IDW Megatron Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure by Xaviercal

Megatron IDW Custom Transformers

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Growing up in the 80’s, I had most of the Transformers toys and there was always something that bothered me about the G1 Megatron!  After seeing Xaviercal’s Custom Transformers IDW Megatron figure, I think I have figured it out!  The 80’s Megatron is not bulky or massive enough.  Xaviercal has fixed this issue with one of the best Megatron’s I have seen of late.  He gave Megatron such much needed additions to bulk up his legs and shoulders.  Giving him a new fusion cannon and and a tank barrel to resembler his Walther P38 appearance in robot mode cements the look!  Interesting to see that he chose to go with a dark gray color scheme but it works surprisingly well!  There are also very subtle aspects of the figure that you might notice.  For example, instead of using a purple Decepticon symbol, he chose to go with a metallic gray symbol that almost fades into the background.

Megatron IDW Custom Transformersm 2

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