Megatron Custom G1 Transformers Generations Figure by LEK

Megatron Custom Transformers Generations Figure

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LEK has a knack for making plastic shine like metal and his Custom Transformers Generations Megatron is no exception.  There are some customs you can look at and instantly make a connection with and LEK's craftsmanship is stunning.  Even though Megatron is mostly silver, the way that the paint is applied makes each individual part stand out.  This Megatron has some serious detail and a paint app that is applied with precision.  The silver and grays work really well against each other, making the paint look alive.  To offset the tone of the figure, reds and oranges were used to accentuate Megatron, giving him depth and dimension.  In alternate form, you get a great sense of how well this figure was painted.  In addition to a killer paint app, LEK also added articulated fingers, which adds a human touch to the leader of the Decepticons.  Adding an LED to the gun barrel brings this figure to the next level.  Overall, this is one of the best Megatron's I have seen and I am sure Megatron appreciates a color scheme worthy of his leadership!

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