Strong Guy Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Glenwebman69

Strong Guy Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Strong Guy Custom Marvel Legends Figure

What do you get when you cross a Marvel Legends Hulking with a House of M Hulk figure?  You get a killer Custom Marvel Legends Strong Guy figure, who first appeared in the New Mutants comic way back in 1985.  It takes a keen eye and a vision to take two totally disproportionate characters and fuse them together and, ultimately, in the end, come out with a much better figure that you began with.  This figure works on so many levels.  Knowing that Glennweb69 would need two figures of different proportions, he was able to find two Hulk figures and seamlessly combine them together to form Strong Guy to form the overly muscular upper body.  Since the legs on the Hulking figure are so small, this effect is amplified when you look at the figure as whole.   Finishing the figure off with a great paint app that incorporates an updated look and feel to the figure brings up to par with some of the great customs of 2012.

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