Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Chih

Chih is heating up the Transformers category with his Custom Megatron Transformers Movie figure. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I have seen a decrease in Transformers customs with the introduction of the Premium Series Transformers. I must say, the Premium Series is a slight improvement to the figure line but they do not hold a candle to the talent, craftsmanship, and artistic ability of the customizers out there and Chih ranks very high on my list of people that consistently create quality pieces for the fans out there.

For toy companies, it would seem like a simple task: Create a figure that comes close to their movie likeness. I guess that was what they were trying to achieve with the Premium Series line but they have to realize that they need to up the quality of the figures if they are to compete. Fans are growing tired of repaints and poor quality figures and that is where customizers fill the gap. Chih's Custom Megatron is a great example of Megatron was supposed to look. A very nice silver with bronze accents gives this figure that war torn battled look that the original toys were lacking. Chih's Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure is available on eBay so head over and place your bid now!

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