Jazz Custom Transformers G1 Ark Autobot Collection by Encline Designs

Ark Autobot Charity Auction for the Make a Wish Foundation Spotlight: Jazz (Article 4 of 11)

Next Autobot from the Ark Autobot charity auction is Jazz, which was designed and created by Encline Designs.  Talk about starting from scratch on this one.  Using a Transformers Universe Prowl figure as the base, he took a model kit and, as he called it, "re-shelled" the figure into Jazz.  Let's read more about this figure and how it was made from Encline Designs himself:

"When I took on the responsibility to make a Jazz, I had no idea I
would do what I did. The problem with making a great Jazz figure is
the fact that there are not really any good TFs to make in to a Jazz.
So, after thinking hard and drinking a lot of rum (just kidding, I
didn't think) I had the idea to do a "re-shell". I wanted an updated
version of Jazz to fit in the the rest of the updated TFs in the
auction. I search a good while and found a 1/35 PORSCHE 911 GTI La
Mans slot car plastic model! I used a universe Prowl figure as the
skeleton and totally dismantled the figure to get it that way! I then
had to measure, cut, dremel, grind, glue, cut, drink, yell, dremel
some more until it all fell into place. After Jazz was constructed, I
base coated him using PPG automotive urethane white with a PURPLE
PASSION Pearl on top of that. I felt, as Jazz was a race car, he
should have his sponsors on the car. So I added all the artists names
that are a part of this auction along with the appropriate racing
stripes for Jazz!  He was clear coated with PPG Automotive urethane
clear coat for the best shine possible. The head is a custom head that
I got from a fellow artist. This custom here now has me hooked on re-
shelling and I look forward to the next ones!!"

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