Rogue Avengers Uncanny Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Raybot

Rogue Uncanny Avengers Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Rogue Uncanny Avengers Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Uncanny Avengers is a new team of Avengers that features a line-up of both classic Avengers and X-Men including Captain America, Havok, Rogue, the Scarlet Witch, Thor and Wolverine that came out in the comics in 2012.  With half of the team up for sale this week, I will be featuring Raybot's entire line up starting with this beautiful Custom Marvel Legends Rogue figure.  Featuring a full repaint, this Rogue figure's paint application is second to none!  The costume design mirrors the Uncanny Avengers comic appearance and the facial and hair features are simply outstanding.  The hair detail is very lifelike and the way it falls on her face makes her look angelic.  The eyes under the hood bring the figure to life and complete the overall amazing look that Raybot was going for.  To view more photos and to check out the Uncanny Avengers line up, head over to eBay and check out Raybot's Custom Marvel Legends Rogue figure.

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