Sentinal Prime Ghost Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom by One2213

I just finished watching Transformers Dark of the Moon again and this Custom Transformers Ghost Sentinal Prime caught my eye as it is the color scheme is a very unique twist on this figure.  When I first saw this figure, it reminded me of of Saruman from the Lord of the Rings in both concept and execution.  Saruman, like Sentinal Prime, aimed at gaining power for himself and advocated an alliance with the enemy.

The ghost concept is an interesting one from a storyline perspective as you don't expect the souls or sparks of the Transformers to live on but the overall execution of this figure is very well done.  The glow in the dark Autobot symbol adds an extra touch to the vehicle mode as well as the weapons.  Here is an example:

I really like the color scheme in truck mode as it gives the figure a higher level of sophistication than the original paint app.

To tell us more about the overall design of the figure is One2213 himself:

"I give you something you've never seen before...Sentinel Prime- Ghost.   He has been airbrushed and brush painted to accentuate details.  The paint employed is titanium white and black.  This is truly a one-off.  Self-directed color scheme on Transformer, sword and shield- makes it all the more unique.  Forearms modified with cutouts to add definition.  Feet detail has been swapped out with an actual metal panel.  Addition of black pneumatic hose with metal fittings, can be carefully screwed off when transforming.  Glow in the dark letterings on sword and shield.  Plus the Transformer insignia is also glow in the dark.  This Custom Sentinel Prime can still be transformed to its Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 Fire Truck Mode and vice-versa."

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