Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Marvel Legends Scale Figure by Bischoff

Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Shang Tsung Custom Mortal Kombat Figure

Twenty fifth in the line up, Bischoff Inc's Custom Marvel Legends Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung figure is a testament to his skill and dedication recreating the Mortal Kombat figure in living color!  This customizer has the uncanny ability to recreate the on screen characters from the game in exquisite detail.  From the colors to the costume, no aspect is left untouched and he has even gone as far as to build in the scalloped look to Shang Tsung's outfit.  I hope Bischoff does not stop at this one and continues to make killer MK9 customs!  If you have an idea for the next figure, post a comment here or on my AFC Facebook page!

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