Metroplex Custom Transformers G1 Titan Class Figure by Xaviercal

Metroplex dwarfs other bots  in comparison and living up to his role as the living embodiment of Autobot City is Xaviercal's Custom Transformers G1 Metroplex figure.  Completely repainting in the classic G1 color scheme, Metroplex is painted and detailed in a very unique way.  This figure looks like it has seen many a war and lived to tell about it with the massive amounts of scoring and grunge that is infused into him.  Most of the customs I see are pristine versions of a repaint or a sculpted version of a figure that is a million times better than what you can get off the shelf but rarely to do you this level of battle damage.  My favorite part of this customs is the cracked chest piece and the shattered look and feel overall.  Xaviercal is one of the best in the business so check out his Custom Transformers G1 Metroplex figure before it is too late!

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