Sandstorm Custom G1 Transformers IDW Wrecker By Xaviercal

Custom G1 Transformers Wrecker Sandstorm

Custom G1 Transformers Wrecker Sandstorm

Giving a much needed facelift to an Autobot Triple Changer, Xaviercal has applied his talent and gave an IDW and G1 feel to his Custom Transformers Wrecker Sandstorm figure.  Giving a metallic look and feel to the figure pays homage to the Generation 1 figure with the coloring and styling.  In the original Voyager Class figure, the colors are a bit bright for my tastes which mutes the details in the overall figure but Xaviercal has found a way to bring out the features and make this figure better than the original.  The addition of the metallic dark silver accents are a welcome addition to the figure.  To view more photos, check out Xaviercal's Custom Transformers Wrecker Sandstorm figure!

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