Shadow Weaver Custom She Ra MOTU Classics Figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Shadow Weaver She Ra MOTU Classics Custom

Shadow Weaver She Ra MOTU Classics Custom

I always learn something new from customizers and Hunter Knight Customs let's us in that this little known factoid that the "Shadow Weaver is one of the most sought after characters in the She-ra line, due to the fact that Mattel does not own the rights to make her in toy form since she is a Filmation character," which would make his Custom She Ra MOTU Classics Shadow Weaver figure that more special.  HKC is one of the few customizers that do He-Man and She-Ra figures and his latest figure is superb!  Adding extra embellishments to her costume, the figure retains the classic nature of the 80's cartoon while giving the figure a more modern, sleeker look.  Here are some of the details that went into this figure:

"She has been sculpted with exquisite attention to detail, adding some new elements to her costume as well as acrylic faceted jewels, that have been carefully placed on her chest plate.  She preserves all of the essence of the classic character, but in a much more updated form!  Her cape is made of soft goods and features a unique staff made only for this figure, representing the dark powers that fuel Weaver's spells!"

For fans of He-Man, we were elated to continue the series with She-Ra, since some of the characters of Eternia make and appearance in Etheria from time to time.  For those who are not familiar with her, "Shadow Weaver is a vastly-powerful Horde witch, who commands an array of dark magic, and an encyclopedic knowledge of mystical lore.  When Hordak arrived on Etheria, he promised Shadow Weaver great power in exchange for information about rebel leadership, to which she agreed (source: Wikipedia)."

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