Optimus Prime Transformers Dark of the Moon Leader Class Custom by Zildjian

Optimus Prime Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom

Optimus Prime Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom

Transforming the lack luster Transformers Hunt for Decepitcons Leader Class Optimus Prime into this awesome Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime custom really demonstrates Zildjian's talent and attention to detail.  First of all, if you have seen the HFD Prime, it really looks nothing like this great figure that Zildjian has created.  The colors are vibrant and was made with custom decals, created by Frenzy.Rumble, to achieve this DOTM look.  Here is the rundown of the other features this figure contains:

  • Fully articulated custom cast hands
  • DOTM "styled" abdomen that connects magnetically and can be removed for transformation
  • Screen accurate flames designed by Frenzy_Rumble that are decaled and hand painted on Prime
  • New rubber single front tires, and rubber double tires in the rear
  • Extended real chrome smoke stacks
  • Chrome side view mirrors
  • Correct blue LED in the head so eyes light up BLUE
  • Custom painted "burning hot" arms blades that are now removable and held in the forearms with magnets

Some very cool Bonus items were added to this great custom:

  • He will come with an additional front section of the head that features the face wothout the battle faceplate. This can easily be switched onto the figure's head by removing a screw from the back of the head.
  • Prime will also come with a set of custom painted "flaming hot" arm battle hooks that easily plug into the holes in the forearms and held by magnets!

It is great that Zildjian did not wait for a DOTM Leader Class Prime to come out and just customize that version as this is a great example of customizers taking the Transformers line into their own hands and making great things!  To view more photos of Zildjian's Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime custom, head over to eBay!

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