Optimus Prime Custom Transformers MP-10 Metallic by Billmeister

Optimus Prime MP-10 Custom Transformers Figure

Optimus Prime MP-10 Custom Transformers Figure

Billmeister gave the leader of the Autobots a finish that he deserves with his Custom Transformers MP-10 Metallic Optimus Prime figure.  Not happy with the stock coloring of the off the shelf version (who is really???), he gave Optimus a metallic look that more closely resembled the G1 version from the cartoon.

Optimus Prime Custom MP-10 Custom Transformers Figure 2


Just to give you an idea how amazing this paint work is, here is a close up (see above) of the cab area.  He was able to create glow effects, which makes it look like the windows on his chest are actually lighting and dimming.  You will also notice that the rivets on Optimus are painstakingly painted to perfection.  He also gave the glow effects to his Axe but you will have to check that out on eBay!



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