Starscream Thundercracker Skywarp Custom Transformers Alternators Seekers by XavierCal

For all you Transformers Alternator fans out there, XavierCal has made some familiar faces and added them to the line of diecast Decepticons with his Custom Transformers Alternators Seekers Starscream Thundercracker & Skywarp figures.  In the Alternators world, there are no jets so XavierCal has filled a big gap in the line by providing fans a chance to own these classic Decepticons by replicating them from the Battle Ravage and Tracks Alternator Corvette molds.  What a fitting car to model the seeker jets after.  I picture them tearing down the streets in a 100% American muscle car.  Head over to eBay to view what they look like in vehicle mode!

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