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Serpentor and Throne Custom Cobra GI Joe Dio by Stronox

Serpentor and Throne Custom Cobra GI Joe Figure

Serpentor and Throne Custom Cobra GI Joe Figure

Stronox Customs knows how to treat a ruler right and his Custom Cobra Serpentor figure with Thrown pays a killer homage to the ultimate Cobra leader.  Both the thrown and figure have stunning detail, especially for a 4 inch figure.  Stronox has given Serpentor many different looks and even gives you a hooded version, which pays respect to the original Cobra Commander figure.  The cape is also wired which is a very cool addition and gives the figure an added sense of versatility and poseability.  The thrown is painted almost in an Aztec fashion with 3 striking cobra heads that give the thrown a very royal feeling.  The flames are a very nice touch and add to the mystique of the figure.  To place a bid on this great piece of work, head over to eBay and check out Stronox's Custom Serpentor figure and Thrown!



Crimson Guard Custom Cobra Figure by Homemade Joes

Crimson Guard Custom Cobra Figure

Crimson Guard Custom Cobra Figure

I have always thought the Crimson Guards deserved a more beefier armor and a more versatile uniform and Homemade Joes (aka Zartanman) has finally answered the call with this Custom Cobra Crimson Guard figure.  Fitted with chest armor that is painted metallic silver, one of the uniform options for this figure already looks much better than the original from the 80's.  Adding a full face helmet and a shield makes it look like these Crimson Guards are headed for a riot, which probably would have benefited them in the 80's cartoon.  To check out more looks to this great figure, head over to eBay and check out Homemade Joe's Custom Cobra Crimson Guard figure.

Custom GI Joe GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank by lilmonster777

Custom GI Joe GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank

Custom GI Joe GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank

Lilmosnter777 has some imagination and some skills to create this one of a kind Custom GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank.  By combing the best parts from a Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank, a Pursuit of Cobra Fury vehicle, and a DTC HISS Tank, he create one ultimate armored vehicle that actually looks better than the 3 stand alone vehicles ever could!  If you need a visual, here you go:

Not only is this a killer design but the overall paint app makes this look like an actual tank that has been rolling through the mud into battle.  I have to agree with Aristotle when he said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," and this Custom HISS Tank definitely fits that description.  To check our more detailed photos, head over and check out this Custom GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank over on eBay!


Chrome S.N.A.K.E GI Joe vs. Transformers Custom by Morgardee

Chrome SNAKE GI Joe Cobra Custom

Chrome SNAKE GI Joe Cobra Custom

The Cobra S.N.A.K.E was one of my favorite weapons in my Cobra arsenal as a kid.  A simple yet effective suit of armor kept me entertained for hours upon hours.  Morgardee has given this suit a makeover with his Custom Chrome Cobra S.N.A.K.E armor.  The theme of this figure was meant to go with the San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusives from Hasbro and I think it will fit in very nicely!  It just goes to show you that simple is sometimes better and more is less with this repaint.

Cobra Commander Custom GI Joe Figure by Sunok Studios

Custom Cobra Commander Figure

Custom Cobra Commander Figure

One of the most elusive figures in the GI Joe cartoon was the supreme leader of the terrorist organization Cobra!  With his screechy high pitched voice and the slithering hiss of the tongue, Sunok Studios gives a glimpse of what could have been under the famous powder blue suit with his Custom "I was once a man" Cobra Commander figure.  It looks like one of Destro's or Dr. Mindbender's experiments has gone awry as this time, the leader of Cobra is turning into an actual snake.  This concept is executed nicely as we are catching Cobra Commander in a half transformation.  The plastic clothing is detailed and sculpted in a way that it makes it look like the clothing is tearing off his body, exposing his scaly, serpent skin.  The snake texturing gives this figure the look of a snake ready to molt its skin.  To view more photos of Sunok Studios Custom "I was once a man" Cobra Commander figure, head over to eBay!

Cobra Terror Trooper Custom GI Joe Figure by 785_Tanks

Custom Cobra Terror Trooper

Custom Cobra Terror Trooper

I have a soft spot for GI Joes and sometimes it does not take much for a custom Joe figure to catch my eye but this Custom Cobra Terror Trooper is very simplistic and the concept is great!  What a great formula...take a comic pack Cobra Trooper, paint it black, and gray, throw a new symbol on the chest, and you have a new line of soldier ready to dominate the world for Cobra Commander.  Great concept!

Cobra Mobile Arctic Base Custom GI Joe Pitt by Zartanman

Cobra Mobile Artic Base Custom

Cobra Mobile Artic Base Custom

Aside from the Terror Drome, Cobra has gotten the shaft when it comes to bases to execute their quest for world domination but Zartanman has addressed this with his Custom Cobra Mobile Arctic Base made from the GI ROC Pitt.  The first thing you will notice is the Cobra blue, which is very reminiscent of the of the Cobra A.S.P and the Cobra Bunker colors.  The snow theme really came through nicely as there is "snow" accents on the wheels and on the rook of the mobile command center.  One of my favorites aspects of this base is the frozen cobra hood ornament on the front of the base and the icicle detailing that makes it look like it is rolling through the arctic tundra.

If this looks as good as it does on the outside, I can't wait to see what this looks like on the inside.  There are only 4 hours left to nab Zartanman's Custom Cobra Mobile Arctic Base and you will also find many other cool GI Joe customs over on his seller page and also on the website www.procustomizers.com.

Crimson Guards Custom Battle Armored Squad by Mythic Customs

The Crimson Guards are the elite and best of the best in the Cobra Army and Mythic Customs has given these soldiers an upgrade with this Custom Battle Armored Crimson Guard squad.  The combination of Star Wars Kamas works well on these figures and gives them a more refined look.  One thing that the CG's lacked was proper body armor so it looks like Destro and the Crimson Twins have struck a deal!  The armor on the figures has great coverage, especially in the neck area, where the helmet meets the rest of the uniform.  The tiny rivets on the shoulder armor add realism to the uniform as well as the squad leader's silver chest plate gives the appearance of rank and order in the Cobra Army, another aspect that was lacking in the toy line and in the series.

Cobra Crimson Guard Mauler Custom GI Joe Tank by GIJoeSupplyDepot

Cobra Crimson Mauler Custom Tank

Cobra Crimson Mauler Custom Tank

Cobra's special forces are at it again!  They have infiltrated the GI Joe line, stolen their Mauler M.B.T. and gave it the classic black and red Cobra style.  The soldiers in the Cobra army were not the smartest of people as you can see the bright crimson red tank barrel and wheels coming from a mile away but Cobra was not interested in camouflage and surprise as they yell "Cobraaaaaaaaaa" into battle.

This Cobra Crimson Mauler is painted using the classic Black and Red coloring found on the Crimson Attack Tank and the Sentry Missile System.  The glossy black was a good choice for this tank and the cobra decals were not overdone.  All in all, this is a very nice repaint of one of the coolest GI Joe tanks made.

Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Female Alley Viper by Ratfink

Custom GI Joe 25t Anniversary Alley Viper

Custom GI Joe 25t Anniversary Alley Viper

The women in the GI Joe line have been under represented over the years but Ratfink Customs is adding one more lady to the line with his Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Female Alley Viper figure.  The 25th Anniversary line really brought back the feeling of nostalgia for me with from the packaging to the look and feel of the figures.  Ratfink's figure does the same at it is painted in the classic orange and blue camouflage that we all grew up with.  I like the metal accents sprinkled throughout the figure and on the accessories.  This Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Female Alley Viper figure would fit in great with your existing GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and would also make a great companion for the Alley Viper that was packed with the Defense on Cobra Island pack.

Battle Android Trooper Marvel Legends Custom Cobra Figure by D&D Customs

Battle Android Trooper Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Figure

Battle Android Trooper Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Figure

Growing up as a child, one of my favorite toys to play with in the GI Joe line was the Cobra B.A.T.  This was a mainstay in my Cobra arsenal and provided hours upon hours of fun.  D&D has immortalized this figure with their Custom Marvel Legends Battle Android Trooper.  Turning a 3 3/4" figure into a Marvel Legends style custom takes some skill and D&D has definitely delivered.  They nailed the classic yellow accents as well as the fine details that made the Cobra B.A.T. and instant classic.  I love the over-sized detachable weapons, a unique aspect that made playing with the B.A.T. so much fun.

Cobra Viper Glider Pilot Custom GI Joe Figure by Jharris229

Cobra Viper Glider Pilot Custom GI Joe Figure

Cobra Viper Glider Pilot Custom GI Joe Figure

Aside from the Micky Mouse Cobra Commander Figure that came out in the early releases of the GI Joe figures, the Cobra Viper Glider Pilot is another one of the quest for the holy grail figures that collectors pay top dollar for.  Lucky for you, Jharris229 has a Custom Cobra Viper Glider Glider Pilot and Glider up for sale and you would be hard pressed to tell that this is a custom as it looks so much like the original.  The bummer about the Viper Glider Pilots from the 1980's is that most of the symbols have rubbed off but Jharris229 has a mint symbol on this puppy that is not a sticker!  There is less than 8 hours to go on this figure and glider so head over to eBay if you want to get a chance to own this piece of GI Joe history.

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by FrogDNA

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe Figure

Chrome Crimson Guard Custom GI Joe Figure

FrogDNA has made some really great enhancements to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line with his chrome work and detailed shading with his Custom Crimson Guard figure.  Striving to retain the classic nature of the cartoon, FrogDNA has used his stills to apply chrome and accents in all of the right places.  Let's read more about how he achieved this look:

For this Crimson Guard I used Palisades'statue and the artwork from the blister as reference to bring to life this classic figure. There's some airbrushed shading on his uniform and backpack, glossy paints on his helmet, boots and leather parts of his uniform and matt paints where was needed, to enhance the realistic look. You can actually see some reflections on his helmet! The gloss/matt effect is enhanced by several layers of clear coat, glossy and opaque as well.

FrogDNA has this figure and others so be sure to check out his auctions over at eBay!

Desert Cobra Hiss Tank Trubble Bubble Custom GI Joe Vehicle by Build-A-Rama

Being a military history aficionado, I was excited to see Build-A-Rama's Custom Desert Hiss Tank resemble a North Africa campaign style vehicle.  First, the paint scheme and weathering on this Hiss Tank makes this piece feel like a period piece from the 1940's.  I love the converted turret of the old Hiss Tank to a Trubble Bubble platform, which is a great concept!  Overall, this vehicle is very well executed and would fit very well in your 1980's or current GI Joe collection.  If you want to view more photos of Build-A-Rama's Custom Desert Hiss Tank, head over to eBay!

Zartan GI Joe Resolute Custom Figure by ZartanMan

Zartan was one of my favorite characters from the GI Joe series back in the 1980's and I am happy to see that ZartanMan has created this Custom GI Joe Resolute Zartan figure.  This figure is a kitbash of a few figures, including the GI Joe Rise of Cobra Flash, Resolute Duke legs, and a Zartan Head from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary collection.  This figure will fit in with all of the your other GI Joe Resolute figures so head over to eBay and check out more photos of ZartanMan's Custom GI Joe Resolute Zartan figure.

Shock Trooper GI Joe Rise of Cobra Custom Figure by GDX

Although I did like the GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie, there was one aspect I felt was missing and it was the spirit of the 1980's figures and GDX has captured that feeling with his Custom GI Joe Rise of Cobra Shock Trooper figure.  Inspired by what a Cobra Blue Shirt would like, this Shock Trooper is an amalgamation of several figures but I like it because it reminds me of the older figures.

Hooded Cobra Commander Scratch Built Bust by ContradictionWear Customs

ContradictionWear Customs has brought one of the most treacherous villains to life with his Custom Scratch Built Hooded Cobra Commander bust.  It takes great skill and talent to replicate human features from scratch.  For example, the eyes on this bust are amazing and really bring the figure to life.  There are subtle features of this custom that make this great!  For example, if you look closely, you can see a raised eye brow.  ContraditionWear Custom has scratch built other busts such as Deadpool, Wolverine, and Venom, which you can check out by heading over to eBay and viewing his Custom Scratch Built Hooded Cobra Commander bust.

Serpentor Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Figure by 2dtoys

If I was to dream of a better Serpentor, I would envision 2dtoys' version with this Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Serpentor figure.  I absolutely love this figure!  The colors are dead on and the scalloped look that 2dtoys was able to give this figure is how he appeared in the cartoon.  The snakes coming out of the figure give it a great effect and a cool look.  The sculpting is awesome and everything is symmetrical.  This is the best Serpentor figure I have seen to date so head over to eBay and check out this great Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Serpentor figure.

Bio Viper GI Joe 25th Anniversary Custom Figure by Ratfink

Straight from the sewers and hazardous waste plant comes Ratfink's Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Bio Viper figure.  This is an excellent use of the Cobra Air Trooper mould, which I was not a fan of Ratfink's figure is one that I would purchase if I saw it on the shelf.  The helmet makes it look like he could go to the depths of the earth to root out GI Joe in the worst of conditions.  The stand is also custom made, which makes a great display piece.  To beef up your Cobra Army, head over to eBay and bid on Ratfink's Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Bio Viper figure.

Cobra Banshee GI Joe Custom 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

How would you like to meet this ominous figure in a dark alley?  Jin Saotome has developed the perfect killing machine in his Custom Cobra Banshee GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  This thing looks vicious!  To me, this looks like a cross between General Grievous (notice the legs) and a Battle Android alien machine.  Let's get more background on this unique figure from Jin himself: 

"The Joes are really in for a fight now. Enter the Cobra Banshee, the deadliest thing to come out of M.A.R.S. industries yet. This mechanical terror is full of glossy armor detail, metallic shading effects, and more sensor-eyes than Snake Eyes can shake a katana at. Swap out the Banshee's clawed hands with the laser blades and it's ready to slice it's way through anything, or anyone that gets in its path. The Banshee is also super articulated with balls joints that give it an incredible range of movement. The back spines can be put in closed or open positions and you have to check out the multi-sensored head!"

To check out more photos of this great figure, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Cobra Banshee GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.

Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Amishonline

Amishonline adds another Dreadnok to the Cobra arsenal with his Custom Dreadnok Gnawgahyde GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  This figure brings out the classic 80's version in an updated look and feel that will fit right in with your other 25th Joes!  Aside from the excellent figure, I like the fact that Amishonline has set some really high standards for himself, which are outline below:

1. It must be durable for play or display.  Each figure I make is as tough as or tougher than any related figure you can buy in the store!

2. Originality, each figure I make is a one of a kind piece, I may make similar items, but recipe, accessories, and style are each vastly different to each figure.  It is not a practice to sell a figure for a large amount and make another identical item and sell it, to me that is an insult to the first buyer.

3. Competitive pricing is a must!  I start all my customs at a low price of $0.99 to ensure that you, the buyer, will set the price.  If it is not worth anything to you then it is not worth anything to me!!!

4. Kitbashing is frowned upon.  I do not feel popping of a couple parts or weapons make a quality custom. Each figure I make is a complete breakdown of parts and accessories.  If it does not fit to the feel of what I am looking for I will not use it. You will never catch me using inferior parts or misrepresenting a figure!

Head over to eBay and check out his Custom Dreadnok Gnawgahyde GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure!

Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Who can Cobra trust with their most secret documents or weapons?  Surely they can't trust the Postal Service so they have acquired the stealthiness of Jin Saotome's own creation with his Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  I see this figure as Destro's right hand man.  Jin is widely known for his one of a kind creations so let's get the back story on this unique figure:

"When Cobra needs to move a top secret weapon or document in the shortest amount of time, they call on the Black Racer. This warrior is only comfortable at speeds of over 150 mph with other vehicles whizzing past him on the road. His motorcycle has an experimental stealth device build in that evades radar and even casts a shadow over the bike and its rider, appearing only as a dark blur at high speeds. Nobody knows the true identity of the Black Racer, not even Cobra Commander! But what is known is that you cannot catch the wind... or the Black Racer!"

Enter the Black Racer, Cobra's speed demon! He's full of hand painted detail that will match up perfect to the existing GI Joe 25th line. Not only do you get the leather-clad biker but you get his motorcycle as well! It has real rubber tires and diecast parts, decked out in glossy black with Cobra symbols. This is one foe that's ready to run down the Joes!

If you want to add this one of a kind custom to your Cobra arsenal, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.

Cobra BAT Custom Transformers Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

Leave it to Shinbitron to blend the universes of GI Joe and Transformers to come up with his latest Cobra weapon.  His Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure is a cool concept and totally fits into modern warfare.  If you think about it, unmanned drones are patrolling the skies in the Middle East and how cool would it be if they could transform and destroy targets on the ground?  Shinobitron has taken the classic BAT colors and applied them to a Transformer and melded the two worlds together.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and while you are there, place a bid on Shinobitron's Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure.

TARGAT Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Fitting in with the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line is Jin Saotome's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.  TARGAT was one of those cool figures that was introduced way back in 1989 and Jin has done a great job getting the colors exactly right on this one.  This version has an updated look and will go great standing next to your other GI Joe 25th figures.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and view Jin's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.

Custom Bodyguard Cobra BAT 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by Jin Satome

Jin Saotome is adding to Cobra Commander's BAT arsenal with his Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.  It looks like he has taken the upper torso from the Crimson Twins and went to town on the rest of the figure.  I love the way the figure mixes both realistic looking body parts (e.g, upper thighs and upper arms) with cyborg parts.  Jin as interesting back story on this figure so let's see what he has to say:

"Destro is the king of black-market arms dealing and in that crowd you need extra protection. Recently our Intel has reported of him travelling with a new type of Cobra BAT decked out to match his team and always standing close by in case some mercenary tries to steal what he's already stolen. What worries us is the upgrades he's installed. These BATs have advanced combat training and are more than just the walk-and-shoot type. They are even agile enough to climb up walls and follow a target quietly, drawing a knife when it's time to move in for the kill!"

If you want a totally unique figure from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

Golobulus Cobra La Custom 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by WaysCreations

Typically I see Custom Golobulus figures made in Marvel Legends scale but WaysCreations decided to beef up the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and create a the Supreme Leader of the Cobra La in a smaller scale.  This Custom Golobulus figure is one of the best I have seen.  The massive tail is coiled to keep the figure standing tall and he fused it to the body very seamlessly.  Overall, WaysCreation paid a really nice homage to the leader of the Cobra La so head over to eBay if you want to own this Custom 25th Anniversary Golobulus figure!

BAT Extreme Battle Damaged GI Joe Custom Figure by Darrens5150

Darrens5150 is most noted for his Custom Lego Star Wars figures but today he has ventured out of his comfort zone to create one of the coolest Cobra Soldiers with his Custom Extreme Battle Damaged BAT figure.  AS a kid, I did not army build my figures like I do as an adult but if I did, the BAT would have been a a mainstay in my Cobra arsenal and I would have loved to have a version where the BAT was obliterated and damaged like this one.  Not only did he go above and beyond a simple repaint but he has thoroughly enhanced the fresh from battle look with loose wires, bullet holes, and battle scoring.  One of the most notable features of this custom is the working red light in the chest, which is a cool feature considering that the BAT's are androids and having working parts.  If you want to own one of the coolest BAT's I have ever seen, head over to eBay and check out Darrens5150's Custom Extreme Battle Damamaged BAT figure.

Cobra Rattler Transformers Universe GI Joe Custom Crossover Figure by Jin Saotome

You have to hand it to Jin for creating a mash up of two of the most popular toy lines in history with his Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure.  Using a great weathering technique, this Rattler is sporting the classic Cobra blue.  The decals make this custom unique as the Decepticon Symbol and the Cobra Symbols compliment each other well on each wing.  Let's learn more about this great figure:

"Powerglide has been transformed into the most iconic Cobra aircraft, the Cobra Rattler. He’s decked out in a highly detailed paint job that includes realistic shading, panel wear, flight weathering, metallics, and is sealed to prevent wear. He even sports the Cobra Airforce decals as well as Decepticon emblems. His missiles are removable and he has a rotating center turret that activates his lights and machine gun sounds."

To own Jin' Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure, head over to eBay!

Cobra BAT Sigma 6 Custom GI Joe Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has filled a void in the Sigma 6 GI Joe line with their Custom Battle Android Trooper.  I was never happy with Hasbro's version of the Sigma 6 BAT and it is great that BoskoesToys has paid attention to retaining the BAT's classic look and feel.  The black and yellow paint aps are just the start.  Let's get a rundown of what this figure comes with:

  • BACKPACK HAS BUILT IN SOUND EFFECT (CREEPY BATTLE HOWL) AND LED LIGHT WHICH GIVES A REALLY COOL EFFECT (Batteries are replaceable, and replacement batteries are included)

To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys Custom Battle Android Trooper in Sigma 6 style.

BAT Custom Battle Damaged GI Joe Figure by GettingRidOfToys

What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?  GettingRidOfToys has provided an excellent answer to that age old question with his Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper(aka BAT) figure.  I recently wrote about another one of his Battle Damaged BATs as I really loved the concept so here I am writing about it again!  As with customs, every figure is unique and this BAT in particular has some great battle damage effects.  For example, this BAT has been to hell and back and the helmet looks like it is shredding off his head!  The collateral damage on the shoulder completes the look!  Head over to eBay to own one of these unique Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper figure or check out the other Custom GI Joes!

BAT 25th Anniversary GI Joe Custom Cobra Figure by GettingRidOfToys

BAT 25th Anniversary Custom GI Joe

BAT 25th Anniversary Custom GI Joe

The BAT was one of my favorite figures to play with as a kid and was a central part of my Cobra army.  The battle scenes that I would create for my GI Joes would be tremendous and it looks like GettingRidOfToys has created a Custom Battle Damaged BATthat looked exactly like I had imagined an android coming back from a huge war would look like.  First off, the concept for this custom is awesome.  What BAT comes back from battle unharmed?  The paint aps are amazing and he even went so far as to redo the original paint aps and apply a great weathering technique to the figure.  The bullet hole blasting out of the back of the BAT's head adds a really nice effect and I love the shattered face.  Check out GettingRidOfToys' Custom Battle Damaged BATon eBay or check out the other Custom GI Joes!

Cobra Skystriker Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Jet by PrittyMommie

Custom Cobra Skystriker
Custom Cobra Skystriker

Cobra will soon be getting a boost to their air attach arsenal if the secret deal Destro struck with an unnamed GI Joe operative goes as planned.  PrittyMommie has delivered the blue print to Cobra and they have produced their first F-14 prototype with this Custom Cobra Skystriker.  This jet has dawned the signature black and blue Cobra camo in a nice glossy finish.  Another operative has told me that this is the last Cobra Skystriker that PrittyMommie will do so snatch this one up while you can by heading over to eBay and placing a bid to add this awesome Custom Cobra Skystriker to your Cobra Army today!  While you are there, be sure to check out the other Custom GI Joe and Cobra figures as well.

Overkill Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome continues to add great figures to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and his Custom GI Joe Overkill is no exception.  To be honest, I have never been a fan of the Overkill figure but Jin has made some great improvements and modifications to the original Overkill concept.  I like the proportions to the figure as I have always thought that the original Hasbro Overkill figure was disproportionate.  Jin tells us a little more about his Custom Overkill:

"Overkill has been through many character changes over the years and it’s time he was upgraded once again. Here he is created in the 25th Anniversary style, complete with a super detailed paint job including multi-tone shading, weathered metal highlights, and battle-scuffed metallics. You can remove his right arm and attach his arm cannon the instant those Joes show up on his sensors. Overkill too damaged to go on? His head can be removed and saved for a new body, or perhaps installed on a B.A.T. so he can continue leading his android troops in battle! This is one android you don’t want to mess with folks. So, need an updated version of the B.A.T. commander? Know a friend who loves popping the heads off all his figures?"

I like the fact that you can remove his head and the wires coming out of the neck add a nice touch to his Custom BAT Leader Overkill so head over to eBay and check it out.  After you are finished looking at this figure, check out the multitude of Custom GI Joe figures.

Custom Crimson Cobra HISS Tank and Killer WHALE GI Joe Vehicles by proudpaapaa1

Custom Crimson HISS and Killer WHALE

Custom Crimson HISS and Killer WHALE

proudpaapaa1 has allocated budget to the Crimson Guards and given them a way attack on land and sea with his Custom Crimson Cobra HISS Tank and Killer WHALE GI Joe vehicles.  What a way to upgrade Cobra's Elite forces!  The devil is in the details with this one as he has made a great color scheme and design for some classic GI Joe and Cobra figures.  The blues and crimson red are in the right places on the HISS Tank and I like the upside down triangle cobra symbol on the side of the tank as it makes it look more militaristic.  Take a look at the detailing below:
Custom Crimson Cobra HISS

Custom Crimson Cobra HISS

As for the Killer WHALE, it was captured by the Crimson Guard and redone and what a great looking vehicle this is.  Again, the crimson red is the right shade and I love the choice of blue on this one.  The alternating colors really accent the right pieces on the vehicle and I love the addition of the cobra symbols on the front of hovercraft:
Custom Crimson Killer WHALE

Custom Crimson Killer WHALE

Add these awesome Cobra vehicles to your Crimson Gaurd Army today by heading over to eBay and bidding on proudpaapaa1's Custom Crimson Cobra HISS Tank and Killer WHALE GI Joe vehicles.

Custom Cobra Jungle Hiss GI Joe Tank by corycastle13

Attention to detail was not spared when corycastle13 crafted this Custom Cobra Jungle HISS. This HISS comes packed with ammo and can carry an army of Cobra soldiers into battle that you could almost call this an APC. It is fitting that I am reviewing a GI Joe vehicle on the 64th Anniversary of the landing of allied forces on the beaches of Normandy during WWII, more commonly referred to as D-Day,because this HISS tank reminds me of aspects that I have seen on WWII tanks and armory. For example, some aspects of this HISS remind of the US built M2A1 Half Track crossed with a Nebelwerfer, a World War II German towed rocket artillery launcher, developed in the 1930s and used against ground targets. The .50 caliber machine guns mounted on the front give the HISS a menacing look that can do real damage. As seen in the photo below, the guns and ammo have their place and the packs mounted to the side of the HISS give it a war torn feel that soldiers live in. This is one of the best crafted Custom HISS I have come across to date!

Bid on corycastle13's Custom Cobra Jungle HISS by heading over to eBay!

Custom Cobra Ninja B.A.T. GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome keeps the custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures coming with his Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure. The Battle Android Troopers are a mainstay of the Cobra Army and Jin has made them more versatile and more deadly. Keeping in tradition to the style of the B.A.T. line with removable weapons and accessories, Jin adds some very nice touches to this robot of war. With flip out blades on the elbows, this Ninja assassin is ready for battle and his opponent will not know what hit him! This auction just went up on eBay so head over to place an early bid for this unique Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure or check out the other pictures.

Custom Cobra Reaper GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome


Jin Saotome has created a one of a kind Cobra creation with his Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Reaper figure. I love the creativity that goes into these customs and this figure is superbly detailed and would make a very unique addition to your Cobra army. Jin goes on and describes more about this figure:

"Introducing the Cobra Warlock, one of my newest customs that are based on the GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures. He's fully poseable and features metallic detailing, deep shading, and highlights that really bring this character to life. This warlock can wield his obsidian scythe or blood-fang into battle and is ready to take on the Joes with soul-rending accuracy! Check out the real metal chains and the cape blades, this is one dangerous foe. The figure comes with a custom base too for display and will look great in your Joe collection, blending right into the Cobra team. So, need a really unique warrior for your staged battles? Know a diehard GI Joe fan who would demand the Reaper carry a firearm into combat? Then don't pass this auction up!" 

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Cobra Firefly Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Figure by 2dtoys

Form meets function with 2dtoys Custom Marvel Legends Firefly figure. This is one of the best Firefly's I have seen in a long time. Every aspect of this figure reminds me of the classic 3 3/4" figure from the GI Joe cartoon. No detail was spared and I especially like how 2dtoy's did the weapons and gear on this one. Take a look at the detail of the pack, complete with Firefly's tools of mayhem and destruction:

The gray camo detail is spot on and the accessories are a plenty so that Firefly can live up to his reputation of Cobra Saboteur. 2dtoys explains more about his process for creating this great figure: "This piece comes from my personal collection and I can honestly say it's one of the better pieces I've made in recent years, and is definitely the most fun to play around with. This custom figure features 32 points of articulation and is completely poseable. You needn't worry about paint rub with this one. Even the ab articulation, which is carefully hidden so as not to intrude with the design aesthetic is fully functional and offers surprisingly good mobility. He comes with his trademark rifle, a removeable handgun from his holster with an attachable silencer. He also has his backpack which opens up to reveal his sinister tools of sabotage and a cellphone."

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Custom 12 Inch GI Joe Cobra Baroness Figure by jwringo1

jwringo1 brings a classic to life with this Custom Cobra Baroness figure in 1/6 Scale. Using a Cy Girls figure as the base, this figure is crafted to look like the 1980's cartoon figure with some modern modifications. Dressed in black with the iconic Cobra symbol, this Baroness figure is dressed to kill (or look hunt for the Mass Device). I love the addition of the glasses which really cements the look of the Baroness!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Custom Cobra De Aco Argentina GI Joe International Figure by romatoys

One of my favorite figures in the GI Joe line are the international figures from various countries. This week, romatoys gives us an updated version of the Argentinian figure called Cobra de Aco. I have always wanted to own one of these figures but unfortunately the price tag is way too high for me. romatoys makes this dream of owning a Cobra de Aco figure come true with his 25th Anniversary homage to a great international figure. He nailed the yellow and the cobra symbol cements his allegiance to Cobra Commander. Check out his Custom 25th Anniversary Cobra de Aco figure on eBay today!

Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow Figure by grinmankey

Bringing one of the most popular GI Joe characters to life, grinmankey has remade Storm Shadow in Marvel Legends style. There are many aspects about this custom that make it stand out above the rest. First, grinmankey has retained the classic look of Storm Shadow in all of his version 1 greatness. Second, the sculpting on this figure is done really well, even down to the ninja stars on his belt. Finally, there are some subtle wrinkles and pulls in the 'fabric' of the costume that make this custom come to life. For example, in the mask, it looks like the mask pulls around the nose, adds some depth to the face. Also, the choice of legs makes it look like Storm Shadow's costume is flowing around the legs and not has form fitting. grinmankey tells us how he made this great custom:

"This is a one-of-a-kind custom of Storm Shadow from the criminal organization known as COBRA. Ever since I was a kid, Storm Shadow was one of my favorite GI Joes (wasn't he everybody's?). My brother and I would always play as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Perfect rivals. Ever since I started customizing, I've wanted to do a Storm Shadow figure and I finally got around to it. There have been many different costumes for the ninja, Storm Shadow, but this was my favorite, the classic look. I hope this figure lives up to the character. The two swords, bow and arrows are all removable and the figure can be played with, but do so with care because there could be paint rub on the joints.. It retains all original articulation of the figures used to create it.. Enjoy! Storm Shadow is made with the highest quality products available. The sculpt work is done with Aves Apoxie. the painting is done using Citadel Brand paints from Games Workshop. The parts and accessories are made from existing Marvel Legends and SOTA street fighter figures."


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Golobulus Custom Marvel Legends Cobra La GI Joe Figure by l.designs

l.designs brings another classic figure to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Golobulus figure from the GI Joe toy line. The original Golobulus figure was met with mixed reactions but this reincarnation is sure to be a hit! There are many aspects of this custom that really hit the mark. For example the, the eye patch is well done and I like the lack of eyeball, which gives Golobulus a very menacing and unique look. In my opinion, the tail is the best part of this custom. The sculpting looks like it took a really long time and great attention to detail was paid to this piece. The scales look really great and I like the way it flows to a point at the end.

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Descended from the serpent kings of pre-history, Golobulus rules over Cobra-La, a hidden, secret valley in the Himalayas where the high priests of the Bio-Mechanical cult have created a technology based solely on living organisms. The buildings of Cobra-La are really colonies of crustaceans, and the clothes of inhabitants are as alive as the people who wear them. Golobulus has achieved immortality through symbiosis . . . at the cost of his humanity. The plates of Golobulus' body armor are living mutations of lobsters and crabs, each genetically altered to perform a specific function and bred for the tensile strength of their chitonous shells. Over the centuries, so much of Golobulus' body parts have been replaced or bio-mechanically altered that very little of the original is left except for his brain and his central nervous system.

Night Viper Custom GI Joe Cobra Figure by Alyosha

Alyosha brings a late 1980's GI Joe classic figure to life with his Custom Night Viper 3 3/4" figure. An army builders favorite, this Night Viper is well equipped to sneak into the dark of night with an updated color scheme which favors black more than green. I really like the subdued version of the night vision goggles that Alyosha made for this Night Viper. Here are some great attributes about Alyosha's customs that make them unique:

"This figure is cast in the same high grade urethane rubbers I usually use in all my products. It is cast in the base colors of black/green and painted with the highest quality Tamiya and Testors paints to allow for maximum playing and posing (but remember, it's still a custom). The figure is fully posable and comes with a removable helmet, backpack and rifle as shown."
You can own this one of kind figure by heading over to Alyosha's auction for his Custom Night Viper GI Joe figure. If you want to get the skinny on the Night Vipers, read on below.

A NIGHT-VIPER's helmet is a miracle of electronic-miniaturization. Aside from its wide-angle, third-generation, image-intensifier, directional sound amplifier and laser range-finder, the helmet boasts a passive infrared detector that can spot the body heat of a squirrel at 100 yards. The Night-Viper's helmet, combat suit and weapons are mostly made of synthetic composites that reduce the wearer's own infrared signature and defy most ground radars."Night-Vipers are always in traning and never see daylight. They live in windowless barracks with no interior lights. They spend most of their time trying to sneak up on each other. All you have to do to knock one out is to shine a flashlight in his face and burn out his sensors. The problem is, you have to find him first."

Custom Marvel Legends Scrap Iron GI Joe by rluxcustom

rluxcustom brings a 1980's classic Cobra figure to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Scrap Iron figure. Scrap Iron was my favorite figure to play with as a kid and it is great to see these classic figures remade Marvel Legends Style. Staying true to the 1984 version, the helmet is classically sculpted with a nice addition of a painted Cobra logo. Standing 6 inches tall and dressed to kill, Scrap Iron is ready to do some serious damage.

It is believed that Scrap-Iron is a product designer for Destro's armaments company. Carries out initial field testing on all new armor piercing munitions and sub-munitions. Area of specialization is remote-launched, laser-guided, rocket-propelled piezo-electric fused anti-tank weapons. These weapons are categorized beyond the "smart" stage and are known by the nomenclature: "brilliant." Current state-of-the-art Mil-Tech terminology."Scrap-Iron is methodical and precise. Imperfection in any form repels him. Perhaps that's why he wants to blow up the world."

Custom Carded GI Joe Figures by herno

herno has reinvigorated the Custom GI Joe category and infused it with some very unique custom carded GI Joe figures. Anyone looking for that 1980's nostalgia should flock to his seller page as he has many figures uniquely carded that you will find nowhere but his eBay page. Here are some excellent examples that look like Hasbro produced them back in the 80's:

Cobra Mortal




Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow GI Joe by rombado

rombado, a customizer who has been nominated in four categories for "Custom of the Year" by some of the highest professionals in the Action Figure Industry, brings us this Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow, reminiscent of the 1984 Vintage GI Joe line. This year, the GI Joe line has been back in full force for collector's with the 25th Anniversary vintage figures so I am not surprised we are seeing great work coming out if this line in the form of awesome customs. Some of the high points of this figure include the vintage styling and a great choice of white for the paint aps. Also, the addition of the soft goods around the wrists and ankles really add something extra to the figure. The Arashikage dojo display and the weapons rounds off the awesome work of rombado for his Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow, which is available on eBay so bid for your chance to own this great piece!

Custom 12" Cobra Commander in Sideshow / Dragon Style by ms_kittka


Cobra Commander is at the helm of his massive Cobra army, amassing soldiers, elite forces, and guards. Absolute power! Total control of the world . . . its people, wealth, and resources–that's the objective of Cobra Commander. This fanatical leader rules with an iron fist. He demands total loyalty and allegiance. His main battle plan for world control relies on revolution and chaos. He personally led uprisings in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other trouble spots. Responsible for kidnapping scientists, businessmen, and military leaders, then forcing them to reveal their top level secrets. Cobra Commander is hatred and evil personified. Corrupt. A man without scruples. Probably the most dangerous man alive!

This week, ms_kittka brings us a highly detailed custom in the style of Sideshow and Dragon figures. This customizer describes how this Cobra Commander was made:

"This is a custom made Cobra Commander. The head is a made of a two part plastic compound. Casted from a silicon mold of a head sculpted especially for this project. The head is mounted onto a 1/6 scale Dragon body (neo 2 I think) with a two-part epoxy, then painted. The head is totally poseable. It can look up and down and spin all the way around 360 degree’s. The clothes are made from some heavily modified Kriegsmarine Dragon clothes."
There has been a resurgence of GI Joes as the 25th Anniversary is upon Joe fans across the world. This is a great time for Joe fans and each and every one of them should not miss out on ms_kittka's Custom 12" Cobra Commander!