Superman Man of Steel 2013 Custom Figure by MattHancock

Superman Man of Steel Custom

Superman Man of Steel Custom

In anticipation of the upcoming Superman Man of Steel movie that hits theatres June 14th 2013, MattHancock has created this Custom Marvel Legends Scale Superman figure modeled after Henry Cavill, the lucky actor to play the Man of Steel!  The one major change to Clark Kent's costume is the lizard'like appearance of the suit, which is replicated very nicely in this figure.  Textured and hand sculpted, the suit displays a high degree of accuracy to the movie version.  The smallest details can make or break a custom and Matt has even thought about the cloth cape as it folds into the shoulders as he replicated the way linen folds into the actual costume from the movie.  He also added a very cool reflective base to show off this fine piece.  To view more photos of MattHancock's Custom Marvel Legends Superman Man of Steel custom, head over to eBay!

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4 Responses to Superman Man of Steel 2013 Custom Figure by MattHancock

  1. Matt Hancock says:

    Thanks again for posting this to your site! It truly is an honor to have my work posted on such a nice site!

  2. afc says:

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Matt Hancock says:

    Thanks! I’m about halfway done with a NECA 7 inch Cavill figure that is actually turnign out better than this one did!

  4. Matt Hancock says:

    I also have a gallery over at It’s under the CREATORS section under the name “matthancock” There are almost 70 figures in that gallery

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