Omega Supreme Custom Generations Transformers Figure by Xaviercal

Omega Supreme Custom Transformers Generations

Omega Supreme Custom Transformers Generations

Giving this giant of the an Autobot a fresh, updated look, Xaviercal has created a killer Custom Transformers Generations Omega Supreme figure.  By combining the best of the Energon and G1 Omega Supreme's, the overall look is a more modern version of this gentle robot.  In order to achieve the look that he wanted, transformation has been sacrificed thus turning Omega into an Action Masters version.  The dark colors play very well off the yellows and oranges, giving the figure a strikingly different look than we are used to seeing.  To top it off, he also sculpted the head and put a ball joint on it.  I also thought it was a great idea to make the tracks blend in with the overall figure!  More detailed photos can be found over on eBay so head over and check out this amazing Custom Transformers Generations Omega Supreme figure.

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