Predaking Custom G1 Transformers Combiner by ForgottenForest

Predaking Custom G1 Transformers Combiner

Predaking Custom G1 Transformers Combiner

The combiners are always a site for sore eyes and I am happy that a talented customizer has tackled one of the coolest figures ever made.  ForgottenForest has created this massive Custom G1 Transformers Predaking figure.  Sometimes it is hit or miss whether customizers include how they created the figure but lucky for us, ForgottenForest wrote a ton so let's take a look:

"Standing at a massive 16.5 inches (42cms) tall to the top of his head and about 21 inches to the top of his gun barrels with a wing span of over 20 inches(51cms),Predaking will tower over any autobot and be the pride of your collection. One of my all time favourite transformers this custom took months to create and i have Designed him to be in scale and fit perfectly with the classics/generations/henkei figures. Built with an eye for detail ,Predaking is largely scratch built so you will not be able to find him elsewhere. His custom scratch built parts include his hands which are ball jointed at the wrist and on every finger as well as having an extra joint on every finger allowing for an incredible range of motion. Predaking also has scratchbuilt hip and thigh armour (which is moveable) as well as his wings which were designed to be very generation one acurate as well as having individually posable feathers which fan out to really catch the eye (the wings are also posable to allow for greater movement). Predaking also comes with a custom scratch built head that is unique and modelled after his generation one appearance. As an added free bonus Predaking comes with G1 acurate re creations of his arm mounted cannon weapon as well as his  massive sword which is 11 inches long all by itself."

This figure brings back memories to the G1 greats of the past.  The colors are spot on with the classic orange, yellow, and black color scheme that we all know and love.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay check out this killer Custom G1 Transformers Predaking figure.


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