Jabba’s Sail Barge Custom Built Star Wars Vehicle by Ubrikkian Shipyards

Jabbas Sail Barge Custom Star Wars

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Solving the scalability issue is Ubrikkian Shipyards' massive Custom Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge that is over 3 feet long!  With respect to off the shelf Star Wars vehicles, this Sail Barge is gigantic.  One thing that always irked me about the vehicles in the Star Wars line was that none of them were to scale with the figures.  I get it...it would bankrupt the toy companies and collectors would have to buy bigger homes for their toys but the figures never looked right next to the vehicles.  Another aspect I like about this custom is the customizer himself as he wrote a witty and funny listing:

Ubrikkian Shipyards (ie. me in my basement) has been busy at the direction of his royal slugness building a new sailbarge after the disaster at the Sarlacc Pit.  Up for your consideration is a voluminous Luxury Sail Barge for the Hutt family.  A fully detailed, built from the ground up, custom Sail Barge ready to sail the sands of Tatooine.  You can almost hear the music from Max Rebo's organ and Jabba's sinister laugh as he gets ready to feed another victim to the Sarlaac.  This huge custom (38" L x 20" T x 15" W and weighs less than 10 lbs) has it all:

  • Room for all your figures to include a luxury suite that fits Jabba's entire girth and entourage

  • Deck planks with anchor chains and hatch doors that open to the spacious cantina below

  • A large cantinia with Jabba's mural, stairs to upper decks and large openings to place and view your figures

  • Realistically weathered hull and engines with windows that open

  • And of course those wonderful orange sails that really bring the barge to life.

The Sail Barge is also well designed and and thought out.  In the Star Wars Universe, if it gets blown up, you build a version 2 but instead of making the same mistakes twice (hence the Death Star and Death Star v2), Ubrikkian Shipyards made some much needed enhancements.  For example, the viewing ports are very large so Jabba can view the carnage without obstruction.  If you are a Star Wars collector this Custom Sail Barge is a must for any collection!

Jabbas Sail Barge Custom Star Wars

{Buy this Jabba's Sail Barge Custom on eBay}

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