Soundwave Custom G1 MP Transformers and Cassettes by Colosal Customs

Soundwave Custom G1 Transformers and Cassettes

Soundwave Custom G1 Transformers and Cassettes

I have always wondered where Soundwave stored all of the cassettes that ejected from his chest!  That question has plagued me ever since the 80's but I will have to let this one go because Colosal Customs has diverted my attention to his Custom G1 Transformers MP Soundwave with, as he calls them, minions!  The line up includes Ravage, Ratbat, Slugfest, Laserbeak, Headstrong, and Razorclaw.  With LED's in the eyes and chest compartment, this Soundwave is not only unique looking but it gives the figure a different depth and dimension.  The grip that I had with the original Soundwave from the 80's was the lack of articulation but Colosal Customs has fixed that with his added telescoping waist, ball joints, and hands that rotate 360 degrees.  There are a plethora of photos over at his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom G1 Transformers MP Soundwave and you will also get a closer look at the gaggle of cassettes that come with this figure!

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