Scourge Masterpiece Custom G1 Transformers Kitbash by JAF

Masterpiece Scourge Custom G1 Transformers Figure

Masterpiece Scourge Custom G1 Transformers Figure

JAF has outdone himself with his latest Custom Masterpiece Generation 1 Scourge figure.  This figure was originally designed for the "Create the Ultimate Scourge" challenge and here to tell you more about this figure is JAF himself:

"The goal was to create a cartoon accurate, manga styled Scourge with realistic details and mechanicals.  A bit of gothic/demon style was thrown in also. The figure is Masterpiece scale, meaning that it stands just about as tall as MP Starscream and is FULLY articulated.  Great effort went into providing interesting details and working joints and mechanicals. The hovercraft is almost entirely scratchbuilt from styrene and the robot body was created from an alternators sideswipe, Gundam Kamfer 1/100 scale action figure model kit, and more scratchbuilt parts. The hands were custom casted by TomServo.  The figure is fully transformable and is also fully articulated with over 25 joints on the robot alone. The wings are also posable in bot mode - reminiscent of the cartoon and manga artwork. Quality enamel paints were used to detail and finish this custom. Realistic weathering and staining has been applied in places and decals have been applied for further effect."

I am really impressed with the accurateness of this figure, the colors, and painstaking detail that must have gone into making him.  The head is my favorite part of this custom as he had to recreate Scourge's Foo Manchu, adding human characteristics to this massive robot.  The purpose of kitbashing is to obtain something that can't be bought, to improve upon a figure, or simply to engage in a refreshing exercise of creativity and JAF has definitely let his creative side show and created some magnificent.  Lucky for the readers of this blog, JAF's Custom Masterpiece Generation 1 Scourge figure is available for sale on eBay so head over there and place a bid!

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