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Arcee Transformes Animated Custom by Echidnaq

Arcee Transformers Animated Custom

Arcee Transformers Animated Custom

Although Hasbro made a decent Arcee figure for the animated line, albeit hard to find, there was one other figure in the line that had the body shape for a perfect figure and that was Blurr.  Echidnaq discovered this and created this Custom Transformers Animated Arcee figure.  I always thought Blurr had a feminine body and the combination of an Arcee head and a Blurr body painted in bubble gum pink makes total sense.

Arcee Transformers G1 Classics Custom Figure by Defstar

Paying a very nice homage to a Generation 1 classic figure, Defstar brings us his version of one of the few female Autobots with his Custom Transformers G1 Arcee figure.  What I love about this figure is that is retains her Cybertronian look.  Defstar chose the perfect shade of pink and white to compliment the classic nature of Arcee.  Since the figure is pink and white, Defstar did a great job knowing where to add black accents to the figure to give it an added dimension.  I don't see Arcee's come up very frequently so it is great to see her appear once and a while and Defstar delivered what fans want!  Head over to eBay and check out more photos of his Custom Transformers G1 Arcee figure!