Omega Supreme Custom WFC Transformers Figure by Xaviercal

Custom Transformers WFC Omega Supreme

Go big or go home!  Xaviercal is taking that mantra to heart with his Custom Transformers WFC Omega Supreme figure.  Striving for a game accurate War for Cybertron color scheme, Xaviercal has gone above and beyond and created this figure with more detail than the actual game.  Here is some background on the figure from his creator:

"War for Cybertron Omega Supreme has being created by Planet X's PX-01 Genesis. Planet X's PX-01 Genesis: it one of best figure in personal view; is one of the most detailed and very accurate especially for its size and weight. This figure has more detail then the actual video game model. Omega transforms into a space craft as seen in the video game but also a secret base mode as well that represents G1 Omega launching rocket pad.  I have taken him completely apart every limb and section for the preparation for paint... I have completely repainted him inside and out to more game accurate colors scheme, and keeping with his video game feel of War for Cybertron. Everything has being detailed painted and extend panel lining into the red veins or black depending on the pieces. He is an amazing figure full of fun and is an awesome piece to any collection."

The colors on this figure truly make it a work of art.  You can tell that Xaviercal takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows.  He has even gone as far as filling in tiny paint details in some of the smaller groves of the figure, which bring out the richness and depth makes the figure pop!  There are more detailed photos on his auction page so head over to eBay and check out this amazing Custom Transformers WFC Omega Supreme figure.


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