Shattered Glass Custom Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe Figure by Wilestbilame

Paying homage to the Botcon theme of 2008, Wiliestbilame has created this metallic Cutom Transformers Masterpiece Shattered Glass Sideswipe figure.  The paint app on this figure looks silky smooth and I like how the black outlining highlights the features of this Autobot turned bad.  My favorite part of this custom is the scared Autobot symbol sliced across Sideswipe's chest.  To hear more about custom, let's hear more from Wilestbilame himself:

"Sideswipe has always been one of the coolest Autobots around, featuring his super sleek Lamborghini Countach alt mode, Sideswipe is true to his name and his need for speed! this is especially true for his mirror universe version, Shattered Glass  Sideswipe! based on the extremely popular mirror universe where Autobots are evil and Decepticons are heroic, one concept that really stood out to me was that of Sideswipe appearing in darker colors which are a significant departure from his signature red from G1, so basing myself on this concept and in order to maximize the full potential of this fantastic figure I gave him a serious overhaul in the paint department  to truly bring out the full awesome of this great mold, Sideswipe was Prepped and Cleaned prior to being given his paintjob which consists of the highest quality automotive graden lacquers available, for his main color I used a custom blend to create a deep Dark Grey, a light grey for his feet, face, waist and other sections, as well as a special blended Teal for his chest, and other secondary areas,  He features his new SG Autobot logo with the iconic Damage across it and his new Decepticon faction logo beneath it to symbolize his resolve to remain heroic even in this universe"

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