Soundwave Transformers Prime Custom Figure by Jicco

Soundwave Transformers Prime Custom

Soundwave Transformers Prime Custom

Combing the best of the animated world and continuing the Transformers story line, the Prime series continues to pump out great canvases for customizers.  I have to tip my hat to Hasbro for making the Soundwave's alternate form a Drone as this is perfect mesh of today's technology while still keeping the original concept of Soundwave true.  I am also tipping my hat to Jicco's Customs with his repainted and redesigned Custom Transformers Prime Soundwave figure.  The smallest aspects of the custom can really change the look and feel of the figure.  One of my favorite parts of this custom is the wave that is running across the face of the figure.  That small jagged lime green line adds a ton of personality and brings the figure to life.  I also really like the paint app technique as it gives the figure depth and makes it more interesting.  To see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Jicco's Custom Transformers Prime Soundwave figure.

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