Scourge Masterpiece Transformers Custom by Colosal Customs

Scourge Masterpiece Transformers Custom

Scourge Masterpiece Transformers Custom

Adding to the Masterpiece line, Colosal Customs creates a 9 inch version of one of the main Decepticons from the original Transformers Movie from 1986.  This Custom Transformers Masterpiece Scourge figure captures both the classic feel of the character with an updated look.  The lines on the figure are sharp and the iconic mustache and goatee are nicely done.  There is a ton of articulation in the figure, even in the wings so you can pose the figure in many different ways.  Comparing the figure to the original version, you will see many differences but the overall sleeker look is appealing to me and fits in with the rest of the more updated Transformers line.

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