even bigger)

From Conception to Reality: Features of this Custom Blackout

  • Ultra realistic "movie accurate" pant job
  • We did have to simplify his Transformation process a bit, but there's still plenty of transformation happening here. His legs spin backward, and filled up underneath him. His legs are very articulated, and bend several places, including swivel at the hips allowing some cool "dynamic" poses
  • The tail piece of the copter detaches using a very sturdy "click in" system. The tail piece also holds a hidden sound FX (lasers, and copter sound)
    His arms which fold back and act as his side bars in Helicopter Mode, fold down, and have a wide range of motion
  • Sidebar covers fold out in Robot Mode to reveal large missile
  • Large Propeller from Helicopter detaches, and can be attached to BLACKOUTS back in robot mode
  • Top turret can be swapped with included BLUE LED search light
  • Blackouts head, which is an original "more accurate sculpt" is removed while in Helicopter mode (whirls on a sturdy ball and socket system), and can be stored in a small custom Transformers case
  • Blackout comes with three different exchangeable weapons (rifle, propeller gun, and claw missile launcher)
  • Back propeller can be removed and popped into the front of BLACKOUT large gun to create to propeller gun
  • BLACKOUTS hands are articulated and can be opened and closed
  • BLACKOUT comes with 3 Army soldiers and cargo gear (two fit inside the cockpit)
  • Revoltech G1 Optimus prime is included incase you wanna create a "trick scale" for display
  • We use the Gold standard in paints and Apoxy, Aves, Testors, and Reaper
  • Our figures are super sturdy, and the paint is very durable

Custom Transformers Leader Class Menasor Warrior by chih

chih has come back this week with a force and brings us a very unique Custom Transformer that he has called Menasor. I was lucky enough to chat with chih and he explained the inspiration for creating a warrior figure, which came from movies like Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and 300. He goes on to explain, "Menasor has tremendous strength, his armor is nearly impervious to all but the most powerful artillery, so why not add more armor & weapons to make it look like a Gladiator style Super Warrior. I added the shield & the battering ram from GJ Joe-Law Enforcement "LOCKDOWN." I added 1 more gun and put it on the back of the shoulder, the gun is from GI Joe-COBRA Weapons Expert "CRIME BOSS DESTRO." I Love to use weapons from GI Joe on the Leader Class Transformers, a perfect fit and looks really cool."

There are several aspects that make this custom unique. First, the weathering on the figure is spot on! It is almost like chih turned plastic into metal with the weathering and paint aps on the upper legs, arms and feet. It truly looks like Menasor has been through many a battle and lived to fight another day. Second, the way Menasor's face is painted fits very well with the gladiator/warrior theme that chih was going after. I was able to dig up a mask from the Gladiator Movie and the way chih painted Menasor's face really captures that feeling of Roman times. The way the head is painted makes it look like Menasor is donning a gladiator mask. Finally, the weapon choice really makes this custom unique. The shield puts the finishing touches on this Menasor Warrior. It is really nice to see a bit of historical reference as inspiration for customs as you know the old adage, people who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
This Custom Transformers Menasor is fresh on the market on eBay so head over and visit the item page for more pictures and a chance to own this unique custom.

Transformers Movie Bumblebee as Bugbite Botcon Exclusive Custom by gertine_1

There have been some really cool Transformers Movie Bumblebee customs made that range from Generation 1 Classics (Wheeljack, Prowl) to amazing Movie style paint aps. This weeks Custom Botcon Exclusive Bugbite made from the Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2009 Concept Camaro is no exception! He picked a great choice for the head by using an Engergon Inferno head as it closely resembles the orignal Botcon Bugbite head. Not happy with the original Botcon Exclusive, gertine_1, created his own that puts the original Botcon figure to shame. gertine_1 gives us some information about how this custom was made when he states, "He is such a cool figure that i knew i had to create him. He is a Transformers Movie Concept Bumblebee, With a totally new head sculpt from a Energon Inferno. As usual i used Model Master acryl, Games Workshops colors, and Ave's Fixit Sculpt." 

Check out more awesome Custom Transformers on eBay!

Custom Transformers Fortress Maximus Generation 1 Style by Corvus

When the Cybertron Metoplex hit stores, this gave Transformers customizers a reason to create on the largest Generation 1 Transformers: Fortress Maximus. Being that this is Corvus' first custom, I am simply amazed at his work and his craftsmanship. Using the Cybertron Metroplex as a base, Corvus not only made a Fortress Maximus in robot mode, he took it to the next level and created the Base Mode!Background and Concept
The conception of Corvus' Fortress Maximus began when he admired the work of others who had tackled the giant beast of a Transformers. As he explains, "This custom/kitbash was one I had really wanted to do since I first saw it done on the Japanese boards, and another by Viagra Prime: Cybertron Metoplex into Fortress Maximus. I let the desire simmer for a couple of years, and when Cybertron Metroplex recently hit Dollar General stores at $19.99, I decided the time was now, and soon I'd gotten started on my first custom Transformer." What a great story!

From Concept to Reality
It is one thing to have a vision but actually making that dream into a reality takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and imagination. Having a great base to start with, Corvus also used many other parts from various toy lines to make this Fortress Maximus come to fruition. Here is a list of what he used to create this bohemoth:

  • Superion Head as the base for Max's head
  • Ball-joint for the neck courtesy of a Xevoz Alpha Centurion
  • G1 Battletrap guns for the forearm cannons
  • G1 Drag-Strip cannons stand in for Fort's leg-mounted mortars
  • The Rifle is made from a KO Abominus rifle and an Optimal Optimus Missile
  • Waist-cannons were made using the guns from an Energon/Universe Windrazor
  • Dual-barrel Laser Gun was made from a G1 Streetwise cannon and parts of Energon Arcee's weapon
  • Some mini-con ports from Energon Perceptor were also incorporated
  • Rifle-scope is made partly from an old, empty technical pen, and even a few pieces of a toothpick and twisty-ties
  • Left-over sticker sheet materials from the sheets for God-Ginrai and Optimus Prime
  • Junk parts he had kept around from old models, GI Joe toys, and even model sprue, which he used to make various items, especially the repair arms
  • He even made use of Marvel-Legends blister-plastic, and an old G1 Tech-Specs decoder

The Ingredients
Creativity is what makes this Fortress Maximus so special and no, Corvus did not use sugar or flour to create this custom. Corvus made extensive use of sheet, tube, and rod styrene, as well as Aves Fixit Sculpt for the alterations and original parts. Here is an example of how he made the autobot symbol on the tower in base mode:

"I made the autobot symbol on the tower by printing out a copy of the insignia, gluing it to a sheet of styrene with rubber cement, then carefully cutting out each piece with my x-acto knife. Once the cutting was done, I soaked the pieces in water to remove the cardstock and cement. Then I glued the pieces onto another sheet of styrene."

Behold: Fortress Maximus by Corvus
Mix around 50 hours of work, a bunch of parts from various toy lines, a ton of imagination, natural skill and craftsmanship, and you have a recipe you have the masterpiece that is Fortress Maximus! Corvus also runs a website and a board called CorvusChatter so go over and check out his other talents from this burgeoning customizer and artist. Corvus has a bright future in customization as his first attempt scores a 9.5 out of 10 in my book! For now check out some more pictures of his Custom Fortress Maximus.

Robot Mode

Base Mode

Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus Generation 1 Style by chih

"Consistency is victory."
A commander could want no finer a soldier than Ultra Magnus. Despite his incredible fighting skills, courage and unmatched talent for improvisation on the battlefield, Ultra Magnus is most comfortable when carrying out orders, and is naturally uncomfortable if the mantle of leadership should ever find itself placed upon him. chih brings our readers a flavor of Generation 1 with his Custom Ultra Magnus made from a Transformers Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. Out of the ashes of the Cybertron Prime, which was used as the base of Ultra Magnus, chih strikes a nice balance of form and function with other additions to the figure like weapons from GI Joe Black Ops and the addition of the Autobot emblems on the shoulders of Ultra Magnus. The whites and blues that were used bring Ultra Magnus to life and pay a nice homage to the Generation 1 original. The silver grill puts a nice finishing touch on the custom, which also mirrors the 1980's classic! One of my favorite thing to see customizers do is to take a really unattractive figure (e.g., the Cybertron Galaxy Force Prime) and turn it into a Generation 1 classic! Take a look at the comparison below; chih has outdone himself and really made Ultra Magnus his own.

Chih also has a blog where he uploads pictures of his latest creations so head over there and check it or, better yet, head over to eBay where you can bid on his Custom Ultra Magnus or some of his other custom creations, like his custom Nemesis Prime that he put up for auction last week.

Custom Transformers ‘The Fallen’ Generation 1 Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome brings us a reincarnation of 'The Fallen

' with his latest batch of customs for this week. What intrigued me about this figure is the sharp contrast in color among the blacks, oranges, red, and yellows to create the fire effect in his gears and body (not to mention the huge flame coming out of the top of his body). This is truly a piece of art that captures a real force of nature - Fire! As Jin states in his auction:

"This auction is for a 6" tall "The Fallen" custom Transformers Classics figure with removable side cannons, magnetic removable inferno flame, extra right hand, and spinning turret/claw arm. He has multiple points of articulation meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome "I'm one of the first Transformers, bow to me!" poses and he'll look great in every one.

This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. The Fallen was one of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus and perhaps one of the coolest bots around. Why? BECAUSE HE'S ON FIRE! (Not literally as playing with the figure would result in your house burning down. But his character is supposed to be glowing like a furnace, always burning with flame.) The Fallen is detailed with various shades of… eh… black? Well the inner-furnace detailing are is neat part, done in orange-red-yellow tones for a real burning look! He does feature various metallic tones and weathering too for that been-around-for-a-millions-years theme. Flip out the turret and claw on his right hand and depress the lever on top for flaming-turret spinning action. The magnetically attached flames behind his head can be removed for transformation and the side cannons are removable as well. The Fallen transforms into an assault-tank and looks fairly cool doing so, rolling around and looking quite threatening. So, need a revamped Fallen to replace the chunky Titanium version that keeps toppling over? Know a friend who would bring this figure on camping trips in case of an emergency? (Kidding, it's not on fire.) Then don't pass this auction up! This figure will be shipped in time for Christmas in case you'd like to give him as a gift."

Go over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom 'The Fallen'

before time runs out!

At the dawn of time, Primus created new life, the 13 original Transformers, to crew his planetary form into battle against his eternal nemesis Unicron. One of these 13, his original name now lost to the mists of time, turned against his siblings, his creator, and his universe, and betrayed them all.

As Vector Prime was constructed to safeguard Space/Time, this robot's function was to oversee the primal force of entropy, the aging and dissolution of order in this universe as presage to a new creation. However, this guardian of entropy became obsessed with the darker side of chaos and death, and in the black place these urges lead him, the betrayer found a new god, more suited to his nature. He turned against Primus and became the Fallen.

Now he is a being of power, darkness, and absolute dedication to Unicron. At the end of the first battle between the two Gods, for his treachery, the Fallen was sealed into extradimensional limbo along with his new master.


Custom Transformers Galvatron Generation One Cartoon Movie Style by Jin Saotome

Who can take a Transformers figure that looked like it came out of a Lucky Charms box and turn it into a piece of Generation 1 Transformers Movie history? You guessed it! Jin Saotome! After Jin's successful 2007 Transformers Movie Galvatron, he went back to his roots and created this Custom Transformers Cartoon Movie Galvatron out of the ashes of an Energon Megatron figure. I do like the masculine look of this Galvatron as Jin has focused on making him Gray and Blue (instead of the traditional purple). The cannon is a great shade of deep orange which compliments the figure nicely. As Jin states in his auction: 


This auction is for a 10” tall custom Transformers ‘Classics’ Galvatron figure with removable particle accelerator cannon, and space-cannon attachments. Galvatron has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count and they all have excellent range of motion even for as large as he is. This means you can pose him in all sorts of awesome Starscream-threatening poses and he’ll look great in every one. Galvatron changes from robot to scrap Space Cannon and transforming him won’t affect the paint job. Just take care when moving his parts around as he’s a very large and hefty figure.
This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Here’s another taken on an old favorite, Galvatron done in a ‘Classics’ feel to him. First of all he’s huge, ten inches tall and fairly wide to boot. He has an imposing feel about him especially with his massive particle accelerator cannon aimed at you! The cannon can be attached on two spots on his right arm, on the side for storage and on his forearm for combat. And wow this sucker is a brilliant metallic gloss orange! Galvatron himself has been hand painted with various shades of blues/dark blues, weathered highlights, shadows, metallic sections, and given the full treatment of detailing that all my custom figures get. Even his eyes are two tones of red and yellow, burning with the need to kick Starscream across Cybertron at a moment’s notice.
But what’s Galvatron without an alt mode? Throughout the years he’s been depicted as different things but it’s back to the oldschool look this time! Galvatron transforms into yes, a massive space cannon, complete with treads. His arm cannon becomes the tip and brings his size to over a foot long. A lot of care and detail was put into this figure to get him the right mix of G1, cartoon, and modern styling here, I hope you like him. So, did you want Galvatron to top off your unique collection of Transformers? Know a friend who would get a kick out of a giant blue robot? (yes, sometimes Galvatron is depicted in purple, but then he’d be competing against the X-men Sentinels). Then don’t pass this auction up!! This figure will ship to you in time for Christmas too, in case you’d like to give him as a gift.

Make sure you check out Jin's awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron for your chance to own this great piece!

Omega Supreme Transformers Classics Custom by Jin Saotome


"Unyielding resolve has no conqueror."
Jin Saotome, master of Transformer customization, brings us a real treat today. Omega Sumpreme, one of the tried and true Generation 1 classics of our time, is reincarnated into this awesome Custom Omega Supreme, which I will let Jin describe in his own words...
"This auction is for a 10" tall custom Transformers 'Classics' Omega Supreme figure with removable drilling arms, working scrap-magnet, scrap-claw, Dump truck minicon, and flickering light-up smelting furnace. Omega has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count and they all have excellent range of motion. This means you can pose him in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-smelting poses and he'll look great in every one. Omega changes from robot to scrap metal foundry and transforming him won't affect the paint job. It's time for more Transformers Classics customs and this week I give you Omega Supreme Omega features two drilling arms that can be detached into separate vehicles. The right claw opens up and spins via a thumbwheel and the left drill extends and spins when you slide the lever. Add two AAA batteries (not included) and you can have the claw-drill light up and make noise when you spin it. Once detached you can transform Omega into a scrap metal foundry complete with a working scrap-magnet for hoisting metal chunks into his minicon buddy and scrap-claw for tearing apart slagged Decepticon wreckage into smaller bits. Inside Omega's chest is the smelting furnace that lights up and flickers brightly, ready to process scrap metal into raw materials to repair his Autobot friends. (furnace batteries are included and you can replace them easily) Omega Supreme has been painted with many different shades, metallics, weathering, highlights, shadows, you name it. He's been styled to resemble his G1 form while playing to the modern 'Transformers Classics' theme. So… were you looking for a giant guardian to watch over Cybertron while you were out? Know a friend who will keep trying to attach the two arms to form a rocket? (sorry, they're drilling equipment this time around, heh) Then don't pass this auction up!!"
Own this one of a kind custom today by visiting Jin's Custom Omega Supreme Auction at eBay. If you would like to learn more about Omega Supreme, please read below:
Omega Supreme is the ultimate defensive force. Although he has great strength, it is his even greater courage which truly distinguishes him. Against overwhelming odds, he will stand unwaveringly and fight with every last microchip of his mechanical being. His fellow Autobots consider him serious, even grim, but those with insight know the reason why: the enormity of the responsibility placed on Omega Supreme. He is designed specifically as the Autobots' last line of defense. It is his job to protect the Ark and anything else considered vital to the Autobot cause. He knows that should he fall in battle, chances are there will be no other Autobots left by that point to take over his role. His is a situation Omega Supreme finds both challenging and chilling. He would have it no other way.
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Custom Bumblebee Transformers Movie Dio Brawl Battle by matt1989cars

Another Custom Battle Damaged Movie Dio has popped up on eBay! matt1989cars gives us his take on the Transformers Movie with this battle scene dio with an added twist. One of the most exciting parts of the Transformers Movie is when Bumblebee is racing down the streets (with some help of a tow truck) and opening up a can of whoop-ass on Brawl. The aftermath after a hail of high heat sabo rounds and a shelling from bumblee's cannons, Brawl is left in a world of hurt. There are a couple things that differentiate this dio from others. First, matt1989cars has sculpted Bumblebee's mask, which you don't see many out there. The mask adds to the realism and the use of the Bumblebee Evolutions camaro adds extra battle damage to the car. Second, he added much needed battle damage to Brawl, rounding out the intense scene in the movie which leaves Brawl in a heap of scrap metal.matt1989cars goes on to explain a little more about this scene: "This is a custom Diorama with three Custom painted and modified Transformers (deluxe figures). Everything in the pictures is included with this auction. Bumblebee has modifies too his legs, gun, head, and shoulder guns(also a real like chain is included to wrap around him)! Brawl has a lot of battle damage from his foot too his head and of course that fatal chest shot. Longarm was also carefully painted and has a hydraulic was removed from the tow rack, so Bumblebee can be placed correctly on the bumper. The box and instructions will be included for Brawl and Longarm only(carefully opened). Bumblebee was from the target exclusive two-pack. I will include the extra removed parts for Bumblebee in case you want to put him back as original. You will have two replace two knee screws only, which are also included."This one is newly listed on eBay so here is your chance to own a great custom along with a one of the greatest battle scenes in the movie so go and bid on matt1989cars' Custom Bumblebee Brawl Movie Dio today.

Custom Transformers Movie Hot Rod by Todd’s Original Custom Designs

Todd's Original Custom Designs has a new take on a classic G1 figure with his Custom Hot Rod made from the 1978 Camaro Bumblebee mold from the Transformers Movie line. By using an Energon Rodimus head and matching the paint color pretty close, Hot Rod is reborn. The flames pay great respect to the G1 Hot Rodfigure. The weathering is nicely done and paint aps in robot mode look convincing although I don't really care for the pinkish/purplish accents. I would have either liked a nice metal or a black for those parts but that said, it is a nice figure and I enjoy seeing movie figure customs as G1 classics.

Masterpiece Starscream Clean Version – How to Guide by revlimiter

Although few and far between, the Masterpiece Starscream in G1 deco is becoming a sought after piece. Once again, Hasbro has taken some liberty and deviated from the true G1 paint scheme but there are some clever people out there who figured out how to bring Starscream back to his 1980's greatness. Building off of a post by Optimus Scourge over at the Transformers World 2005
Boards, revlimiter goes on to explain in his short tutorial:


Masterpiece Starscream Paint Removal 101:
1) Weathering: The weathering is way easy to remove and requires almost no effort. A little rubbing alcohol (I use expensive TARGET brand 95% stuff) and a stiff paper towel make this a 5 minute project. And the panel lines stay there! It's hard to remove them, but I didn't want to anyway. You can just rub off the weathering (Gently) and the pretty grey panel lines will remain behind.
2) Nosecone: That silver is really on there. I roughed it up with a green scotchbrite pad before and during paint removal. Just light scuffing to break the paint up, not enough to cloud the blue plastic underneath. And you just use the same alcohol/towel technique. I pulled the nosecone forward and held it with my fingers in one hand (that never touched anything else) and removed with the other. If you happen to touch the cockpit with a alcohol soaked hand, bad things might happen. Clear plastic hates alcohol.
3) Thruster covers: That paint is really on there, but scrubbing and protecting the blue tail fins with one hand got it all clean within about 30 minutes.

On a side note, I just joined the Transformers World 2005 community and there are definitely some awesome customizers who post over there so if you have not made it over there, go check them out. For more Custom Transformers figure, check them out on eBay!

Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron by sainte_786

Another Transformers Movie Galvatron Custom Custom has surfaced on eBay. Staying true to the G1 Galvatron, sainte_786 has added a cannon which mounts on the arm and the colors compliment the original nicely. I like the way that the orange accents looked weathered, like they have seen fierce battles. The purple is a great shade, which pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 figure from the 1980's. The Matrix necklace is adds a nice touch to the figure. If Galvatron ever made into the Transformers Movie sequel, as a reincarnation of Megatron, saint_786's version definitely is one that Michael Bay should note. Go head over to eBay and bid on this awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron! 

As for Galvatron's history, here is some background on this evil Decepticon: In the year 2005, the Decepticons launched a failed attempt to capture Autobot City on Earth. In the process, Decepticons leader Megatron was gravely wounded, though not necessarily mortally. During their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons had to abandon many of their beaten warriors to cold space, whether or not they were beyond repair. Craving the leadership, Starscream also threw Megatron's body overboard. Eventually, Megatron was approached by a being of god-like power: Unicron. They talked and a bargain was arrived at. Unicron would save Megatron's life and provide him with a new body and new troops, and Megatron would destroy the Matrix of Leadership for Unicron. Deciding that a new and more powerful body would be needed, Unicron turned Megatron into Galvatron.

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Custom Transformers Devastator Generation One – Destruction of Autobot City by bromen238pxk

bromen238pxk has outdone himself and created a scene that is surely sought after. He brings us this one of a kind sculpture with amazing detail. This Custom Devastator Diorama was built completely from scratch and definitely shows off the talent of this customizer. One of my favorite parts of this diorama is the facial expression he molded for Devastator, which brings out the ruthlessness of this Decepticon. Expressions are really hard to capture with customs, especially ones built from scratch, but bromen238pxk has captured the essence of Devastator's character and persona. I also like the way bromen238pxk portrays destruction with the flames in the diorama, which adds the realism.


bromen238pxk gives us a little taste of how much effort was put into this awesome piece, "This auction is for my custom built and painted Devastator statue with diorama. I built Devastator from a variety of toy parts, as well as custom sculpted head, hands, arms, and a completely scratchbuilt diorama. The diorama was constructed from floral foam, sealed with plaster, painted and detailed. The entire piece is huge. The figure itself stands around 17 inches tall, with an armspan of about 22 inches. The base is 23 inches across the front, and 15 inches front to back. The tallest building stands 23 inches tall. The sculpture itself represents a scene from the 1986 animated movie. The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City, and the Constructicons form Devastator to breach their defenses. Devastator has the sheer power to tear the city apart with his bare hands. This piece was a true labor of love, and has hundreds of hours of work put into it." 

Custom Transformers Trailbreaker Generation 1 Movie Figure by mirages_boxes

mirages_boxes brings us the latest G1 reincarnation of a Transformers Movie figure with his Custom Trailbreaker made from Dropkick. The packaging is a blast from the past with the G1 style tech spec and box art. This is another great example of a customizer taking advantage of a figure who never saw the light of day in the Movie and turned it into a G1 Classic! Custom Classics Trailbreaker #2 Made from Movie Figure Dropkick. Figure was Dissembled, Washed, Masked and airbrushed. Legs and arms were than painted with chrome detail and battle wear. Custom stickers professionally printed on Vinyl were then applied. Custom packaging made to resemble the past with a piece of the future. Back has tech spec with converted art and I even have some transformation pics in back. Joints were masked to avoid paint wear but these areas are not noticeable easily. His back claw does still pop out with great ease. Packing was printed on high res paper and is very glossy and vibrant. Figure looks great with your movie figs or your classics."

mirages_boxes explains how he transformed Dropkick into a G1 classic: "

You can nab this one of a kind Custom Trailbreaker on eBay so get it while you can!


Custom Optimus Prime Transformers Movie Custom Voyager Class Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is on a roll with his latest Transformers Movie Custom Battle Damaged Optimus Prime in Voyager Class scale. One aspect of this Optimus Prime that sets it apart from the rest is the removable truck back! With the Voyager Class Optimus Prime, the original figure suffered from hunchback syndrome but Jin has found the key to making this figure tolerable: the removable truck back! Removing the hood from Prime's back really makes this figure sleek and agile. The paint job reflects one heck of a battle that happened at the end of the movie and what always puzzled me was that Prime's Truck mode (and all of the Autobots) looked immaculate even after a opening a big can of whoop a$$ on the Decepticons. Jin's truck mode actually reflects what Prime would look like before he had a chance to hit the car wash. The cracked windshield is a nice touch too (I wonder what auto insurance Prime has...).As Jin states, "This auction is for an 8" tall custom 'Final Battle' Optimus Prime figure with removable truck back (ah hah, finally!) removable gun-hand, and twin missile firing smokestacks. He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I'm not even going to try. This means you can pose Prime in all sorts of awesome Autobot-leading poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store-bought Voyager Optimus Prime and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. Instructions are included because let's face it these suckers are like skill-puzzles sometimes.

This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, but don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Oh man, Prime looked like he was almost down for the count at the end of the Transformers movie, all dinged up and beat to hell! Now you can own a true battle-damaged Prime with a super-detailed paint job that will rival anything you'll see on the shelves. Prime here has been painted with multiple layers of shadows, metallic detailing, highlights, battle wear, scuffs, mud splatters, oil splatters, burn marks… you name it and he's been through it. But it's not just the paint, Optimus Prime's sculpt has been changed to reflect all the damage he took fighting Megatron, looking like he stepped right off the screen with gouges, dents, and blast damage! His vehicle mode has been given damage, not just his robot form for true movie-accuracy. You can remove Prime's right hand for an oversized fusion cannon and actually remove his funky truck-cab-backpack that was hindering the original figure. Prime's head has been refitted with a balljoint so he can look around in all directions now.


Galvatron Transformers Movie Custom by Jin Saotome

From the ashes of the Transformers Movie Voyager Class Megatron comes Jin Saotomes's Custom Movie Galvatron. Michael Bay should be looking to the talent of the Transformers customizers for Transformers Movie 2 (sequel) ideas. In the movie, Megatron's remains were disposed of into the Laurentian Abyss by the U.S. Armed Forces, along with the other dead Decepticons. Jin Saotome gives rise to Galvatron, Megatron's soul embodied into to a new being. Movie Galvatron figure with removable back wings and firing arm cannon/cockpit. He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I'm not even going to try. This means you can pose Galvatron in all sorts of awesome Autobot battling poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store bought Voyager Megatron and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. Instructions are included because let's face it these suckers are like skill puzzles sometimes. This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, but don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. By now you've probably seen the Transformers movie, right? Then you're right, there is no Galvatron in there. He may show up in the sequel but this is my own take on Megatron's second incarnation, mixing movie style and G1 style together with one figure. I created this custom from my own vision, which means you won't find a figure like this anywhere in the world. He's unique, purple, and spikey! He features poseable fingers where the wrists extend to give you an upwards/downwards reach, new detailing with spikes and such, a moving containment shield that contains the AllSpark energy that was released when Sam fried a hole in his chest in the first movie (mystical life-creating AllSpark energies not included) and a removable cannon and wing sections. The wings flip out into different positions and he really looks quite menacing despite being a large purple robot. Hey, if the Sentinels can get away with it so can Galvatron!"If you are unfamiliar with Galvatron please read on below:



As Jin states, "This auction is for an 8 inch tall custom

In the year 2005, the Decepticons launched a failed attempt to capture Autobot City on Earth. In the process, Decepticons leader Megatron was gravely wounded, though not necessarily mortally. During their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons had to abandon many of their beaten warriors to cold space, whether or not they were beyond repair. Craving the leadership, Starscream also threw Megatron's body overboard. Eventually, Megatron was approached by a being of god-like power: Unicron. They talked and a bargain was arrived at. Unicron would save Megatron's life and provide him with a new body and new troops, and Megatron would destroy the Matrix of Leadership for Unicron. Deciding that a new and more powerful body would be needed, Unicron turned Megatron into Galvatron.

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Jetfire Masterpiece Custom Transformers Made from Yamato VF-1S 1/48 by deafinoneear

(Someone does not belong in this Masterpiece lineup! Can you guess who?)

The Masterpiece line has been a huge hit for Takara and the figure line keeps growing (Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Skywarp). What if Takara made a Masterpiece Jetfire? deafinoneear shows you what it might look like with his custom Masterpiece Jetfire from a Yamato VF-1S 1/48.

I think I can speak for most when I say that Jetfire is one of the most popular Transformers from the Generation One line back in the 1980's. As with any Masterpiece Transformers, collector's love the scale and G1 molds that are used to portray their favorite characters. This custom is no exception! The scale for this Jetfire is very close to Optimus Prime's scale (with Jetfire's armor just reaching Optimus' head) but without the armor Jetfire comes up to his shoulder. No detail was spared when creating this G1 Classic. For this one, I am letting the pictures do the talking so enjoy the show and make sure you bid on this one of a kind Custom Masterpiece Jetfire!





Wheeljack Transformers Movie Custom Made from 2009 Camaro Bumblebee by darthleon_customs

Using the 2009 Bumblebee concept Camaro as an inspiration, darthleon_customs brings us a Generation 1 treat with his Custom Wheeljack

Generation 1 Transformer. This version of Wheeljack is amazing! One thing that struck me about this custom was the excellent repurposing of the 2009 Camaro Bumblebee mold to make a G1 classic.
Wheeljack's head is very accurate to his G1 counterpart and the faceshield that makes this figure unique fits nicely over the existing Bumblebee head. By leaving the mouth exposed and the top of the head, darthleon_customs takes Wheeljack to the next level by giving him a more robotic look with a human touch. In car mode, the detail on the paint pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 classic. Without overtly putting Autobot stickers on the car, Wheeljack can continue to hide in plain site, a welcome change from the original.
darthleon_customs urges you to bid early as I am sure this one will be hot and very sought after. Check out his Custom Wheeljack on eBay as he has more customs coming!

Beastbox Custom Transformers Generation 1 Movie Style by Fugayzie

Generation 1 customs are always a nice to see, especially when they are repurposed from the Transformers Movie. Since there were only a handful of Transformersin the Movie (Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream, etc.), Hasbro produced figures that were not in the Movie. One of the figures that did not appear in the movie was a video game controller named High Score 100 from the Real Gear subline.

If you are not familiar with Beastbox, read more about him below: 


Beastbox basic function is an interrogator

His violent temper overcomes his natural curiosity

More willing to whittle down his captives with his fists than with his words

Few survive his interrogations long enough to reveal anything useful

Can record up to 6000 hours of testimony

Equipped with two compression cannons, which crush a target with tons of compressed air

"Speak now if you intend to ever speak at all" Fugayzie had a great idea to make a relatively unattractive Transformer in the subline into a icon of the 1980's. I would like to see more customizers try and stretch their imagination and take the Movie Transformers back to the future and make more generation one icons come back to life. For more Custom Transformers, check out the latest and greatest on eBay!

Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama by passiondesignsinc

One of the most gut wrenching parts of the Transformers Movie is when Starscream rips through the city and sends a hail of missiles raining down on the Autobots and leaves Bumblebee in disarray in the aftermath. passiondesignsinc has captured the feeling, mood, and what it would be like to witnesses this first hand with his Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama

. As he describes in his auction page below, he is really excited to bring something different to the collectors of custom Transformers:
"Now this is a custom that I'm very excited about. It's a slight recreation of a battle scene with in this summer's blockbuster movie "Transformers". """"" Spoilers""" Now Bumblebee gets blasted during the big fight and loses his legs. Next thing you know, his new human friends are straping him to a towtruck and helping him to keep fighting. The minute I saw the Longarm Towtruck Figure I had to do this diorama. But with a slight added bonus Longarm comes with flashing lights, a trick I learned from Jin using Barricade roof lights . Bumblebee has been customized for battle damaged, re-paint from different metallic washes, drybrushing etc .... Longarm also has slight been repaint, the same, but with running lights. This auction is for 2 custom Transformers and the diorama based! . It's a 3 for 1 deal, get while its hot!!!!!!!"

I personally love the city scape that he designed as his creation looks like all hell broke loose on the streets (you can even see water effects from the busted fire hydrant). As for the Transformers themselves, passiondesignsinc has taken some liberty in his interpretation of what happened to Bumblebee in the movie (getting ripped at the legs not at the waist) but he explains his decision in his own words, "it's my creation" and he wanted to keep the ability to transform Bumblebee and breaking the legs simply would not have worked. I actually think this was a brilliant idea as you can do so much more with the dio this way.
If you notice carefully, he has tried to bring a human element to Bumblebee with the creation of an exposed robotic spine from a Doc Oc tentacle. This really adds a higher level of detail and goes well beyond the interpretation of the movie and delves deeper into the mechanics and underlying construction of Bumblebee. I like the way he used scrap wire to give that freshly shredded look to the wire as it really looks like Bumblebee has a spine that connects and gives him the ability to move his arms and legs.
Go check out passiondesignsinc's Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama as it is a real treat to see something different in the Transformers Customs arena. I am super impressed by his work, making the decision to deviate from the movie, and the overall quality of the custom work as this dio is on steroids and there are so many possibilities for display!

Also, check out his website for more information on how he created this awesome dio! For other Custom Transformers figures, head over to eBay!

Leader Class Nemesis Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Movie by zildjian

zildjian brings us a one of a kind Leader Class Custom Nemesis Prime with a slick black paint job and some extras I wish the Hasbro version came with! The first thing that would strike anyone looking at this figure are the long, chrome smoke stacks that tower over this evil one. Although I do feel the smoke stakes are a bit too long, this would be a very nice addition to the Leader Class Optimus Prime that Hasbro produces. The figure is complimented by chrome and silver accents and the finishing touches are put in by piercing red eyes. This is one of the best Nemesis Prime customs I have seen in a very long time. The paint quality seems flawless and smooth and you can also see some light reflecting off of the hood in some of pictures. Let's hear how zildjian describes his process for creating his custom Nemesis Prime:

"This auction is for a Transformers the Movie custom figure of NEMESIS PRIME!! This figure started out as a Leader Class Optimus Prime produced by Hasbro! I disassembled the entire figure, primed each part, then painted each part with flat black, metallic black, blood red, and a very special MIRROR CHROME on the robotic parts. You will NOT see another figure with this type of chrome look!! This figure had well over 40 pieces when taken apart, and took quite a long time to complete. He was also given new extended, more dynamic and accurate smoke stacks, as well as more firepower that connect to his arms with rare earth magnets." If you would like to read more about Nemesis Prime, read more about his character as he appears in the comics below.

In Transformers Universe, Nemesis Prime was a Cybertronian leader (Most likely an alternate form of Optimus Prime) from another dimension conquered by Unicron. In that reality Prime was defeated by the Herald of Unicron known as Megazarak. Captured, it had its spark tortured and experimented on by the Chaos Bringer. Unicron kept the Prime locked in a state of unbeing, it's spark separated from body, yet prevented from joining the All-Spark. Tortured for an eternity until pain became indistinguishable from pleasure and the former Autobot longed for only this sensation. Broken, he was reformatted into Nemesis Prime and granted Unicron's Dead Matrix, the former Primes' Matrix which during the centuries of torture had rotted and been perverted into a weapon capable of annihilating Primus, just as the Autobot Matrix possesses the power to destroy Unicron.
Check out zildjian's Custom Nemesis Prime on eBay for your chance to own this awesome custom Transformer!

Transformers The Movie Custom Figure Greatest Hits by pairadocs-design PART 1

I thought I would celebrate the Transformers Movie DVD release by highlighting some of my favorite customizers and their Movie customs. pairadocs-design, an extremely talented customizer, has made several Transformers Movie customs that are noteworthy. Tonight I will focus on 2 of his superb Transformers:



Aside from the short introduction on how the Transformers ended up on earth, the first Transformer we see that opens a severe can of whoop ass is Blackout! Blackout and his minion Scorponok are ordered by Starscream to attack the SOCCENT Forward Operations Centre in Qatar, disguised as a MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter that was apparently shot down over Afghanistan. I was in awe as Blackout destroyed everything in his path and tossed tanks around like pieces of paper. pairadocs-design has truly captured the sinister nature of this evil Decepticon with his Custom Blackout.




Protoform Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime has been an icon for more than 25 years. Before the Movie came out in theaters, there were two sneak preview toys that hit the shelves. Protoform Optimus Prime was one of them. I initially passed on the toys and left them on the shelves but after I saw the movie, my interest in the toys grew and I began collecting the Movie toys. The protoform figures were intriguing but Hasbro let me down with the inaccurate paint job. pairadocs-design has truly done a spectacular job with this custom and here is how he describes his Custom Protoform Optimus Prime: "Full-blown movie Transformers repaint... protoform version of Optimus Prime. Several layers of metallics here - first a metallic black base, then layered drybrushes of Oily Steel, Silver, and a custom mixed metallic light blue. Then accent colors were added in. All screw holes were filled in and sculpted to keep the figure one solid piece with no distractions."

Ratchet Transformers Movie Custom Generation 1 by shyeah

The Transformers Movie line has really given customizers a great canvas to work from. This week, shyeah has created a beloved great from the 1980's in his reincarnation of Ratchet!

As he describes his process, "I've redone the head to have a more accurate G1 look. Black wash touch-ups were applied to his arms, legs and torso. I also did some metal grey dry brush touch-ups on his roof rack. Besides the head and paint touch-ups, I replaced the original Rescue Ratchet hands with more G1 style hands. Also included are the original Movie Rescue Ratchet instruction booklet (Not pictured). A Big thanks to Jin Saotome for the various custom and painting questions that I had. He's just awesome!"

As Hasbro has created a G1 style Starscream and Jazz, add shyeah's Custom Generation 1 Ratchet from the Transformers Movie line. If you want to check out other custom Transformers, go check out my Custom Transformers Section on http://www.actionfigurecustoms.com/.

Custom Skywarp Movie Transformers in Voyager Starscream Style by strata32000

One thing that Hasbro does to death are repaints! The G1 style repaints of Jazz and Starscream are just some example of how Hasbro can extend the life of their figures and give people a reason to come back to the stores.

Hot on the heals of the G1 releases comes this Custom G1 Skywarp made from the Voyager Class Movie Starscream mold. strata32000 goes on to talk more about his one of a kind custom:

"Skywarp was created from a Target exclusive version. Much like many of you hardcore Transformer fans I was very impressed with the blockbuster Transformers Movie this summer. I enjoyed the details of the robot modes best and like many customizers out there I decided to lend my own skills to create Transformable custom figures. When I saw Starscream I knew he had to be repainted in Skywarp. It was just a no brainier. I took him apart, lightly sanded down the parts that moved/connected so that the figure could still transform without chipping and then masked all parts that I didn't want painted. In jet mode he resembles G-1 Sktwarp pretty well, a great looking fighter jet. In robot mode he looks like he belongs in the next Transformers movie. Skywarp looks like he can do some serious damage to any Autobot that gets in his way. His guns arms are very detailed and is a large part of his killer new look. His face is well painted with chrome and his eye are blood red. Skywarp comes with is original box. I wanted to produce an action figure that hopefully Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Paramount Pictures will want to put in the next Transformers movie."

It is a real treat for Transformers fans when customizers do G1 repaints. Go check out strata32000's Custom Movie Transformers Skywarp and see how great this figure is. After you have done that, head over to ActionFigureCustoms.com and check out all of the other Custom Transformers.

Custom Transformers Movie Frenzy by pairadocs-design

Frenzy is one of the Decepticons you love to hate in the Transformers Movie. His alternate mode is a silver GPX boombox (or a cell phone later in the movie) and his weapons include a small automatic weapon on each hand and CD-like throwing stars that fire out of his chest. His character is manic, and sometimes comedic. Constantly speaking in Cybertronian gibberish is what gives Frenzy a personality you will not forget. Despite his small size, making him useless against the Autobots, Frenzy proves irreplaceable to the Decepticons, single-handedly locating Allspark and freeing Megatron.

pairadocs-design captures the essence of this mechanical maniac with this Custom Frenzy! He goes on to say, "Frenzy was fixed up a bit from his original state... I added a bunch of extra pieces of "metal" detail, using styrene plastic to make him look more like the movie version. Also, I reworked his shoulder joints, adding movable ball-joints, so now his arms move in all directions, not just swiveling around like before! His gun-arm also swaps out, and his "throwing-star" still "ejects" from his chest too. I then painted him with high-grade, model quality acrylics - using several metallics, including a chrome finish... so he looks like a real metal robot!"

The articulation added to the figure and the realistic paint make this Frenzy one sought after Decepticon. I would invite everyone to check out this Custom Frenzy on eBay and track its progress! Also, go check out ActionFigureCustoms.com for the latest Transformers Customs on eBay!

Custom Movie Transformers Starscream by Jin Saotome

Jin is at it again with this excellently crafted and movie accurate Custom Starscream from Transformers the Movie. One thing I really like about this custom is that the gray is spot on to what the military color is and, since Starscream copied a military vehicle for his alternate state, this custom brings that mode to life. Starscream spends a lot of time in the movie in his F22 mode so it is nice to see how Jin brings this aspect of Starscream to life. Let's see how Jin describes his process for creating Starscream:

This time around I’ve given SS completely new redesigned, fully poseable arms with hands. Finally he can look as menacing as he did onscreen, ready to rip his Autobot opponents apart with deadly digits! The arms can be removed for jet-mode in order to give it a slimmed down look like the real Raptor F-22. Starscream’s head is now on a ball-joint that allows him to look around in all positions as well. The tan paintscheme has been replaced with gray, much like the real F-22’s look and fully loaded with shading, weathering, highlights, and multiple metallic tones on his robot body. Check out his face… Starscream looks downright evil now just as he should! Check out the classic Air Force symbol on his wing in the correct place. So, were you looking for a darker, grittier Starscream for your collection? Know a friend in the Air Force who flies one of these F-22 Raptors? Then don’t pass this auction up!!

I would agree! Do not pass this auction up! The addition of ball joints is a very nice add to the figure as many times Transformers suffer from the lack of poseability. Putting his head on a balljoint was a great detail to add as you can bring Starscreams's persona to life. You can bid on more Custom Transformers on eBay!

Custom Movie Transformers Leaderclass Brawl by pairadocs

You can tell which customs go the extra mile and which ones do not very easily. The detail on this Custom Leaderclass Brawl, for example, goes above and beyond simply repainting the figure. As pairadocs states in his listing:

"Brawl was cleaned up and his screw holes were filled in with a high-impact sculpting compound (Fixit Sculpt) and sanded smooth... you'd never know they existed (the two holes to open the battery compartment were left open though, so you can still get in there and swap out the two AA batteries he runs on when they wear out.) This results in a clean, complete figure that looks more like a "transformable sculpture" than a store-bought toy. I then prepped him and painted him from head to toe with high-quality model-grade acrylic paints... a COMPLETE repaint, incorporating actual military colors! The camouflage was done using an airbrush, for a nice subtle, realistic effect. The rest of the detail and weathering was done by hand, and the battle damage was done using various melty techniques... the end result? A Brawl that looks like he's seen a day or two (or in the middle) of serious battle!"

I am sure this will go for big money on eBay and if you are looking for an excellent piece of art from the movie, this Brawl is the one.

Custom Leaderclass Optimus Prime by Jin Saotome

One of the iconic and classic Transformers of the last 20 years, Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots. Although not like the original truck and trailer from the cartoon, Optimus has been reborn into a Peterbilt Semi with some attitude.

Jin Saotome, one of the most talented customizers I have seen, has take this Leaderclass Prime to a level many dream of. In his own words, he describes how he has customized this legend:

"This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don’t give it to your little brother to play outside with. You’ll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. You asked for it, you emailed me, you pleaded, and eventually I had to give in. Your Leader Class Prime is finished! It took a long time opening him up and taking out the gears, springs, and other parts to get inside his head. But it was worth the rewiring and now his eyes LIGHT UP BLUE! This was my #1 goal for the figure because his eyes are blue in the movie, however the store-bought toy featured yellow ones. So a high-powered blue LED was painstakingly installed just for you, the scrutinizing collector. But wait.. what’s Prime without his sword? Fold his hand back and attach the nearly six-inch long sword, powerful rare-earth magnets hold it firmly in place! The magnets are buried out of sight in the base of his hand and you can practically lift the figure up by the sword, they’re so strong! Do not get his right hand near your monitor, hard drive, or any other device that can be disrupted by high powered magnets.

Prime has been carefully repainted with various metalics, washes, highlights, and realistic details that bring out his robotic and vehicle form to their fullest. Screw holes have been filled and sanded smooth for a uniform look. Speaking of details you simply must check out Prime’s face! Not only are the inner sections of his eye painted but also you can see the Cybertronian hieroglyphics on his cheeks. All of Prime’s robot parts have various weathering and detailing done to make them look like real metal. In truck mode each of Prime’s blue lights have been detailed, the grille, rims, and whatever else needed to be painted in order to mimic the onscreen look of the vehicle. Prime has real metal smokestacks!! They can be removed for robot form and are slanted at the tip. Be careful you don’t put your hand down on them because they’re fairly pointy and will punch a hole in you. Now we know why Hasbro gives Prime short stacks each time, heh.."

If you want to own a piece of art, don't let this one pass you by. You can find this custom and others on eBay!

Custom Transformers Movie Bumblebee by studiosunny

Hasbro has never captured the grit and roughness with the Transformers movie toys. I came across this custom that I found on eBay and the seller studiosunny has done a tremendous job getting the fine detail with this 1977 Custom Camero Bumblebee figure. In his own words, he describes his process:

“I spent around 2.5 weeks to complete the little art work with passion and dedication.. The original piece is totally a piece of kid toy, the Bumblebee is without SOUL or Essence...so I focus my art work too add such elements, which turns out to be more realistic and dynamic after finishing...
Coloring is always my first concern, I added substantial weathering, different layers of smoke/dirty/rusting applied to the whole body, and trying to keep a sharp and smart unique yellow for Bumblebee, and I had used acrylic paint, back and forth dry brushing, to balance the weathering look for both classic car and robot mode for Bumblebee, all painting is based on the publication from Transformers movie guides...

I also added all movie like color/weathering/massive modifications to all the mechanical parts from Bumble Bee, for example,6 metallic twistable metal wire *at diameter 5mm are attached around the arms, wrist and legs, and those little work doesnt affect the transformation but certainly looks better afterwards. And the original screw holes are covered by custom made plastic mechanical capes, there may be around 10 screw holes around the body, I don’t remember now, just work and work...

And the original hands, are coming with 2 big holes, totally looks awful...I cut the hands without regret...then I have custom made 2 pair of mechanical hands for Bumblebee: (a) 2 hands with open figures; and (b) 2 hands in close figures.. And you may change the hands easily. These hands could hold the custom made ALLSPARK CUBE . The original AUTOBOT label is not so obvious and sharp so I have custom made it and re-finish from Bumblebee chest...”

This custom is simply amazing and you can check it out more Custom Transformers on eBay!

Transformers Movie Custom Action Figures

As an avid Transformers toy collector from the 1980's, I was highly anticipating the release of the live action blockbuster, Transformers produced by Michael Bay. Although there have been several versions of the Transformers toys over the past 20 years, it was exciting to see how the movie would transform our beloved heroes and villains into a live action movie. The first time I saw the movie, I was blown away by the level of detail and the creative flexibility that was given for the movie. After leaving the theatre, I was off to buy the toys...

Given the artistic nature and gritty look and feel of the Autobots and Decepticons in the movie, I was expecting nothing less from the toys. Boy was I wrong! I was very unimpressed by the level of detail for the Transformers Movie toys. The paint schemes were very much off and contained very little detail from the movie. Oftentimes, they were just plain inaccurate. This lack of detail gave some promising opportunity for customizers of toys and did they ever take advantage of this.

Enter the world of Transformers Movie Customs
Taking advantage of the lack luster movie toys hitting stores, customizers have taken the Transformers toys to a level only imagined by the movie. Creating detailed and accurate paint schemes from the movie, these customizers have created almost a new art form and fans are paying top dollar to have an accurate piece of the movie. Megatron, for example, was the most inaccurate figure produced to date. As you can see in the Hasbro produced toy does not match the movie version by any stretch. This has paved the way for some very talented and creative people who have capitalized on Hasbro's inability to give fans what they want by creating almost perfect replicas of the movie version.

There are many talented people selling thier customs on eBay so I created a website where you can view and purchase these customs: http://actionfigurecustoms.com/