Reflector Custom G1 Transformers Figures by Colosal Customs

Reflector Custom Transformers Figures

Reflector Custom Transformers Figures

Reflector was an interesting concept and only available via mail away in 1986.  If you were lucky enough to save up for points and a nominal fee, you could get your hot little hands on this G1 great.  Colosal Customs has paid homage to this Decepticon spy machine with his Custom G1 Transformers Reflector figures.  By combining a G1 color scheme fused by a cartoon look and feel, you get an updated style while retaining the classic nature that made these figures great.  The original G1 figures all looked different and this custom makes all of the figures look very similar, which is a great concept!  I like the continuity that comes with the figures looking the same as the trio act more like triplets than separate robots.  I also like the way that the barrel of the camera can be used as either a spy device or a canon (your imagination may vary).  To get a closer look at this trio, head over to eBay and check out Colosal Customs Custom G1 Transformers Reflector figures.

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