Piranacon Custom G1 Transformers Seacons Combiner by Sculpt-Bot

Piranacon Seacons Custom Transformers Combiner

Piranacon Seacons Custom Transformers Combiner

You have probably gathered by now that I have an affinity for combiners done really well and Sculp-Bot has created his version of a Custom Transformers Piranacon combiner that will blow your mind.  I don't know if you think about how much work goes into making these customs but Sculpt-bot has spent over 100 hours pouring his heart and soul into this amazing work of art.  Sometimes, customizers have to sacrifice the transformability (ok I made that word up) of the figure to create these tall figures but, in this case, he sought out a team of 6 Decepticons.  I love it when customizers tell the entire story of how they created this great figures and, lucky for us, Sculp-bot has provided it so here it is:

"This team is the result of 3 years of parts scrounging, modifying, and scratchbuilding, and has over 100 hours of work, and too many individual parts to name invested into it.  Included is Snap Trap, Nautilator, Overbite, Skalor, Tentakil, and Seawing. All combine to form the super robot mode of Piranacon.  Most of the figures in the set owe their existence to no less than four different toys (in some cases up into the double digits in donor figures) and all have an element of scratchbuilding as well. I found the original "Sea Monster" concept kind of silly, and have changed up the creatures to be a little more menacing (doing away with Tentakil's "Sigmund the Sea Monster" mode, and changing Skalor's Coelacanth monster to the far more powerful and intimidating Dunkleosteus.) I also made a conscious effort to have the bot-modes represent different body types (slim, stocky, short, tall, etc.,) because it adds a little visual interest to the set, and mirrors one of the few things I like about the recent selection of retail sets (Animated, and Prime series showcasing different bot body styles.) I also limited the color pallette to a total of 4 base colors to further unify the group, and serve a more cohesive combined mode. I also did away with the weapon modes for each, as they looked like an afterthough on Hasbro's part with the originals, and I did not want mine to suffer the same issue (3 modes were hard enough to come up with!)"

One aspect that Sculpt-bot nailed was the colors.  Granted, the original color scheme of these figure from the G1 era were not that great but somehow he made these colors work on the figure.  He did this by toning down the pastel look to the figure that the G1 figures had an abundance of.  The really cool thing is if you head over to his auction page, you will find a link to over 100 photos he has taken of his Custom Transformers Piranacon combiner so check it out!


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