Masterpiece Devastator G1 Transformers Combiner by Colosal Customs

Devastator G1 Masterpiece Transformers Combiner

Devastator G1 Masterpiece Transformers Combiner

Standing at almost 20" tall, Colosal Customs G1 Masterpiece Transformers Devastator combiner is just that...colossal!  This Devastator, with its scratch built head, looks mean and nasty and ready to take any Autobot on.  The first thing that came to mind when I saw this figure was Revenge of the Fallen meets Generation 1 classics.  One aspect that the Revenge of the Fallen movie captured with Devastator was a raw sense of destruction and mayhem and this figure captures that essence while paying homage to classic figure we grew up with.  The scratch built wrecking ball and plasma rifle add to the menacing look and feel that Colosal Customs captured so well.  This is the first Devastator I have seen in a long time that carries a massive personality in a well engineered figure!  To view more photos of this amazing G1 Masterpiece Transformers Devastator combiner, head over to eBay!

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