Leader Class Shockwave Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom by Encline Designs

Leaver Class Shockwave Transformers DOTM Custom

Leaver Class Shockwave Transformers DOTM Custom

If you can't get something done the way you want it, do it yourself!  That was Encline Designs inspiriation for this amazing Custom Transformers Leader Class Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure.  This figure appears like a piece of digital art with the sharp edges and fine lines but looks can be deceiving as this is a scratch built figure made from a host of other Transformers figures.  The protruding rib cage and leg armor give this figure an ominous 3D feel and the swivel and ball joints make this figure super poseable.  Let's get a feel for how Encline Designs came up with the idea for this amazing figure:

"I have been hoping to see a huge DOTM Shockwave since the first time I saw laid my eyes on that awesome design. Shockwave have always been a favorite of mine. Seeing his movie design was perfect. He captures pure cold, calculating, and logical beast that he should be. I knew the only way to get one is to build it myself. Using a leader class Megatron, Optimus, and a bunch of random parts as a base to start with, I scratch built the body parts using styrene and a torch. Then finished it off with a sculpted head and unique paint job using many shades silvers and steel and then topped of with a slight purple pearl. He glows with great lighting! Standing at 10" tall,  Shockwave is sure to make a unique and intimidating piece to your collection."

You can see from the photo above how the figures articulate, giving it the feel from the movie it deserves.  This 10" figure must look amazing in person so if you want a chance to own this great work of art, head over to eBay and bid on Encline Design's Custom Transformers Leader Class Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure.

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