Joker Death of the Family Marvel Legends Scale Custom by Horton’s Heroes

Custom Death of the Family Joker

Custom Death of the Family Joker

The Joker marks his return to Gotham by assaulting the GCPD and recovering his preserved face and Horton's Heroes has captured the essence of this villain with this Custom Death of the Family Joker figure in Marvel Legends scale.  What you will notice about the Joker from the comic is that the face looks like it is in terrible shape, which I guess what happens when you put your face back on.  This figure and the way the head was sculpted recreates this look from the comic in stunning detail.  In addition to the face looking like it came from the comic book, this figure also includes a real tool belt and tools, which adds to the realism of the figure.  To check out more details of this Custom Death of the Family Joker figure, head over to eBay.

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